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Adekunle Gold – “Gold” Album Review

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Adekunle Gold - GOLD [Album Art]

Artiste – Adekunle Gold

Album – Gold

Producers – Seyikeyz, Oscar, Pheelz, B Banks, Sleekamo, Masterkraft

Record Label – YBNL (2016)

Duration – 55 Minutes

Amidst mild anticipation, Adekunle Gold, I want to believe tentatively if not meekly, released his debut album, the reason for this move, I am yet to understand. Like every fan, I waited for a friend to get the album[in this case, My company buying off itunes] then proceeded to taking a copious dip into, as he called it, his soul.

Maybe its just me, but Adekunle’s debut, sounds a tad bit claustrophobic, however, his ability to tweak sounds on some songs, gave rise to a few welcoming moments. I have been a huge fan of Adekunle Gold, a long time now, as he single handledly became the go to guy for therapeutic sessions. Since his quiet yet powerful entry into the music industry, golden boy, successfully created inexpensive therapeutic session for souls that needed it- this he did by creating sounds,  immensely personal, memorable and appealing to the ear. His effortless ability in creating sing along sounds,with lyrics drawn out of his innermost thoughts and fears,  purging our souls of all forms of vulnerability in the process before gradually yet powerfully helping us come to terms with our true emotions, can only be described as a genius move.

However, I had some issues with his debut album, which according to him, he bared his soul on. For an artiste, who has proven more than twice that he knows how to connect to anyone’s soul, he did not entirely come through on this album, as in my opinion, it lacked the depth, I was promised.  Now, I am not saying he has to slay with his vocals, hitting every note with a power so deep it takes the air out of your lungs – leave that immortal power to Timi Dakolo, nonetheless,I expected him to provide deeper punches on those kind of songs, hell, the major reason he is so damn irresistible to millions is his ability to create sounds so truthful and relatable with on tracks.

Providing a poignant introspection into his soul with his debut, straddling between sounds eventually make old school sound new school, he steered in a  new stage of urban highlife and we could only be appreciative. However, save for a few good tracks on this album, the album title, cover, pathetically weak lyrics, mixing and mastery of the album, it appeared Golden boy, was on a reckless ride of self sabotage.

Adekunle Gold - GOLD [Album Tracklist]


In just 1 min 18, he redefined boredom with an over-milked life-story. Love his vocals here, though it sounded like he is still trying to come to terms that he might be famous after all. I was a bit taken aback when he thought it would be cool to change vocal range with the word brave, came off more like a whimper. Piano keys on this track though, amazing.


A sprightly My Life, comes into play, placing us all in an immediate dancing mood [a bit of salsa, bata, the two step and even dabbing]. Carefully made up of a generous scoop of afrobeat and jazz trumpet, alongside weirdly comforting vocal exclamations to further buttress his sumptuous stance as a golden boy, this track should be on replay for a long time. Again, his fear of hearing his own voice, super evident on this track.


Poor attempt at trying to merge old school with new school, with the poor portrayal of intimacy and love. From the accent to the v… why do I even try.


Stale, but there is a reason we all listened for a while.


With his Chest register, sometimes boasting of melismatic control and an altogether different but cozy range, Nurse Alabere, is the perfect example of ‘a loved one’s hug’. The gangan, not too obvious flut,e and any other ingredient used in concocting this medicinal track, are a welcoming additional glaze to an already glazed dessert. The sincerity employed on every note voiced… blown away.


For years, guys have bemoaned this issue in any relationship. Some have even gone on to wax records on this issue, while some settled for licking their wounds while another man sweeps their soul mate of her feet. Back to Golden boy, he brought in his comical alter ego as he tackled this subject with the help of afrobeat entwined in high life sound. Adekunle Gold, “we nor relate“, na only me my mama born,” “ I nor be your friend, ma lo friend zone me o.’


I sort off lost interest here, majorly due to the corny lyrics. This song had no business whatsoever, being on the album.


Adesperate PR attempt at trying to recreate a 60’s love story on this track and probably theirs.From the very obvious lazy lyrics, Simi’s terrible impression of Falz, her penchant for hiding behind beats, her squeaky vocals, Adekunle Gold’s  evident self esteem issues [being on a  highly anticipated duet with supposed bae] off key notes, made this track feel like a local Ekiti man listening to opera music for the first time. Also it sounded more like an extended or pre-edited version of Simi’s ‘Love Don’t Care’.


We all know how this song started and ended, so… moving on…


Decent track, love the witty yet serious undertone of this track. A bit tiring though, felt like a  merry go round kind of track, and not the fun filled one. However, I feel this track, is one of those he probably contemplated adding to the tracklist as his hard WORK on this track, is in no way evident.


Love the soft embracing beat laid on this track. Basically a track that talks about a girl trying to seduce a guy into starting a relationship with her, even as the said man is a friend to her own bae. Sort of a reversed version of Friend Zone. Love the smooth and melodious beat. I would have loved Golden Boy’s vocals a bit stronger on this kind of song, since he is claiming he can’t be tempted and will remain loyal. Great progressive story line though.


Lovely Bollywood inspired track. Beautiful mandolin sound oozing with all shades of generous sexiness and the colorful sounds of perhaps the udukkai, mixed perfectly with sweet and savory instrument employed for this amazingly soothing track, flipped every freaking page of an Indian movie delivering a  promise of endless coital session, ending in an earth shattering peak.


The topic already depicts what the track is all about. From the perfect synchronizing of beats, to the theme, down to the lazy lyrics, beautiful piece, all in all.


Refer to Pickup.


In my head; Masterkraft produced, Olamide wrote the song. Beautiful high life piece. I could easily do without this track too, but again… not so shabby.


The song that started the entire soul searching journey!



Yes, I expected more from Adekunle’s debut, but again, you get what you get right? His debut flounders under too many shallow and cheesy rail, which at some point made it a herculean task to get through the first few seconds of some tracks. Save for a few brilliant tracks, amazing production and average mixing and mastery of the album, golden boy deserves a light pat on the back for at least not keeping us for waiting for years before dropping a debut and still managing to come through on a  few tracks. Do I think you should cop this album? Absolutely yes, he did his job the best way he knew how to.

Rating – 3/5


Reviewed by: Tope Delano





Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie

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