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Check Out Our Playlist Of Love Songs That Gives Us Wisdom

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Yes, I know it’s not Valentine, but these songs makes everyday, seem like one.

Love, to different people can be explained using all the figures of speech there is in English. For some of us, a good love song should be poetic, passionate, thoughtful and ridiculously rhythmic. Am that type of person who wants to smile, sway my head with a predominantly blank look in my eye while I listen. Yes, I love a good love song that keeps me dazed for the few minutes it plays.

There are obviously a lot of love songs by powerful artistes in the country, but here are the top six whose love song lyrics makes me a Penny from the Big Bang Theory in one minute and a Sheldon Cooper in the next.

1. Banky W/Made For You: Yes, he tops my list and am certain it doesn’t come as a surprise to many. He is a lover boy as reflected  in most of his hit songs. However, his ability to pen poetic, passionate, thought and sometimes ridiculously purple lyrics for most of his songs is why he is number one on this list.

Nailed lyrics: Baby have been searching for my only one and you made me feel like my life has just began, am so glad I found you now, my work is done and its perfect mathematics when two become one……Just like the stars were made to like the sky and like the pretty birds were made to fly, like the sun was made to shine and the moon was made for nigh, light the sky is blue…baby I was made for you.

Even as some of the lines were sweetly cheesy, Banky was still able to nail A Simple yet thought provoking compassionate Love song. Still feeling like I do not know what i’m saying, I dare you to listen to this song right now and see if you will not have that Winston Bishop/Schmidt’s kinda goofy and sometimes serious look at the end.

2.  Timi Dakolo/ The Vow: Even if Timi Dakolo sings a lullaby, it still passes off as an highly intelligent/tear jerking/heartwarming love song, Yes, he has that effect on us. His power to provoke sheer joy, thankfulness and happiness so sweetly is beautiful. Timi Dakolo perfectly defined companionship between two genuine hearts with this track.

Nailed Lyrics: Say life is like a journey, it’s full of ups and down, no matter what you go through, I’ll always be around. We’ll take our hopes and dreams turn them to reality, together…Forever is just a start, forever is you and me.

Timi’s message here is a reassurance of his love, trust and devotion to his wife, which of course is reminiscent of most of his works, and that’s just enough for us.

3. Poe/Adore: The word adore alone has me reeling all over this track. The familiar boy meets girl scene, boy falls hard for girl, boy woos girl and so on, but here is the biscuit in it all…Poe did not for once make us feel like its the familiar love scene played over and over again.

Nailed Lyrics: Yes it’s your dad on the phone let him find, when we are old may our flame never die out. No am gonna leave this place with your number, like you’re gonna leave that church with my name…….Real love is not cheap and of course I don’t play games if i did we’d be courtside, see these players i dnt wanna come try you but even Lionel Messi know when it’s offside…BANG!!!!

Need I say more! Be right back, need to have his posters all over my room!!!! And yes, really cute music video.

4. Dare Art Alade/ Not The girl: One of Dare’s all time best and turned out to be like the heartbreak song of the decade the first time it was released. Not the girl,  talks about a man living in fear of his already lost girl leaving him finally.

Nailed Lyrics: You’re not the girl I use to know, you are a shadow of yourself, I think I lost you long ago, like a book that’s left the shelf, I hear the footsteps down the hall, and i know someday that will be you leaving me for good…..There is no denying we both have emotions running deep….Cos am scared, when I try to take your hand you are not there, even though I see the signs, you think am just scared, Give me one reason why I should hide my fears, when its killing me inside…

Dare’s love songs are usually drenched in deep brevity of feelings, heart tricks and passionate story plot.

5. Mosa/Femi: Producer turned singer, most certainly deserves  spot on this list. His song Femi, first grabs your attention with the powerful yet sexy vocals then comes the lyrics that makes your lips stay apart for several minutes added with that dumb look you see on a local yoruba man’s face who is seeing a white person kiss a dog for the first time.

Lets dive right in:

Nailed Lyrics: Down on one knee, my world stands still, finally here after all we’ve been through, you were patient while I was working, no more waiting, girl I just wanna marry you…I need more years, past forever to show you just how much your love means to me, and I will make it worth the wait, cos you stood by me babe….

Simplicity made classic!

6. Asa/The One That Never Comes: this song is one of the songs that has Asa deeply rooted in my soul life. The song instantly make the butterflies in your stomach stand at attention wondering if to flutter their wings or just be still. Asa’s The One That Never Comes is just another perfect example of why fans across borders fall hard for her.


Nailed lyrics: Why you wanna tell me all your secrets, don’t you know i’m a girl who never falls, why you wanna pour your heart out, when you know I’ll hit the road every single time he calls…Please don’t tell me you’re falling, Cos I wouldn’t know what to do with myself..Please don’t tell me you love me, cos I’ve been waiting for the one who never comes.

This song, dripping with ironic lyrics not only makes you stop whatever you are doing to listen, but immediately transports you to a whole new different world, but again she is Asa, she has that might!

Know of any other love song with carefully written passionate lyrics which should have been included, please let us know in the comment box.


Written  by: Tope Delano






Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie

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