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DMW “Mind” vs Starboy “Soco” – Choose ONE!

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It is the start of a new year, and already it might seem like two of the industry’s leading labels are jostling for premium status. A-listers, Davido (DMW) and Wizkid (Starboy) have both unveiled their latest signings.

Although it came without the glamourous razzmatazz involving the media and clubs, it is safe to say that the new Starboy, Terri is one of the artistes to watch out for in 2018, as was predicted too for Peruzzi.

Now both Starboy and DMW have dropped their label collaboration this year which is; Soco and Mind respectively.

The big question on everyone’s lips right now is; judging by their latest offering, which label do you prefer?

Is it the Mind-boggling DMW or the Soco-raving Starboy?


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  1. Avatar

    DmW till forever!!!

  2. Avatar

    mind joor

  3. Avatar

    Soco for life

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    Soco all day longggggg

  6. Avatar

    oya soco soco

  7. Avatar

    soco soco

    • Avatar

      i love ur song

  8. Avatar

    wen i come around,dey know it is a vide…….oya SOCO

  9. Avatar

    Oya….. Soco

  10. Avatar

    dmw; mind

  11. Avatar

    Starboy go bless you with money…

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    soco for real

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    mind jare

  16. Avatar

    dmw oooh mind

  17. Avatar

    you been feeling fly I fumigate oh #DMW mind

  18. Avatar

    You guys are fools

    • Avatar


  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Soco loppo

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    #Mind #Dmw

  23. Avatar

    Both na dust! No content!! but my niger people no get Ear for the truth. ?

  24. Avatar

    Both na dust! No content!! but my niger people no get Ear for the truth. ?
    Nothing at all to hold onto! No inspirational words, no quotes. Yet then go collect award!!

  25. Avatar

    Both na dust! No content!! but my niger people no get Ear for the truth. ?
    Nothing at all to hold onto! No inspirational words, no quotes. Yet then go collect award!!

  26. Avatar

    Mind. Is the best

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    Oy a soco soco

  29. Avatar

    Oya SOCO SOCO!!!
    MIND 8/10
    SOCO 9/10.
    Closed case!!!

  30. Avatar

    Oya SOCO SOCO!!!
    MIND 8/10
    SOCO 9/10.
    Closed case!!!

  31. Avatar

    Soco for all day looonnnngggggg

  32. Avatar

    Don’t compare Soco with Mind pls

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    Starboy get plenty money #oya soco#

  35. Avatar

    Starboy get plenty money #oya soco#

  36. Avatar

    Mind is a mad jam but I’ll go with soco

  37. Avatar

    socco abeg

  38. Avatar

    make i No lie na soco oo

  39. Avatar

    Soco SOco soco

  40. Avatar

    Soco baby oo

  41. Avatar

    SOCO abeg abeg

  42. Avatar


  43. Avatar


  44. Avatar

    Oya soco soco ….

  45. Avatar

    am a davido fan but soco sure pass

  46. Avatar

    Soco soco

  47. Avatar

    I also vote for Soco

  48. Avatar

    Soco things oh

  49. Avatar


  50. Avatar

    Fresh Don’t Even MIND Collecting ur boo DMW FOR LIFE

  51. Avatar

    Mehn since when have heard this soco…i no they gree hear any oda music again…Yo starboy

  52. Avatar

    Soco all the way

  53. Avatar

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    • Avatar

      Your father there scam like you,guys this guy is a scam ooooo omo ale jati jati I go spoil yout work

  54. Avatar

    soco all the way

  55. Avatar

    Mind tinx

  56. Avatar


  57. Avatar

    Eledumare bless u wit body oh baby, Starboy go bless u wit money oh mummy oya soco soco

