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Another Jazzyfied Production :Daddy’s Law

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When I was little I had a fascination for blood. I realize that sounds very weird. I see you thinking, finally the truth is out. Isioma is a vampire. Sadly it is nothing so glamorous. Simply put I adored the noble professional that is Medicine. In my little mind doctors were super cool people. They taunted death and were instruments through which God performed his many miracles. Do I still think so? Yes I do. My love for the professional hasn’t wavered. It was with this mindset, 16year old secondary school graduate I got into university to study what I assumed was my chosen career path.
Several years down the line, I realize perhaps I was a little hasty when I chose to go down this road. I see that look on your face. You’re thinking this is another sob story. Well dear reader, you’re right after all it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. That was a joke, did you laugh? Not exactly of Basketmouth’s standards, but I try small jor.  Now that we’re all in our funny place lets go on. By a show of hands please indicate if you’re currently studying a course because your parents said to. I call this the Nigerian factor. Daddy always knows best.
The Nigerian factor is the reason I’m in the university, getting a degree in a course I know I may never practice. Do not get me wrong, most times our parents do know what is best. They have had a lot more experience on planet earth. However no one man or woman is the fountain of all knowledge. Therefore our parents are bound to misfire once in a while. We all know that saying “life is too short and so you should live in the moment”.  The philosophers say we should live our life like there’s no tomorrow. Do what makes you happy.
Dear Mr. Wiseman, please tell that to a typical Nigerian parent. Tell them it is okay to support your son, when he says he wants to be a musician. Tell them fine art is not a joke. Tell them fashion designing is not a haven for dropouts. Tell them their daughter is indeed just a model and not a glorified prostitute. When you’re done convincing them, please let me know so I can come out from behind the bushes. We never pick our talents. It’s a lottery. Ade got fashion and Simbi got music. However the truth is the philosophers are right. There is no point living if you never do what makes you happy.
Going the path of Mr. 9 to 5 is often times more profitable financially than being Ms. Artsy. By all means compromise your true passion for the comforts of life. Dear reader why suffer the unknown when can live in that fancy house in Oniru and drive the latest cars. It is a very fantastic deal. What is passion without the millions? So go ahead and show me that 100watt smile. Now we’re talking. Daddy is right. Medicine, law, engineering or accounting is where your destiny lies. Poor you, sadly you’ve just flunked Life101
True happiness is never measured by the size of your bank account. Fulfillment is not the number of shoes in your closet. Joy comes from waking up every day and knowing you are living life to the fullest. It is not African to disrespect our parents, so I do not advice you tow that path. For as long as you are under their control it is best you keep the peace. Sometimes that may mean putting your dreams on the back burner. Fear not because delay is never defeat. One day you’ll graduate and become your own person. When that time comes, do not compromise. Stick to your guns and follow your passion.
Look around, Nigeria is changing. Creativity is the new cool and the unconventional is slowly making headway. If you play your cards right, you will have the comfortable life. So do not use money as an excuse for staying in the rat race. Take a risk, catch a star. Go with passion, because when all is said and done, that is the one thing that will bring you happiness. As for your parents, except the devil really loves you, they will come around. Are you inspired? Good. Here’s to you and I on the pursuit of happiness. Thank you for reading, it is always a pleasure.
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A graduate of Mech Engr from UNILORIN. Works and lives in Lagos.

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