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6 Young Nigerian Artistes Who Should Totally Be On Our Radar

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Nigerians are music lovers which makes music to most of us life and life as we all know is constantly changing.

We have been opportuned to come across brilliant musicians who in their own little way have been able to put that spark back in our lives with their music. As we all know music is a melting pot of culture and style, and these young artistes have scooped, licked and swallowed just about enough to create just about the right amount of sugar coated yet natural food kinda music, for us to enjoy.

Am I saying they would win international awards, be on stage with world renowned artistes and top Music industry executives? Hell Yes!

Here are the top 6 young Nigerian artistes that should be on our radar, who are strongly yet gradually shouting their way into a wider ocean of audience.

Please note, this list is in no particular order.

  1. Poe: This self-identified rap artistes could only be described as gifted. His ability to create visual/mental surprises with his words, is just amazing. To be truthful, I only discovered Poe, when he featured on Saeon’s De Be Cypher, and I was immediately blown away by how creatively precise, clear and just down right brilliant he penned and raped his verse to tally magically with the whole concept of the song. I thought, if he could do this, let me break my own fragile heart by seeing just how much I have missed, thus began the journey. From his features on Falz’s Chardonnay music and  Marry Me, to his own single, ‘Adore her‘, Poe can only be described as the magical wand that brings every wish made come to reality. Blessed with a raw yet confident voice which he meticulously uses to drive his points home on tracks, Poe, could only described as the ‘Now’ rap artiste. From his ability to coin words to make them look so easy to assimilate to joining disparate words something new which eventually comes out as a masterpiece, Poe in his brilliance just made rap sound more urgent and should definitely be on the radar of any good music lover.

2. Kiss Daniel: Kiss first wormed his way into our hearts with his catchy Woju track, and of course did not stop there. He dropped the remix, which truth be told was entirely unnecessary thus leading to some of our attention waning but again, he grasp our attention again with ‘Laye, Molue, and his verse on Raba.’ Not stopping there, he again reaffirmed his love in all our hearts with the song mama. Kiss Daniel’s music is calmingly groovy and catchy, the kind of song, you’d rather listen to, when its time to take a break and chill. His vocals are entirely his as it forms a cool and embracing circle around its listeners. With his album, ‘New Era‘ out now, I couldn’t be more excited. (Fingers crossed though)

3. Niniola: I remember the first time I heard her song, I sang it for days. Like, it was on repeat, on my way to work, at work, on my way home, after dinner, when am making preparations for the next day…yes, I am that into the beautiful music Niniola makes. Her effervescent personality married with her  vocals is just the perfect way this talented artistes shows how stunning her craft is and should be enjoyed. From ‘Soke, Ibadi to Akara Oyinbo,’ Niniola, has beyond reasonable doubt proved that she is worth being paid attention to and should secure a spot on our playlist. Not only can she siiiiiinnnnnng, she can also be all african shaking her Ibadi.  Niniola, sings, everyone joins in it. Yes, she is that addictive. Not only is her kind of music easily understood, enjoyed and relatable, it can also make you dance like no one is watching.

4. Mayorkun: I recall titling the review of ‘Eleko” single  “The Moment HKN Won Me Over.” Being a first timer in the game, Mayorkun really did well for himself. His unique vocals on the beat of this fantastically catchy tune can never be missed as it resonates. I have been opportuned to listen to some of his featured works, and I dare say, Mayorkun brought life to the track. Its like, he starts singing his own verse, and you just want to put whatever you are doing down and take a break.  Mayorkun, makes the perfect music to have your neighbours report you to your landlord for noise pollution. Mayorkun, is a rising star, he did is thing for the first time and owned every little piece of hearts that could ever doubt him. He is gooooood, case closed!!!!

5. Funbi: You hear his voice come on and two things happen; You immediately lay on the floor and fall into the most peaceful sleep or you have that prominently dumb look on your face having only just realized what you have been missing all this while. Now, am a huge fan of ED Sheeran and have for years thought, absolutely no one could take a little space out of what he occupies in my head until Funbi sings. I heard this beautiful artiste called Funbi. Funbi’s has that dreamy yet confronting kind of vocal that just makes you want to listen to every word that he sings. His kind of music might not be the dance like no one is watching type, but his music brings life to the stillness we sometimes experience in life.Listen to his cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out loud and his feature on Poe’s Adore her.

6. Saeon: From when I first heard her to now, it has been a case of wheezing and sputtering kinda vibe. Now, I have heard some of Saeon’s work and it exudes brilliance most of the time. Gaining attention, losing it and finally staying atop for more than 5months now in our heads, I couldn’t be more clear as to why Saeon should be on all our radar. Her vocals are calmingly dripping with so much hunger. Before De Be Cypher, it looked like Saeon, did music just for people to like and accept her, exuding so much ‘Jane The Virgin‘ kinda attitude, which sometimes can be cute, but who needs cute in the music business. We couldn’t be more overjoyed when she dumped the so cute kinda image and embraced the ‘I am here to stir things up, have some fun and make money and name doing it’ attitude with her work on De Be Cypher, featuring some highly talented young individuals. Should Saeon, be on your radar? Hell Yes……she will not only make you dance with so much swaggu but have you sing along.

Know more young talented artistes who should be on this list, please let us know in the comment section.

Written by: Tope Delano



Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie

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