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‘Tastefully Simple, Artfully Gloomy’ Is What Describes BlackMagic’s Wonder Video

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It’s not like we could have expected any less from Black Magic‘s visual offering to his alternative afro hip-hop track, Wonder. Yet, even at the class order in which he ranks, we managed to find two or more points to note from the exemplar picture with a model-esque styling.

Suffice to say, BlackMagic literally didn’t have to put in any work to ensuring the dynamism in taste that was delivered on this video. All he had to do was pretty much show up to the shoot and allow the edit take care of the remainder part of the work (which turned out to be ‘the work’ in the real sense of it). Not only did the video plot off a very dense mystic-themed concept, which usually would pass for an effect already in moderation, more creative detailing were applied to fine tune and complement the gloom saturated scenes.

The visual effect shown in the cinematography raises the quo bar by several notches up. It’s not the typical everyday presentation of a music video that you get to watch. Thus the creativity shown definitely deserves our ovation. The excessive use of photo flashes and overall movement were reduced to a drastic minimum allowing for camera pans, angular rotation and active silhouettes (depicted in live colour) to work their magic. The video also employs a minimalist style monologue and mute dialogues that mostly reflected on BlackMagic’s ‘wonder’ (body) which obviously shouldn’t have been the focus at all, but still found it’s way into making a good aesthetic outing for the video.

On a flip side, the model who was supposed to be a representation of the ‘wonder’ context being sung about, happened to have been clad in outfits that motioned off the image she was meant to be portraying. She had the perfect face and hair, but the fashion choices just failed to complement, and it created an imaginative distortion in what BlackMagic was singing about and the pictorial appearance of it. For a video of such high reach, plenty could have been done to avoid an anomaly like that. The video eventually peaked into a high point finish that had an intriguing unveil, which I’m guessing many of us missed while watching. While the viewing coursed, scenes were arranged in parchments, like an artistic make-up that led to an ultimate reveal of the wonder that BlackMagic so spoke of. We equally applaud a carefully thought out detail like that.

For those of you who are easily turned on by out-the-box thinking (I think the term I’m looking for is sapiosexual), Wonder was most definitely made especially for the likes of you… and well, for the rest of us too who find relish in a presentation of creative arts that doesn’t necessarily reek of basic. Thus, BlackMagic wins our hearts with this motion picture that is simply tasteful and impressively artistic even in it’s gloomy way.

Reviewed by Jim Donnett

“‘Tastefully Simple, Artfully Gloomy’ Is What Describes BlackMagic’s Wonder Video”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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