  58. Avatar

    Oya soco soco

  59. Avatar

    Holy fire ? Holy water ? oya Soco oya gbefun baby ? ooooooooooooooooooo soco

  60. Avatar

    Soco soco soco sick soco baby oh

  61. Avatar


  62. Avatar

    Ibadi like orodo
    Omo iya kpa
    You’re my type of olosho
    Eh yea yea iye eh

    Oya soco soco
    Soco soco soco
    Soco soco baby oh
    Soco soco soco soco

  63. Avatar

    Mind Is D Best Even Am A Wiz Fan

  64. Avatar

    Soco!! make dem surrender

  65. Avatar

    DMW for life y’all

  66. Avatar

    Starboy ooo

  67. Avatar

    Star boy #soco

  68. Avatar

    Eledumare bless you with body oo baby oh
    Starboy go bless you with e money oo omoge o
    Oya soco soco

  69. Avatar

    Soco #starboy

  70. Avatar

    Soco Soco Soco Lokpo All De Way

  71. Avatar

    #Soco baby oo

  72. Avatar

    Starboy #soco baby oo

  73. Avatar

    Mind ni ooo

  74. Avatar

    Mind all the way

  75. Avatar

    both nah rubbish

  76. Avatar


  77. Avatar

    Soco all the way

  78. Avatar

    Soco…. That jam is ?????

  79. Avatar

    Soco wizkid

  80. Avatar

    How can u conpr mind with soco it difft melodies music mind all d way,u can only put soco with ‘chilling’ by dmw

  81. Avatar

    I think I have u go for “mind” by let just “soco” for de mani time

  82. Avatar

    Soco Soco Soco o!!!

  83. Avatar

    Starboy. Soco soco

  84. Avatar

    soco soco

  85. Avatar

    wizkid is ft inaan soon

  86. Avatar

    Oya Soco

  87. Avatar

    Soco… Starboy dey bless with mad TChune omoge

  88. Avatar

    Oya soco

  89. Avatar

    lol… y’all just love wizkid

  90. Avatar

    Soco is dope…BT I prefer Mind

  91. Avatar

    Look thru de comments, even d DMW boss(Davido) voted 4 #SOCO

  92. Avatar


  93. Avatar

    Anti davido fan plenty here…..
    You all be sincere and listen to the lines and lyrics davido and his colleagues dropped all was new lines, new material..
    Wizkid gave us what we have been hearing before… Something like “Eledumare with the money, starbou with the money,…..
    I’m not a fan of none of them ..
    But as a music critic, I’ll go with mind by DMW because of their lyrics and delivery all on point…
    Every artist had a catchy phrase in their verse…
    Dremos verse and mayorkuns verse was the best….

    You all should relisten to both lyrics of both songs and the remove sentiments and fan base ish then you will understand…..
    Thanks all

  94. Avatar

    No word is new in music oya sing watin i neva hear b4

  95. Avatar

    Starboy. soco soco is the best

  96. Avatar

    oya soco soco soco soco soco ………oya gbefun- meaning?

    DMW in d building

    • Avatar

      Oya Gbefun Lopo.Lopolopo. It means kofun or dazzle

  97. Avatar

    Mind with d beat

  98. Avatar

    TX na una and Linda ikeja dey wiz and Davido beef.mad people

  99. Avatar

    TX na una and Linda ikeja dey cause wiz and Davido beef.mad people

  100. Avatar

    soco by starboy

  101. Avatar

    soco carry go…..
    d song is both foreign and local so in that case its cool.
    starboy d number one record label in africa

  102. Avatar

    I rather go for mind…mad jam, nice lyrics 👏👏

  103. Avatar

    Miiiiinnnnnddddddd. Soco was just hype

  104. Avatar


  105. Avatar

    Gbefun lopo lopo!!! Oya soco soco,,,,,

  106. Avatar

    Soco just came out that is why it all fresh in you guys head love the song but mind a bit mature and lyrically loaded then soco but me still dey listen to soco Wizkid killed it with the cheap flows

  107. Avatar

    Soco all the way

  108. Avatar


  109. Avatar


  110. Avatar

    Mind all the way
    I love both house buh c’mn lyrical content.

