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4 Reasons Why P-Square Should Stick Together

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So it’s pretty obvious that there’s a bit of bad blood festering amongst the Okoye brothers whether we like it or not. We’re not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but you must admit even brothers are susceptible to misunderstandings every once in a while.

Let’s leave the past where it belongs… in the past, and talk about the now. Recently, news surfaced that Peter, the P-Square twin with the crew-cut was in the process of constructing a bottling and factory somewhere in Lagos (which if true, is fantastic news). Also, Paul, the dread-locked twin went on Instagram to share a BTS of his “best 40 P-Square songs” and the brains behind each song’s success. Now you’ll agree with me that this isn’t such a bad thing, until you see his captions for the posts;

“…written by me, produced by me and performed by me”, 
“…produced by j.martins, written by me, performed by psquare”

Now, I don’t think Paul was up to anything mischievous, however P-Square fans took the matter personal and some were of the opinion that Paul was trying to take all the shine and make Peter appear untalented (I’m sure this wasn’t his intention). Anyway, as we await Paul’s remaining Instagram posts and observe his fan’s reaction, here are 4 reasons why we must remind the Okoye brothers to stick together.

   1. Bond of Brotherhood

Doesn’t this just remind you of the lines to MI’s song Brother, where Nosa sang on the hook…

“I no fit climb this mountain on my own, I no fit reach the top if I go on my own, I no fit finish up unless you come along, I need you my brother… This life no bi Hollywood, if I offend you paddy mi ma binu, shebi when you fall na me go carry you, you need me too my brother”

Need I say more? Moreso, they’re not just brothers, they are twins! Two halves of an egg or something (sorry I didn’t pay attention during biology). Blood as they say is thicker than water and by the Chinese concept of Taoism – Yin/Yang – they’re two halves that in togetherness complete their wholeness. They need to stand as one because one can’t thrive without the other. It is common knowledge that they both have unique gifts but it just won’t be the same if one person has to do what two can do with less stress. As much as Paul can write beautiful songs, and Peter still has the hot bod with killer moves, neither would have gotten as far as they are today if they didn’t think to join forces.

   2. The Hits 

PSquare – not Peter, not Paul – PSquare, have been able to churn out a steady stream of hits from Story to Bizzy Body, Senorita, Do Me, Alingo, Personally up till Collabo. We the fans have danced and sang until our voices became hoarse to the brothers and what they represented. Now we do not really want to know who wrote the song, or who choreographed what. It’s not that we don’t appreciate each one’s input, we just want the total package you both serve. Having a chain of hits only means they would be in hot demand and as such, they are in the caliber of artistes like 2face, Asa and D’Banj who have grossed millions from countless music tours and sold out shows all over Africa and out. So why would they want to stop now?

   3. The Albums

As the industry progresses, you can be sure that P-Square are ever ready to evolve with the change and embrace new trends. This has become a strong feat that has been evidenced in their track record of six albums to date – each one containing at least  5 hits from an average number of 12 songs. Believe it (or not), that’s very impressive especially when you come from an industry like ours where the competition is very healthy but quite tough and at the same time stifling. P-Square have not only pulled through but they’ve also held sway. They’re their own order of artistes often presenting their musical takes, style and flavour in all their records. I bet you don’t want to know what happens if they’ll have to go.

   4. The Industry

Let me clarify. The industry certainly depends on P-Square. I mean, what’s a Nigerian music industry without them? Is it their songs? Oh, their videos perhaps? It’s just a P-Square thing infact! Every of the industry’s big act unofficially forms a major backbone of this music movement that has been built from time immemorial. P-Square in their fashion, have commandeered an army of fans who would suffer should they think to entertain rash decisions leading to a split. Are they aware the number of artistes they inspire? Or the ones who still look up to them by tailoring their own success after theirs? Would it interest them to know they’re the longest standing group (of the millennial era though) who are still kicking ass at their craft? (Not forgetting Skuki)

All good things definitely come to an end but a split doesn’t make our good list. Besides, for two guys who attained this order of fame and have excelled for long while at it, I can’t think of anything at this point that poses a serious threat to breaking them up. The same way they overcame storms and tests of the past is the very way they can get ahead of those in the future – and that is by sticking it out – with each other. It’ll be very unfair and heartbreaking (for some) if Nigeria has to lose it’s utterly famous twins. Oh look, that’s another reason there!

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