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5 Nigerian Songs/Videos We Can Actually Do Without

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Since the emergence of new school music in the entertainment world, we have been pelted with several shots of badly written songs and devastatingly terrible music videos which has left some of us wondering why it was ever shot in the first place.

For this list, we will be touching on some Nigerian videos which has good audios but terrible videos and vice versa. Some might even be riddled with both flaws.


  1. Konkobility/Olamide: fresh off the release of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ video, Olamide, decided, it was time we saw the Nigerian version of the highly sensual video, and the video for Konkobility was shot and released. With the video featuring a model rocking same inspired Jamaican themed net dress, the dance club where she meets up with her catch and so many smooth scene turned chaotic upon the not so magical touch of who shot the video, Olamide’s Konkobility, further proved the unspoken fact/truth in most of our minds.

  1. Sugar/Yemi Alade: She oozes amazing sex appeal, which came to our full attention with the gestures and sensual dance moves employed for this video, but Yemi had us all with a dumb look on our face and one hand scratching our heads trying to understand the lyrics and interpret the visuals that accompanied it.

Yemi: Mama reba reba re,mama zeeba de, mama zee ba de ….sugar!…..My sweet mirinda….

This was majorly what Yemi said all through the 3.16 mins video. Even with her go to type of clothes and suggestive moves, this video does more havoc than what was intended in the first place. You love to dance, how about doing a workout video, or just strictly dance video with no lyrics whatsoever, just the beat.

  1. Pack and Go/Seyi Shay: I listen to this song like every other day and would have preferred the lyrics were tweaked before it dropped. Seyi Shay: Oya pack and go, carry your Ghana must go, I thought you know me, but its a pity that you don’t even know me..oga do I look like Rihanna, kini mo se fun eh, do I look like Rihanna, I get beats by Dre, I no wan beats by Chris, I go se you later.

So Lets assume, with all the (I want to believe intentional) blunders Seyi has been making for a while now, an international act decides to take time out and google the African singer that claimed that the biggest song in the world right now, wasn’t actually written by its owner but by one of the featured artiste, then discovers, oh she really is a great singer. She has songs with Wale and Ne-yo and then he or she listens to this song, what do we all think will happen next?

  1. Osanle/Immaculate: Now, I am an avid fan of Immaculate, but the video to her song, Osanle, is just not it. Brimming with a lot of confusing scene, I am of the notion, that the director should have taken a step back to fully grasp the message she was trying to pass across. At the beginning of the song, we see a young man tied up and held captive by a hoard of ladies who looked mean and were ready to pop something if need be. Now all through this one location/stage song, the held up man was never seen again. Then we see immaculate in a lot of outfits ranging from an Egyptian queen, to a boxer, to a posh lady in black sorta figure, with all characters portrayed making it even more confusing to connect the message of the song to the visual it was accompanied with.

  1. Dance/Flavour: The visuals of this video sends across the feeling that the director probably received just a day’s notice to shoot the video. Like I earlier said, if you need to copy an idea, do so but make add your own spin to it. From the start to finish of this work, it was evident that the idea for the video was jerked from another artiste. Save for the costume, and maybe a few appearances by Flavour himself, we all just watched an implied Justin Bieber do the Nigerian version to his hit song.


Written by: Tope Delano



Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie

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