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Blackface – “War” (2face Diss)

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Former member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz, Blackface comes through with a diss song for his former team mate, 2face now ‘2Baba’.

Blackface titles this diss track “War” and says he is ready to declare war on the one who he schooled for years ‘2face (2Baba)’. He also reveals some dirty stuffs about 2face that he has been harbouring and continues with song theft claims.

Listen and share your thoughts about Blackface below



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  1. Avatar

    This guy no get brain aswear.
    Whack flow,
    Attention seeker.
    Your dancehall is 9 years backwards.

  2. Avatar

    this guy just dey seek attention anyhow.. nor be lie sha

  3. Avatar

    joker of the year

  4. Avatar

    I use God beg u
    dis black face
    nid help
    at d same time
    d guy no get sense at all,

  5. Avatar

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  6. Avatar

    Hmm we no dey for 90s oo…
    Come make i give u good beat..

  7. Avatar

    I dey vex for d mb wey I take download dis rubbish song. Long term effects of hard drug usage. So this nigga actually dey feel dis BS wey he jes drop. He jes confirm say na old foolish man now retarded.

  8. Avatar

    Quack, thank God I didn’t download it, abeg tubaba no reply, oyi ano wayun ebligbo, ano wayun otukpo

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    I for like to be come one of them

  11. Avatar

    I think say this guy go don improve… see rubbish

  12. Avatar

    Black should just leave weed…so he can have the spirit of forgiveness and to let go!! Of the past…smoking every day..just make him dey think deeply and don’t want to forgive and let go..

  13. Avatar

    Black should just leave weed…so he can have the spirit of forgiveness and to let go!! Of the past…smoking every day..just make him dey think deeply and don’t want to forgive and let go..

  14. Avatar

    Low budget sound. Chai.

  15. Avatar

    This guy (black face) happen to be someone I respected in the industry, but Geskiya I don’t expect such attitude from him at all…. As for 2baba bros you be legend pls abeg always apply wisdom base on your level no reply back….. One love

  16. Avatar

    I laff in Japanese ????

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    But I like the song sha

  20. Avatar

    Walai I don wast data rubbish flow with old school style

  21. Avatar

    I think black face needs help
    Beat louder Dan lyrics

  22. Avatar

    If 2 baba wasn’t making sense u won’t be dragging is name in the mud like this baba blackface get a life bro u shud be successful by now never tie ur breakthrough to 2baba work hard bro u will get there ..U can do it dragging his name will only bring u more downfall..U be legend na u for reason am

  23. Avatar

    Na jealousy jealousy

  24. Avatar

    Well he try sha

  25. Avatar

    Nonsense and ingredients
    Regret why I download this shit mtcheeew

  26. Avatar

    This guy is still on this matter after many years? Has 2Face been stealing his songs during those years as well or he has possibly stolen his brain too. This guy is just looking for cheap publicity. At least he sang his own wack version of African Queen. The song wouldn’t have lasted two weeks if he sang it.. black face, receive sense

  27. Avatar

    U have tried this severally and have failed. Even Face sef try pass you. If a man walks out of the group, you too move on and stop nagging and crying about each time meat finish from your pot of soup you say it’s 2Baba and this guy doesn’t even have one beef for you. No wonder you are still on the ground, never produced or mentor any artiste to show the world you are really talented. Just park well and get a life

  28. Avatar

    Guy Enter house cause you’re not is creator. This is nonsense instead of settling with your padi you’re here saying nonsense.

  29. Avatar

    Pray for this guy

  30. Avatar

    I respect you so much but you dey fuck up. If God can forgive us our sins then who are we not to forgive (black face). 2baba is your man and what you are doing is not nice bro. Who’s Good?

  31. Avatar

    I regretted the MB I wasted. fuck ur ass black bitch. 2baba na u be oga.

  32. Avatar

    Na fool o

  33. Avatar

    Imbecile wack

  34. Avatar

    Bcos ur name Na blackface no mean say make ur brain black nw. Nawa o
    But seriously I think dis guy is suffering from depression, it’s no joke, that’s why he’s reasoning backward. This guy should come on social media for help make we raise fund for am. #SAFEBLACKFACE’SSANITY

  35. Avatar

    How did this became so bad that black face has to go this far?

