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Who Killed Hip-Hop In Nigeria? Olamide, Phyno Or The Fans?

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olamide and phyno

Hip-hop in Nigeria goes as far back as the early 80’s. It evolved in Nigeria due to the external influence of the American culture spreading across the world.

In Nigeria, hip hop first gained its ground in Lagos when people like DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambata and Grandmaster Flash made hip hop beats infusing the afro-culture into it. Back then, the funding wasn’t available as most of the acts were indie acts producing music with their desktops and free softwares, but as the 90’s approached the quality of hip-hop music increased, winning the Nigerian audience over.

Acts like Junior & Pretty, The Remedies, made a commendable effort at making hip-hop acknowledged in Nigeria. Also, Weird MC is one of those acts who really brought in the American-style hip-hop as she blended it with Afro-beat in her track titled “Allen Avenue” off her Simply Weird album which has unarguably been called the first full-length rap album in Nigeria.

Groups like Swat Roots consisting of Modenine, Overdose, Terry Tha Rapman, 6 Foot PlusThe Thoroughbreds which had Elajoe, iLLBliss, B-Elect, ObiwonThe Trybesmen which notably had eLDee the Don and Ruff Rugged n Raw literally opened the way for the likes of M.I, Naeto C, Ikechukwu, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, A-Q, Vector, Yung6ix just to mention a few.

It is 2018 now, a lot has happened, a lot has changed and most importantly, Nigerian hip-hop music is on a steady decline.

Someone definitely has to take a fall for this. Who do we apportion the blame to? Certainly it’s too much for one person alone. So who is to be blamed for the decline?

Well, Olamide and Phyno would perfectly fit into these shoes. Coming up as guys who had their eyes on the goal, the goal of creating tangible hip-hop music not creating party sounds with little or no meaning.

Everybody says hip-hop can’t be commercial enough but we forget about the part where people like Junior & Pretty made hip-hop commercial enough for fans to sing along with the simple and witty lyrics implored in their songs. M.I has always done same, Ruggedman, even Terry Tha Rapman with his BANS movement.

Wasn’t Olamide’s first single, Eni Duro commercial enough? The record mustn’t be a party sound before it’s commercial. Catchy lyrics could be commercial. Ice Prince’s Oleku was commercial, right?

In the industry right now, Olamide and Phyno could be termed as the most relevant rappers but certainly, they aren’t doing enough. Olamide’s decline in the rap music started from the release of the records, “First Of All” and Stupid Love, though the album YBNL turned out to be a very successful one but Olamide as a rapper had stepped down on his lyrical genius.

Working with Phyno on Ghostmode seemed to be like a reawakening and the dropping of their joint album “2Kings” but another collaborative effort Fada Fada made it obvious that these two kings might just be leaving their thrones to be commoners in the pop market. No doubt, Fada Fada was a commercial success but was that success sustainable? When we already have kings of the Afro-pop genre like the Wizkids, the Davidos and probably a Tekno.

After the much talk of rebirth where Olamide boasted of a full rap album, the “Lagos NaWa” album wasn’t close to a full length rap album.

You might disagree with me, but Olamide and Phyno who were once regarded as the rap kings have brought a steady decline in the rap culture, even Vector who was once one of Nigeria’s celebrated lyricist went very placid with his 2016 release of the Lafiaji album.

The culture where the likes of Lord of Ajasa and Nigga Raw promoted, this is just a slap on the face of these veterans.
With Olamide and Phyno plying this route, what do we expect from the younger generation, rappers like ClassiQ, Oladips and a whole lot of young acts underground who might have been waiting for the baton to be passed on to them.

Hopefully, Phyno might just correct this impression in his next studio album if he stays true to the art, but until then…

Written by aL Yhusuff
Instagram: @manlikeyhusuff | Twitter: @alyhusuff

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  1. Avatar

    the both

  2. Avatar

    Who ever nominated and voted for tracks like ‘Wo’ ‘BoBo’ – Connect’ ‘Fada fada’ – as Best Rap song in an award category, killed Hiphop in Nigeria.

  3. Avatar

    You can’t talk about real hip hop in Nigeria and refer to MODENINE with just a sentence. As thoughtful as your writeful is, I would say even you yourself does not appreciate true hip hop. Give the best ever rapper with d deepest lyrics ever to grace the Nigerian hip hop scene some respect please

  4. Avatar

    So we all believe that hip hop is really died in Nigeria ??… For me, it’s just a fallacy, Nigerian hip hop artists are actually giving their best!