  111. Avatar

    Mind mhen

  112. Avatar

    Soco fi life !

  113. Avatar

    Soco on board

  114. Avatar

    soco jhoor

  115. Avatar

    Mind does it for Me.
    Good lyrics.
    Good message and danceable.
    Its too good.
    DMW over Starboy on this one.

  116. Avatar


  117. Avatar


  118. Avatar

    soco ooooo

  119. Avatar

    soco all the way

  120. Avatar

    soco dy slap me for face

  121. Avatar

    soco soco soco ooo

  122. Avatar

    Oya Soco soco

  123. Avatar

    Omo….its soco ooooooo

  124. Avatar


  125. Avatar

    Soco number 1

  126. Avatar

    This time around I prefer MIND.

  127. Avatar

    Lol soco na blast na, mind nr b copy cat

  128. Avatar

    Soco starboy team

  129. Avatar


  130. Avatar

    Mind is better

  131. Avatar

    Maje ko ree ooh Starboy get plenty money oya Soco Soco.soco baby oooh…number one Soco ??

  132. Avatar

    Soco got me tripping

    as in Nicky minaj
    nd she start to dance….

    Daah oohboy you are lyrically poccessed….

    Keep it up
    El flemz is proud of you

  133. Avatar


  134. Avatar

    wizkid is my booosssss……
    oya soco soco

  135. Avatar

    O. B. O… ur much, fanks DMW 4 d vibes, got me tripping.. Mind’ all d way

  136. Avatar

    starboy team soco soco all d way

  137. Avatar

    mind no joor cos I don’t even mind collecting ur boo

  138. Avatar

    mind is the best

  139. Avatar

    Soco for life

  140. Avatar


  141. Avatar

    Them no gree accept Mind was wack. Soco all those claiming dmw had any lyrical content on their dried Mind.

  142. Avatar

    Team starboy for life..
    Oya soco soco.

  143. Avatar

    soco # no story

  144. Avatar

    Mind over Soco (24/7). Love both artist though.

  145. Avatar

    mind speaks something pure music soco tries but obo team killed it

  146. Avatar

    Starboy soco

  147. Avatar

    is good to be good

  148. Avatar

    Mind!! Dmw rocks!!
    Mind 9/10
    Soco 7/10

  149. Avatar

    soco all day longg

  150. Avatar

    the king: soco soco

  151. Avatar

    DMW is d best….. No doubt

  152. Avatar

    DMW on point joor

  153. Avatar

    DMW gat it all

  154. Avatar

    DMW : Good collaboration, Nice Love Song, Sweet Production, Hot Rhythm, Matured Lyrics, Simple/Clean Video clip, Soul Waking Jamz , Dance able Love Song…What else!

  155. Avatar

    every body forget na mind nice song

  156. Avatar

    Any day any time stay boy is always my guy but MIND is banger. Soco is also good

  157. Avatar

    Any day any time stay boy is always my guy but MIND is banger. Soco is also good

  158. Avatar

    Any day any time stay boy is always my guy but MIND is banger. Soco is also good as Afro beat song

  159. Avatar

    mind dope pass

  160. Avatar

    What are we talking, soco was bigger and better, was a big heat, mind was cool, but please let’s leave sentiment, leave who we like most soco is better…

  161. Avatar

    Make una no MIND dmw, Na SOCO I like

  162. Avatar

    Soco 100/100

    Mind 2/100

    My wizkid is the best jooooor

  163. Avatar

    Mind is a far better song….what does soco even mean….they were just saying it over and over

  164. Avatar

    Mind is preferably OK by me…..

  165. Avatar

    no other than starboy dmw go die

  166. Avatar

    see as davido head big like my four four mothers mother pot ebey na soco starboy

  167. Avatar

    aboy na starboy soco

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