  36. Avatar

    Blackface the money way u used produce this rubbish u for use am take they help ur life small small…mtcheeew

  37. Avatar

    Make 2baba settle am just #72,500?

  38. Avatar

    Black face why????????…..please leave music jare it’s never your thing.think about your last line very and try to retire yourself from this shit ….begging and pride don’t go together…..

  39. Avatar

    Instead of you all criticising blackface why not try to find what exactly 2face did to him that has made it hard for him to forgive him despite many years running. Face alone can give a better story of what actually transpired . So , stop blaming blackface even if he can’t sing . He may be a good writer.

  40. Avatar

    I don’t like black face but this jam is hot, with every honesty… Never the less lots of love for my man 2face…

  41. Avatar

    Black is talented

  42. Avatar

    stupid boy bf

  43. Avatar

    2Baba is higher already so never contend with him okay .

  44. Avatar

    Mehn, black face you seriously need bleaching cream to bleach your black sense. What the fuck? Is this a song? You made me waste my mb

  45. Avatar

    So u are declaring war on 2face with this????…i can see u not serious, u killing yourself for fame that cn’t sustain u…??

  46. Avatar

    blackbaba hahahahaha

  47. Avatar

    Foolish song

  48. Avatar

    Guys who really knew want 2face did to him

  49. Avatar


  50. Avatar

    This guy need help…. 2baba abeg diss this guy with one verse! Or Dash him like 2k ????

  51. Avatar

    Blackface sit down and think of a break through for yourself and stop thinking you can run who’s already successful down you sha sabi sing, help yourself 2fave is already a legend even if you no fit become legend you still fit blow for little more years but not with this rubbish you just did

  52. Avatar

    We can understand where this guy is coming from…….
    He is pained and deeply aggrieved about the fallout of his relationship with 2face. So I think they should settle out of the public limelight because its pretty very disturbing what has happened between these two former close friends….

  53. Avatar

    It would grossly unfair not to hear his own side of the matter and why he is sore aggrieved. I am not also happy that he has to descend this low in putting out a diss song to get some kind of attention or sympathy from Nigerians. He should do things maturely and focus on the supposedly court case he is pursuing with 2face and ultimately wait for the outcome. He is going through depression and probably mental torture and all of that and its wrong to condemn him or write him off. If you say je should fprgive and forget his issue with 2face, then how then can he survive with nothing? He is flat broke, he has no career, no sponsorship and simply nothing to console his mind and you can imagine how he is surviving amidst all the wealth and riches his erstwhile friend 2face is enjoying from the songs he wrote which 2face sang without his express consent.
    Let us be fair and ask 2face to pay him for some damages at least. He is so rich right? What would be too much if say he pays him #16million just to make him happy and also allow him to have a life? The guy must be suffering for all we know…….

  54. Avatar

    The song right, buh poor beat and mixing

  55. Avatar

    Nawa oh

  56. Avatar

    Blackface you break my heart with this rubbish song you did…you are disgrace to our Nigeria music industry…stop weed and cannabis

  57. Avatar

    What a waste of data , he should nd produce jamz nd tubaba no reply am abeg..,

  58. Avatar

    Blackface used to be a correct guy but with this diss song, he just fuck everything up. No matter what 2baba may have done, it shouldn’t get to this point of dissing and more so, we all know that 2baba is also good, very talented and he has been giving us good music. In the history of music, 2baba is not the first to sing out a song written by someone else without their consent and am sure he won’t be the last…that is music and life in general. Please, do not get me wrong…I didn’t conclude that 2baba has done a good thing but that is if he actually really did sang song written by blackface without his consent but blackface should let go, let by gone be by gone and move on…he can still make things happen for himself, make good music for us like the old days and himself and 2baba can come back to be very good friends again.
    Blackface I beg you, stop the fight with 2baba and settle things…he is your man. Move close together, be good and be happy again. One love

  59. Avatar

    Black face no dey reason well nd he too dey weed advice him to start building his future frm where he stop backing d days

  60. Avatar

    Nice Song Blackface Naija

  61. Avatar

    Black face still number one raga dub artiste in naija.

