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Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade: Who Is The Real Mama Africa?

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Self-acclaimed Mama Africa, Yemi Alade has worked incredibly hard, investing efforts since she appeared on the music scene mainstream in 2009/10 establishing herself as one of the best in the game. Yemi is so good that she sings beautifully in French and Swahili, which endears her music persona even more to a wider audience reach. This particular feat has seen her merge alliance with several other stars from around the African continent.

Tiwa Savage on the other hand continues to be lauded by all and sundry for her many feats achieved as Africa’s leading femme in music. Her colleagues from the upper west side are becoming particularly fond of her musical artistry, which often has her tipped by them as the Beyoncé of Africa (or in the words of hip-hop royal, Fat Joe, ‘the African Rihanna type’) basically to ascertain her status as queen – by evidence of the fantastic job she is doing in trail blazing the Africa (to the world) movement with major moves on the global front.

However, conversations have been going on for a while now especially since the release of Malo, where Tiwa sang and referred to herself on one of the lyrics as the number one African bad girl. This has raised a standard and introduced a comparison of sorts on who the actual Mama Africa is.

Thus if you had to decide, who would you say the real mama Africa is – Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade?

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  1. Comparing Tiwa to yemi alade is like comparing wizkid to oritse Femi…. Tiwa is way way ahead of yemi in every department

  2. Yemi alade is the female Terry G. She has the wackiest lyrics in the industry

    • She has a horrible voice too, she sounds like a screeching dragon when she sings live

  3. Yemi alade no long a musician pls take a bcck sit. & let the queen of Africa reign talking about mummy jam jam

  4. Mama Jammy Jamo Please!!!

  5. Tiwa savaga is the real deal! Go any where come back, na she !

  6. Tiwa ooooooo…yemi should add maturity to her sounds and Music in general!

  7. Tiwa savage she is the real mama Africa

  8. it’s nobody else but our queen @tiwasage mama Africa

  9. Tiwa savage is d mama africa oooo make yemi alade try again later

  10. Yemi alade all de way

  11. That’s question I been. Waiting for since tiwa savage all be a mama yes she deserve it

  12. yemi lack good lyrics and tiwa have it all and more

  13. For now Yemi Alada remains the #Mama African… But Tiwa, all the way

  14. For now Yemi Alada remains the #Mama African… But Tiwa, all the way

  15. Lmaooo yemi alade and her yeye ibotic lyrics….shit neusiates me.dis tooxclusive and their yeye comparisons sef.comparing tiwa to yemi alade is like comparing brand new italian shoe to fairly used bathroom slippers

  16. Thank God this finally came up, Yemi alade doesn’t know how to sing at all, her songs are wack, Tiwa is a very good singer, she is the real mama Africa

  17. #tiwasavage all d way na waiting yemi sabi wit her wack lyrics

  18. forget joor
    Mama J Neva die yet
    wu call tiwa

  19. na Mama J be d NO1 ooooo

  20. I think as far as Africa is involved it has to be Yemi. Her costume, her music vibe, and as you’ve pointed out her multi-lingual prowess. For me its Yemi Alade, she is truly Mama Africa.
    Although everyone is entitled 2 an opinion, but I think many of these pple are hypocrites. What does Tekno, Timaya & co. say, ie. what lyrics do they have? Zero. Yet you vibe to their uninspiring, nonexistent lyrics, but come here to bash Yemi for wack lyrics. What lyrics are you talking abt? I dont know if I’ll be right to say this, but I think you’re been sexist to single out Yemi Alade for poor lyrics. Shame.
    Yemi all the way?

  21. Yemi Aladi is the mama Africa by her dressing,singing dancing and by her humanity life she lives

  22. ma lo joor tiwa all d way

  23. mama J o

  24. Yemi Alade for Life

  25. Tiwa All D Way

  26. I love Tiwa Savage, she’s good in her own way, both National and International, she’s my best female musician. At the same time Yemi Alade portray the real AFRICA style, her concept, d way she dress, dance, d way she combine languages, tribes and culture. I think she also deserve Mama of Africa.
    Despising no one though….

