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Between Wizkid, Davido & Tekno…Here Is What Really Happened

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It had been earlier reported that a face-off between Wizkid & Davido’s crew members caused the chaos at the venue of the One Africa Music Fest Concert in Dubai but the reports of NET claims that Tekno was the victim of physical assault by Wizkid’s crew members.

According to NET, the fight happened as a result of an assault on Tekno by Wizkid’s manager, Sunday Are. NET claims that after Tekno’s performance, he approached Wizkid’s camp to greet them and in the process, he stretched his hand to shake hands with Are.

The elderly man took offence at the ‘disrespect’ shown by Tekno and reacted by punching him. According to eyewitness report;

‘Sunday Are was annoyed that a small boy like Tekno can be so rude to shake hands with him instead of bowing down or prostrating’, our source who chose to be anonymous said. ‘He didn’t even calm down, he just punched Tekno and pushed him. Immediately the backstage area erupted as people around Wizkid gathered round Tekno and threatened to beat him up further. By this time Davido was on stage and the fracas spilled over outside. As soon as Davido was done and he heard what happened, he rushed towards the scene with his people.’

The  source further said that the organizers were disappointed that Sunday Are who has managed several artistes in the past could make such a move, knowing the tension already in the air.

‘Even Paulo was like “Why would you react like that now…you know Tekno is not even a Yoruba boy and could not have deliberately disrespected you’”

Davido has however showed support for his friend, Tekno with a tweet, declaring that no one would ever touch him (Tekno) again.

Several video clips had shown up online that might have caused fans to think that Wizkid and Davido may have come to blow. This report tells otherwise; although the pop stars do not exactly like each other, things have not degenerated into physical altercations.

However, it remains to be seen if Baba Are would apologize for his (alleged) rash reaction to Tekno. On the other hand, Tekno has been prevailed on by Ubi Franklin, Paul Okoye and others not to react to the matter on social media.

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  1. Avatar

    Stupid people will come and say davido is a bad person.

  2. Avatar

    Sunday Are was annoyed that a small boy like tekno can be so rude to shake hands with him and yet he toy’s around with a small boy like wizkid…..planned work!!! Though na tekno mumu pass self,he wants to be friends with starboy.

    • Avatar

      because wizkid is a starboy

      • Avatar

        u mst b a vry senseless creature 4rm an anoda planet. be realistic rather than been a fanatic.

        big up pls.

        wht a disgusting mentality and comment!

    • Avatar

      Oga u b big fool fr dat comment.. Btw wizkid and tekno hu b small boi??? Illiterate lyk u

    • Avatar

      Anonymous u are very stupid for insulting tekno nd wizkid
      you fool

  3. Avatar

    na wao so this is even what happen?
    Sunday Are stupid o, so Tekno is a small boy?
    how old is wizkid that is feeding you and your entire family?
    you are a mad man,, if you claim to be an adult,, go be like Alinko Dangote or Wale Adenuga,,,, you are very useless for that that fool yourself around children looking for what they eat remain to also eat,, make thunder fall on you..

    • Avatar

      Yes If He Wanted To Claim Is Age He Will Go And Meet His Mate At Under Brige Or The Grave Yard&& Dont Worry Alhaji Tekno Your Friend Davido Have Fight For You Wizkid Himself Have Also Be Slapped

      • Avatar

        Na u slap wizkid abii
        If any body touch ?boy u think say d case go settle like that

  4. Avatar

    Being a friend with wizkid will make the industry more lively. It just a misunderstanding, it will be resolve soon. Tekno,Wizkid and Davido unite and blow up our speakers please

    • Avatar

      I concur!!!

    • Avatar

      Am G-black incase u dnt know, let wizkid an davido an tekno come back we are one, let them remember we dat is coming up nw, lt them show us good life of living

  5. Avatar

    Sunday are calls tekno small boy but mingle with the smallest musician in Nigeria. Someone is not matured enough to be a manager here.

    • Avatar

      Oga u dnt know what u are saying,hw can u say wizkid is d smallest musician in nigerian,is wizkid not older than davido and tekno?

      • Avatar

        I will always be a fan of u David Adeleke
        Maturity and generosity is written all over u bro!!keep that good heart clean and clear from hate

  6. Avatar

    Am just passing by, to go smoke loud… ???

  7. Avatar

    I swear down dis wizy n him crew need ion touch

  8. Avatar

    what concern davido with the issue.Agborodun!!!

