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ARTICLE :RnB Rumble part 2 (Banky W & Darey Vs Terry G)

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So before I conclude “our” story I’d like to say a thing or two. I’m sure some of you are thinking “why Banky W and Darey?” Or “what cheap drugs is this guy on?” No, I’m not on any sort of medication and no, I don’t have any personal “beef” against either artiste.

For me they are both the kings of Nigerian Rhythm and Blues. There isn’t such a clear distinction in terms of who is better. In the case of Naija rap its obviously MI running the show, for female RnB we have the “Savage” lioness (insert purring noise here) leading the pack. In my opinion Banky and Darey are evenly matched in terms of music. Mr. W is a fantastic song writer while Art Alade knows how to evoke those classic feelings associated with the sounds of RnB. I just thought “wouldn’t it be interesting to put them in a situation they were not prepared for”.

And thus the idea for RnB Rumble was born. So for those of you who forwarded the link to part 1 to both parties hoping for a fight on twitter you will be disappointed. They both came to pay homage to me and said they didn’t want any trouble (psyche) :) . Actually I don’t know if they’ve read it, but I’d like to know what their thoughts on it are. Ok, enough with all the talking, let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!!!


Saturday 11:35 am. Silverbird Galleria parking lot

In just fifteen minutes the word had spread across the Lagos club scene that a fight was going to take place. BlackBerry broadcasts, SMS and phone calls had gathered a crowd of close to 500 people to the venue. Even the Lagos entrepreneurial spirit came to mark the register as vendors came to sell beverages to the spectators. To the disbelief and joy of the audience they had the opportunity to buy Moet in a satchet and 35cl Hennessy.

In anticipation, some individuals had parked their 10 cars in a circle and put on their headlights setting the stage for the melee.

Suddenly the crowd parts to reveal the arrival of team EMeezy: Wizkid, Skales then Mr. Capable himself. The crowd cheers loudly as they go to settle down in to the left corner of the “ring”. Shortly after the crowd welcomes Darey who comes alone as his clique is in Abuja.

Another sharp Lagosian is taking bets and promptly asks interested parties to “put your money in the bowl”. Some celebrities can also be found in the crowd not wanting to miss out on a good show.

The lady who is the cause of all of this comes out to play the role of referee. She catwalks slowly to the center and beckons to both men.
“Boys, I want a nice clean fight…and may the best man win!”


Both men circle the ring eye balling each other throwing test jabs to assess each others speed. Darey then sees an opening and knocks off Banky’s Fedora hat (yes he entered the fight with his hat on). Distracted Darey swoops in landing 3 punches to Mr.W’s mid section. Banky staggers back regaining his composure.

He says: “you hit like a 10 year old girl!”

The comment gets on Darey’s nerves as he charges. Banky W side steps and trips Darey, as Mr. Art Alade hits the floor Banky is on him like gbegiri on ewedu. He lands a few punches to Darey’s face before the tables are turned.

Darey is now on top of Mr. capable redecorating his face, it seems like the match is over. In mid punch, he turns to look for the referee to gloat but she is nowhere to be found. Distracted Darey receives a sucker punch, Banky is about to follow up but Darey asks him to wait.

Darey: “Where is the ref?”
Banky: “What?”
Darey: “The chick we are fighting for. Duh!”

Banky looks around and truly she is absent. They both move into the crowd inquiring until they find an individual with some information.
“I see that girl she just comot now now. She comot with that guy wey sing ‘free madness’”
Darey and Banky both shout in shock.
“TERRY G!!!”

Big ups to The Rapper Laji Dwayem for this lovely article ..follow on twitter @LajiDwayem ..and Please do search For his singles on here !!!

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