  27. Yemi alade is d real african magic mama d spirit of africa is in her…. She can do it alone wit her hot single. She no dey copy 4rm white men black is real tell tiwa.

  28. Yemi alade is d real african magic mama d spirit of africa is in her…. She can do it alone wit her hot single. She no dey copy 4rm white men black is real tell tiwa.

  29. kudos to tiwasavage she is d real mama africa

  30. I think this comparison shouldn’t be emotional, but characterized on who promotes and represents the African culture, vibes, style and fashion. So for me it’s yemi alade

  31. yemi alade is the real mama africa.kudos to her

  32. Yemi gives us the African style her lyrics is wack someone said? .if someone has a wacky lyrics and she still at the top what is tiwa doing with her nice lyrics ?
    Yemi is freaking hard working her songs she deserves it. Look at their grounds different meh yemi all the way it’s only people that are scared of her that……..

  33. The only sensible comment here.

    Lyrics shouldn’t be a yard stick used to judge yemi.

    If so wizkid shouldn’t even be considered a musician

  34. Dont conpie tiwa savage Wit yemi alade at all so far, tiwa savage she mama africa

  35. D spirit of african runs in her d culture. when u luk into her u see d real story of an african woman natural beauty no make up…. Carry go yemi alade mama africa. Africa woman dont boast.

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  37. For me i think yemi an Tiwa the al look beautiful both in singing an in dressing the al look cut so no body should jugde any of them for that mama Africa is for both of them

  38. how can u compare a doll to a real human it is yemi 4 real nd 4 life

  39. my rally choice is tiwa savage mama’s Africa

  40. yemi alade oooo……. she kills beat like davido

  41. Yemi alade

  42. no long talks. tiwa is international by looks n sounds. yemi ix typically Africa! so since we tokn Africa, live am 4 yemi Na she get am… let’s not be sentimentally childish! #swizGang….

  43. no long talks. tiwa is international by looks n sounds. yemi ix typically Africa! so since we tokn Africa, live am 4 yemi Na she get am… let’s not be sentimentally childish! #swizGang….

  44. Yemi alade all d way

  45. @bamkid…u saying wizkid has a wack lyrics just justify d fact dat u havent been listening to good music all ur life.

  46. tiwa savage na be real mama africa

  47. Abdlmalik

  48. Tiwa has the true calling of musician to Africa music entertainment

  49. Dont lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Good night & sweet dreams.

  50. Tiwa just like Seyi are Beyonce wannabes
    Yemi rules Africa

  51. tiwa savage na u we know keep it up

  52. Look at them talking about lyrics……what do u guys know about lyrics……u are asked who is the mama and u r putting up unnecessary critics on lyric…..they don blow finish so u guys are here wasting your time…… Even those that can’t do copyright or handle mic if they are asked to, are here judging as if they know anything about music…….be rational while making comments……the type of music u like differs from the type others like….if they can’t sing, they wouldn’t have reached where they are…….big up Yemi, big up Tiwa…….#one love.

  53. yemi alade all d way

  54. @bamkid yea u are right wizkid is a fo

  55. @bamkid yea u are right wizkid is a footballer

  56. I can’t 4get the good music from yemi alade title. marry me

  57. Yemi Alade and Tiwa savage r d mama africa

  58. Yemi Alade is the one

  59. tiwa go to hell with your useless songs you are just opening your self for everyone to see.For me yemi is the mama Africa

  60. Both are good and sentimental but we should not judge person wey don pass u don pass u so dear nigerian leave the crown or tittle to yemi love she dresses like the real female musician not something else. To whom it may concern

  61. tiwa go to hell yemi is d real mama africa

  62. tiwa go to hell with ur songs yemi is d real mama africa jo

  63. why would u ever think of such a question. Yemi alade has killed the entertainment industry with her unique stlyes,lyrics and dressing. Please let give yemi the praise…….All hail the queen of Africa…..YEMI ALADE

  64. Na tiwa savage jhor wen u need a female artiste with meaningful lyrics listen 2 her songs. who yemi alade epp.

  65. yemi alade all d way
    #mama Africa. leave that ashawo that don’t kw her mate to date fuck u tiwa

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