  9. Avatar

    I like wizzy but if his manager can react like this it simply means that even wizy is not happy with my tecno

  10. Avatar

    He should sue Jor, Yoruba people and their respect issues, people should learn to tolerate other people’s culture, if 1 small boy in america tries to shake him, is that how he’s gonna react? Na just see finish b dis

  11. Avatar

    Some people ehhhh…have read. Many versions of these story…thanks tooxclusuve for clarifying things

  12. Avatar

    All this are publicity stunt…they busy playing with our minds…they always want to be in the news… no beef can ever belike 2pac and biggie.

  13. Avatar

    Na wa ooo so tekno come be small boy now abi? Sunday are na big fool u be!!!

  14. Avatar

    To bad for wizkid’s manager, so stupid to think that everyone must adopt to their way of greetings in yoruba.

  15. Avatar

    you will remain a fool for ever .

  16. Avatar

    But rite nw wizkid&tekno they chilling together go and ear new muzik of tekno mama ft wizkid

  17. Avatar

    People can fool theirselve. Moronic manager.

  18. Avatar

    wonder the kind of trash Sunday are go smoke tecno small boy for your mind,…sey ur own son dey postrait greet u…u don high

  19. Avatar

    useless old pappy

  20. Avatar

    mehn davido alwaes been wizkids headache nd mind beat

  21. Avatar

    Wizkid is not d smallest musician in nigeria oga,dnt say what u dnt know,is wizkid not older dan davido and tekno

  22. Avatar

    If this is true then the man need to be hanged
    What rubbish?! Pesin wey Don see d world will just react like that. Is he mad? Will he try this shit in America?? Don’t make me h8 wizkid???

  23. Avatar

    Dat 1 na bad thing he no suppose do am

  24. Avatar

    Nawao this is uncalled for he should know that tekno is for from yoruba that he may think that he has the same cultural background, teno should know that not those that are laughin are those that are happy for his success .is he god? As for me hm okwa onye kele sunny sunny ekele yaoo!

  25. Avatar

    if tekno is a small boy, then go and managed alinko dangote.mad man, e no go better for u and your family.
    proud, stupid old fool.

  26. Avatar

    wizkid downlaod

  27. Avatar

    Wizkid manager is very wrong for going such thing,no matter shall nah foolishness day worry hamm make e still go school

  28. Avatar

    Diz Xunday Z A Fool.Y Did U Just Underate Tekno Just Lyk Dat??I C Tekn0 Fault For Nt Doing Anythinq.If Na Lilkesh Eh He Could Av C0mit Murder#stpd Guy

  29. Avatar

    Y Dix Xunday Just Undarate Tekn0 Just Lyk Dat?I C Tekno Fault For Nt Doing Anyting.#if To Say Na Lilkesh Yaqi.He Go Kmit Murder

  30. Avatar

    wizkid manager na big mugu if no be something I for say make WizKid trade am for akara bcos is so useless and worthless him won give WizKid bad name fool, foolish kolo with e hyena rotwela bat head!!!

  31. Avatar

    I use to like wizkid but wahlahi l don hate him bcos of dis. Tekno my dear dont worry fight no body, just use good jam kill all of them in 2018. Shikina, magana yakari.

  32. Avatar

    Well Sunday u fuck up,if tekno is a small boy by age but he is a big guy potentially,but wizkid AV not done anything wrong cux he wasn’t the one who reacted,on the other hand davido wizkid is a starboy you can’t stop him I don’t know why you always take panadol for his head.

  33. Avatar

    What nonsense sunday u are a very stupid man imagine because tekno manage even won shake u
    Tekno u be my guy nd have it in mind that nobody can touch u again
    Abi dem dey craze wu be dem

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    No Mata What Sunday Should’nt Have Don Dat Tekno Am With U Any Where U Go

  36. Avatar

    No Mata What Sunday Should’nt Have Don Dat Tekno Am With U

  37. Avatar

    live wizkid alone my brthr he is big man

  38. Avatar

    Wizkid And Sunday They Are Very Stupid Small Boy Like Wizkid Did That Nonsence To Big Boy Like Tecno,

  39. Avatar

    even davido na wizkid boi starboi na boss

  40. Avatar

    All atist should co operat.

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    Nobody treat my big bro tekno anyhowooo if not hmm

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