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An Extensive Review of Sound Sultan’s latest offering; BACK FROM THE FUTURE

(Formerly known as Mission 2010)

I’m staring at the screen, fingers poised to type when I realize, this is one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. How exactly does one analyze genius? Yes I said it “Genius”. If I had to use one word, to describe the feeling I got from listening to this album, that word would be “speechless”. A good song sells itself after a couple of listens; a great song needs only one. A good album has you loving 50% of its tracks. With a great album you find yourself hard pressed to pick a favorite track. Ladies and gentlemen without further ado, let’s begin.

The first thing that struck me as I studied the track list was where’s the Intro skit? Outro nko? My first thought was “I’m going to sue this CD store, this album is obviously pirated” I cannot remember ever buying a Nigerian album, that wasn’t littered with skits. Majority of them are pointless and a waste of studio time, but they are always present. Well i was home already before I noticed this, so I might as well listen. I had heard glowing reviews of this album, critic that I am I wasn’t easily sold. I like to develop my own opinions. So I put in the CD and hit Play.

Instantly Track1 (Omo ft Lami) began, no feferity, nothing at all. I was taken aback. The shock was quickly replaced by Awe. This would stay with me all through the 3 or 4 hours it took, to really listen to this album.   Omo starts off with classic Sultan, his funny side. I found myself laughing whilst nodding in agreement to his 1st line. The plot is simple. Sultan is the razz but confident ghetto boy, trying to charm the sophisticated ajebo chic Lami (I am a huge fan and btw she was terrific). It is a very hilarious song and the smile on my face is beyond measure. What a way to kick off an album, absolutely fantastic.

The mild tempo trend continues in Rainy days. While this song played, I imagined Mr. Sultan on a stage strumming his guitar as performed for his one woman audience; me. That’s the feeling you get as you listen to this song. The lyrics are powerful and far reaching. Yet personal enough so you think he’s talking to only you. The message is; “save for a rainy day, plan, and live your life with tomorrow in mind”.  I fell in love with the Rock theme of this track. Cobhams is responsible for this, and I thank him.

The tempo of the album picks up exponentially with the next track; People bad. Just incase you were getting too comfortable, he reminds us a lot of people want to see you fail. A line in the song goes “Sultan u don old, e don tey when u go retire?” My answer is not in my lifetime. Haters can like to hug transformer. He’s got many more years in him. The next song is; If to say ft Ikechukwu. This song shows off Sultan’s naughty side as his love interest, this time around is in a relationship. He asks “who are you gna go back home with tonight, me or your boyfriend”. I’m guessing she picked him. Killz delivered on this track, Thumbs up.

It’s a 14 track album, so please bear with me. I’ll try to speed things up. Orobo is up next and it features EXCEL. Yes I’m screaming his name. He has a voice to die for. Basically this is a feel good track. I’m certain you’ve seen the video. It tells us, fat or skinny rocks. The choc boys turn the heat up in the next song. Produced by Jesse Jagz, Let it rain features Jagz n Iceprince. Here we see Mr. Sultan has no issues with sharing the spotlight and in doing so, his star shines even brighter. The next two tracks; 2010 ft MI and One ft Tuface are fiercely popular. I do not think I need to extensively review them.

Both songs are outstanding. Their deliveries are on point and their messages, constant Electricity and Unity are Ideals we can all rally behind. Hello Baale is the only track on the Album sung exclusively in Yoruba. Sadly my F9 in this subject comes to haunt me. I can only decipher a few lines. So I’ll focus on the production. I liked the piano that serenades Sultan as he delivers this timeless masterpiece in his mother tongue. You will find unable to press skip even if you have no idea what he’s saying. Eshe is next in line. It is an easy going song. Basically paying tribute to God and telling us to count our blessings.

Born on a Saturday is another feel good song. Nothing too heavy is being preached here. Just relax and enjoy yourself. The tempo of the album is turned down a notch as “Rewind time (Tribute to Dagrin)” comes on. This is the best tribute I’ve heard rendered to the late Dagrin. Unlike others, Sultan honestly analyzes all the factors that culminated in Dagrin’s death. Listen closely to this song. It is impressive. R.I.P Dagrin. This song shows how mature and wise Sound Sultan is. Track 13 is the Hitsong “Very Good Bad Guy” ft BankyW. Just when you think okay the album is winding down, VGBG assaults your senses. This song is rated VGBG: Very Good Bad Jam. Mr. Sultan and Mr. Capable were glorious.

Going by the Track list which lists 13songs I assumed that was it. I stood up ready to eject the CD when another song came on. This song is Sultan’s present to us. It features his Naija Ninjas and all I can say is “WOW” I cannot wait for their albums. Incidentally this is my best track on the album and I do not even know the name of the song. The girl singing on it blew my mind. I am thankful Mr. Sultan did away with the plenty Skits Tradition favored by other artistes. I am certain he would have pulled them off, but this way you will never have to press Skip.

Jay Sleek produced most of the tracks in this album. He is without a doubt, a very talented producer. The beat never drowns the song. Every song has just the right tempo for it.  This is one of the greatest albums I have ever listened to. I dare say it is his best work so far. Musically it scores excellently on all points; Lyrics, production, content, features. A+

BACK FROM THE FUTURE is a collector’s item. It deserves a truckload of awards. I am praying 2011 is the year Award shows get credible and shower Mr. Sultan with all the many laurels he deserves. It is about time. He is a Musician’s Musician, and this Album is Phenomenal. Go out and get a copy, in fact get 5. It is that good. Thank you taking the time to read this. I know you can barely feel your behind. Imagine what it was like writing it! Trust me Sound Sultan is worth the muscle ache. I’ve Gone Ninja, what are you waiting for?

Written by Jazz, Follow on Twitter @MsJazzyfied


A graduate of Mech Engr from UNILORIN. Works and lives in Lagos.

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