Olamide v Drake – Who Would You Prefer?

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Speaking of similarities between international music acts and Nigerian music stars, the Drake-Olamide comparison is one that would take listening to songs by both artistes, to understand. Fans of hip-hop music would understand even better, the features common to the music of Drake and Olamide. Both rappers have cultivated the style of infusing pop elements into their rap music and have mastered the art to become best sellers in their different fields.

Olamide is to (Nigerian) indigenous rap, what Drake is to pop style hip-hop. Olamide evolved from being just a rapper into an artist who can deliver a killer rap verse and still put down a powerful hook, a formula that boosts the acceptance of his music and has helped him stay ahead in his niche, just like Drake, whose skill of singing and rapping has made him the toast of the global music community. Its the reason he commands a huge popularity size that transcends that accustomed with rappers.

Just like Olamide is the nearer than other Nigerian rappers, to the realm where the likes of Wizkid and Davido operate; Drake is just as popular as International pop stars, a rare feat for hip-hop artists even in the “capital of hip-hop” – US.

Written by Oluwatobi Ibironke
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  1. Avatar

    them tell una say na kosewe koseopo na him be rap. metcheeew. abeg drake jwo

  2. Avatar

    Olamide raps/sings both in his mother tongue(Yoruba)and sometimes in Igbo, even Hausa. Drake raps/sings only in his mother tongue(English). I stand to be corrected but I have not heard Drake rap in other languages in Canada like French. So for me, OLAMIDE over Drake!

  3. Avatar

    God punish ur papa for this post.
    What is Olamide and drake abeg?
    Lame ass dude!

  4. Avatar

    Your stupidity is at hosanna level, how can you even compare both of em. Someone really needs to fire this lame ass editor

  5. Avatar

    I prefer Olamide over Drake Olamide is a legend in all styles

  6. Avatar

    You Guys Just Don’t Know What To Post Again Cuz Why The Hell Would You Compare Olamide To Drake?

  7. Avatar

    either yu lyk it or nt Olamide is a legend here in Nigeria,I don’t know of Drake if his a legend or nt..

  8. Avatar

    I would choose Drake over Olamide any day, anytime!

  9. Avatar

    I would choose olamide any day, anytime!

  10. Avatar

    I choose olamide at all time

  11. Avatar

    Na thunder go fire the person wey write this thing, imagine olamide of all people

  12. Avatar

    plz whu is olamide???

  13. Avatar

    Una no even get sense again.

  14. Avatar

    how can you compare both? olamidde is just local artist . that he rap and sing in Nigerian language doesn’t make him to be compared to drake. at times many of olamidde music are not understandable by me since I’m igbo. so Drake all day

  15. Avatar

    Aba Olamide and Drake, why dont u say smalldoctor and justinbieber foolish pple

  16. Avatar

    Dissapointed with this post!

  17. Avatar

    Baddo all the way….fuck Drake fuck English….

  18. Avatar

    I love both of them.. buh Baddo all the way..???

  19. Avatar

    Let’s us be stupid together
    Beyonce VS yemi alade who do you prefer

  20. Avatar

    Olamide is no longer a rapper…y calling him a rapper?
    Am a fan of olamide,but u can’t compare him with drake… Wizkid ft drake in 2different songs and drake murdered it 100%. Go check olamide international collaboration with wale I swear u will hate olamide. #thanks

  21. Avatar

    that sick rapper called olamide

  22. Avatar

    olamide’s raps sucks pls stop comparing a noisemaker to a legendary

  23. Avatar

    You people gan

  24. Avatar

    What nonsense, even olamide will hate this post
    How will you compare them both… Una no get work oooo rubbish.. olamide Nova blow reach Ghana self you dey compare am with Drake

    Una for compare lagbaja and Jayz na.. oniranu

    #I be correct olamide baddo fan ..but this post na rubbish

  25. Avatar

    This editor is mad, why compare the both

  26. Avatar

    I prefer your daddy

  27. Avatar

    Person wey post dis thing needs medical attention

  28. Avatar

    olamide any day anytime.Baba milli himself

  29. Avatar

    All dis pple wey dey support drake are very stupid ND lack so many sense, I see most of u dat support drake are igbo, if say na Phyno u fools no go support drake oo, dis is d 1 of d main problem we av in Nigeria, u will be depressing ND underrate everything from ur country, so how Nigeria wan even gud like dat, Olamide is always a legend, ND u can never compare his styles wit drake, it’s obviously different, Olamide his d best,,,, only wat some pple sabi do his to spoil person which is very bad, cuz those kind pple we neva make it in life….

  30. Avatar

    Let olamide show me a Grammy den I be willing to oblige to his comparison… 6 god anytime

  31. Avatar

    Damn I’m very disappointed ? in this editor why on earth would you compare olamide alongside with drake. Abi olamide won die???

  32. Avatar

    y u don’t compare lil kesh and future oni ranu

  33. Avatar

    Our own is our own, Drake in dad who in help. Badoo still on top.

  34. Avatar

    Badoo is our own abeg

  35. Avatar

    I like dat comments from D cole&those anonymous that choose olamide.But for the editor, nextime u don’t compare artists from home&away.1luv brothers

  36. Avatar


  37. Avatar

    this is total nonsense how can u even compare olamide to Drake

  38. Avatar

    Olamide is the best he can Rapp in many languages but drake Rapp in English only …. Here is *T-STAR.$* ????.. *ELEVATE.$* ????

  39. Avatar

    Olamide is the best he can Rapp in many languages but drake Rapp in English only …. Here is *T-STAR.$* ????.. *ELEVATE.$* ????

  40. Avatar

    olamide good but drake good pass

  41. Avatar

    nonsense why no compare christ brown and orishe femi who is olamide wea Drake position

  42. Avatar

    who among all of you drake don help stupid people we all dey naija shey olamide na omo Canada

  43. Avatar

    Naa twos Cos they are understandable, but no how naa my country guy i go choice , Olamide gbayi lo

  44. Avatar

    Drake na daddy to olamide. No comparation. I love drake. Olamide……..local rap, smoker

  45. Avatar

    drake na boss to olamide

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