  5. Avatar

    Olamide for sure killed hip-hop he paved way for trash rappers like Lil kesh. He dropped the bar so low that niggas think wo is the rap song of the year

  6. Avatar

    Olamide actually killed Nigeria hip hop, not just that, he also influence Phyno with the rubbish songs he called party Jamz, now Phyno thinks singing pays more than rap

  7. Avatar

    Everyone needs money and want to be heard. How many endorsement has modenine, how many shows, concert, compare to these guys. In life 2+2 is not always equal to 4

  8. Avatar

    Yes Modenine might no have endorsements or shut down concerts but he has left a legacy in Nigerian hiphop folklore. Tupac and Biggie weren’t the richest people at the time but you can’t talk about American hiphop history without mentioning them. Nas isn’t richer than Jay-Z but Nas is far better than Jay IMO. Well we are all human at the end of the day.

  9. Avatar

    Jay Z is GOAT

  10. Avatar

    Nas is arguably the most lyrical rapper of all time

  11. Avatar

    olamide phyno vector cdq reminisce

  12. Avatar

    c i dnt believe any body killed hip hop music in 9ja bcos we dnt appreciate hip hop music like dos other music bcos dos artist try their best 2 gv us what dey hv in d likes of remedies,ruggedman,ice prince, modenine,vector,overdos, m i jess jago aq.etc bt we will neva listen or appreciate their effort nw its olamide ,reminise ,phyno era nw u nw say dey re killing hip hop pls who will crown their effort they give good music wen we re ready 2 hear good music bt nw where is d good music nw in9ja pls let dance 2 what we hear if u dnt like it u 2 cn sing ok leave dem alone

  13. Avatar

    The fans did ..only a few people listen to hardcore nigerian the likes of olamide and phyno follow the market strategy

  14. Avatar

    Thumbs to who wrote this..

  15. Avatar

    Who hip-hop help? We love it this way
    Leave hip-hop for westerner World

  16. Avatar

    The media (radio TV stations) and them bloggers including tooxclusive too

  17. Avatar

    The media (radio TV stations) and them bloggers including tooxclusive too killed hip hop in this country..ask me how?

  18. Avatar

    I believe it’s the fans, though phyno & olamide has a lot influence on them but u are the one that has to choose what & who u want 2 listen 2. NOTE: phyno & olamide are not d only ones that sings & raps in the music scene, a lot of artists like drake does too.

  19. Avatar

    Yoruba’s will say olamide n ibos will say phyno both have done well for hiphop

  20. Avatar

    phyno is de best with doubt

  21. Avatar

    phyno have a good voice Dan olamide
    but people do gage him with phyno

  22. Avatar

    Jam, Beat, Chapter, Verse otu ihe ka habu.

  23. Avatar

    To reach a wide audience in Nigeria even as a rapper you need to be everywhere. Phyno’s limelight was after his track parcel. In Nigeria you don’t only need to be a rapper you need to be a musician.

  24. Avatar

    We the fans killed hip hop,, an artist released a cool hip hop track like Assalamualeikum, we go get lil likes and appreciation,, but when same artist sings circular song like problem,, we go bump head to it.. Hip hop no get culture here… I downloaded this old school track by de trybes which was a pure hip hop track OYA.. . I just shook my head cos hip hop don really go down.. Mode 9,Terry da rapman,,six foot +,,Eldee,,, freestyle,, kb,, Baba dee,, M I,, Jesse jagz. Those are hip hop,, but will u call them in ur show?. . no…

    Jcole who is a pure rap act is coming to Nigeria ?? by next weekend,, u call wizkid and davido.south Africans will call emtee, nasty c, Ricky rick, aka, cassper nyovest,, not here in Nigeria ?? . what does that say about our acceptance of hip hop..

  25. Avatar

    Olamide and Phyno are on top because of their style. Not strict in rap. If they had toiled the path of the so called veterans in hip hop by now they would have been in the veterans list.

    They understand the market and thus go with it to remain relevant.

  26. Avatar


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    Olamide and phyno killed hiphop in Nigeria and Tupac is not happy with them.

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    lts good for the fathers to lids the youngers so i thanks olamide and fhyno for making hip pop existing in Nigeria/////so great

  30. Avatar

    Mehn.. The fans follow, Olamide diviated totally, but phyno still does his rap thing well, but generally it’s the fans that stopped giving hip-hop audience, which caused some rappers to switch too, na ice prince disappoint me pass, like of phenom did too, ycee even join… We stopped getting vibes like catiair (owo ati swagger) mi even dull at a point.. Na the fans!!! ?

  31. Avatar

    d real hiphop is not in nigeria

  32. Avatar

    This post just cut my attention, God bless who ever that wrote this post…….

  33. Avatar

    Hip Hop Is Gone In Naija……..

  34. Avatar

    All of them…both ola n phyno singing nonsense n d fans listening to it.

  35. Avatar

    You guys are silly….. Wr the fuck is Jesse jags

  36. Avatar

    I think phyno paint the town red

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