  62. Avatar

    Dope???????????????????????????????????. Blackface still got the flow.

  63. Avatar

    if he were gud then like 2baba, why not recorgnise a legend just like 2baba… see #gravity talking to timaya..mwtcheew!

  64. Avatar

    Go smoke more Egbo , don’t worry if you sing a good song I will sign you, just work hard like others

  65. Avatar

    You all didn’t get the message that he called 2 face a GAY. Listen well, if you lived in Festac Town and know the whole story you’ll wouldn’t say a word.

  66. Avatar

    2face has offended blackface but d issues is DAT 2baba backstabbed him.. Check it out before u comment

  67. Avatar

    Hey folks forget about this talks about Blackface’s low budget song, if that song with the instrumental was punchy, properly mixed and mastered it’s gonna be a hit. I heard the song ya’ll cursing and real music ears will tell ya’ll that Blackface is still relevant and by far better than lots of whack & uncreative artists that we dance to their songs due to their great beats, mixes and massive airplay. If u were born in the days of the plantation boiz, u will know that the guys were tight and contributed to the growth of the music industry we enjoy today. If Blackface is dissing Tu-Face, maybe he want’s an old rift to be settled between them in which the whole music community including our so called artists are not doing anything about it, let’s not be one-sided, we all believe that in every rumour/gossip there’s always an atom of truth in it, so instead of we cursing Blackface, let us leave the committee or association in charge of Nigerian music to play their role in bringing these veterans together and settle their issues once and for all. #it’s Blackface diss #Tu-baba’s should find a way to settle Blackface #I love Tu-face, Blackface and Faze #make we carry the cross we dey our front abeg. One love people.

  68. Avatar

    2baba was naturally gifted nd blackface is jst a street boy.baba tuwale for u,if no bdy talk abt u,u are no bdy

  69. Avatar

    2baba self don over fuckup black face I dey with u if only I can link my song with u I will do more then u

  70. Avatar

    But seriously blackface no try.. chai. The music be like Pako. With or without the songs he claimed Tubaba stole. Tubaba will the get to the peak.
    We should have a take away from this lesson. You are responsible for your actions and inactions and stop pointing fingers at anybody, if you fail, accept it, learn and move forward..
    Don’t you know that failures is part of success in progress….

  71. Avatar

    Blackface, the best way to pay back is to release hit to hit. That will prove you are better than tuface. The music would have been a hit if it had the right spirit but the way it is…..Tuface is way ahead of you!

  72. Avatar

    All of una na fools why 2face first go steel e music now una say the guy no get talk listen to the guy flow

  73. Avatar

    I guess we all are carried away by the love and respect we have for 2baba. Lets not forget the contribution and sacrifise made by Blackface to help 2baba carreer in the first place. I learned that he even gave him the name 2face. Please, in judging any matter, lets way the two sides and not be unjust. Black aint asking for money but credit as the writer of the songs. Which ever way you see it, no one will let go just like that if you happen to be in his shoes. 2baba remains my best artist in Nigeria and my mentor : but the trueth must be said .

  74. Avatar

    Black face has sowed a seed in 2face career and that seed has manifested. Is like Cane and Abel God accepted 2face hardworking musical skills. But Black Face musical skills has not been accepted because he has hate and jealousy in his mind. Now the Truth be told 2 Face hurt Black face and has refuse to settle with him. Black Face Should forgive and Bless 2 Face. If he can do that. Almighty God will accept his musical skills and he will rise successfully. God controls Success and Fame. 2 Face is not your Problem. 2 Face is not your Enemy. He is not your Talent. Forgive him and Move on. Because if Cane in the Bible is patient enough. Am sure God would have still accepted his sacrifice if he try again and again. Black face you can try again and these time follow God’s plan and make everyone to be proud of you. People who have insulted you will praise you. Forgive and Forget and God will Bless you. Stop the Hate Song Now before is too late!!! God is watching your Actions!

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