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Is Zlatan Right To Have Called Naira Marley A legend ?

Olabimpe O | - Leave A Comment

The topic of cybercrime has been the trending topic of discussion for a couple of weeks and has caused quite a lot of controversies.

“Yahoo Yahoo” has become normalized in the country and many see no harm in it while some do.  Some would say those who do ‘Yahoo Yahoo” are doing it because of the present situation in the country, yet the majority of them ridiculously squander funds they received from their “maga” on cars, clothes, jewelry you name it.

Some artistes have glorified the act and do not see it as a crime and the number one ambassador for ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ is Naira Marley. His latest song “Am I A Yahoo Boy” with Zlatan landed him in a very big mess with the EFCC.

Zlatan and others were released but Naira Marley was left in custody of the EFCC as evidence against him is “Overwhelming”

However, Zlatan ibile has shown no remorse even as Naira Marley has been charged to court and is likely to go to prison.

He even went as far as releasing a song titled “4Days In OkoTieeBoh”. The song clearly gives details of his experience in custody of the EFCC as well called out those who snitched on him.

At the end of the song, he says not to judge so easily as no one is perfect. It is quite obvious that Zlatan is trying to justify Naira Marley’s crime which should definitely be seen as an aberration.

Judging from my own perspective, internet fraud is a crime and whoever is found guilty, should be prosecuted meaning Naira Marley is no exception.

If we are to be real with ourselves, Naira Marley is not a legend as against Zlatan’s opinion in the song “4Days In OkoTieeBoh” and should never be treated as one.

He has done nothing worthy of that status and this scandal alone has even drawn him aback as a person not to think of him in the league of legends.

We need to be very careful of who we call a “Legend”. If we are truly to call him a legend, where do we put the people that are truly worthy of the status?

As youths, we need to think rationally and reasonably in order to curb the menace affecting the country not glorify it instead.

However, this won’t still stop me from creating a conversation regarding Zlatan’s claim that he and Naira Marley are young legends. Do you think he is right?

Written by Olabimpe Olaosebikan

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Olabimpe O

Olaosebikan Olabimpe is a News Writer and Content Creator at Tooxclusive. Her idea of a great day is to be indoors snuggled up with a book and good music. She is also a passionate lover of rap.

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  1. Avatar

    This is the nonsense update I have ever read. You call it scam because you opportune to get it somewhere else. Who even your source of income. Alaye you are a scam. Shut up tooxclusive and don’t be stupid.

  2. Avatar

    I believe the writer of this article is high on drugs and need brain check.

  3. Avatar

    Nobody is holy but it doesn’t mean we should go around announcing to the world that we’re sinners. Fraud didn’t start in Nigeria, “we too dey show ourselves “. There are still big guys on the low doing their thing. Sometimes we put ourselves in trouble with our own mouth just like timaya said.

  4. Avatar

    You think you knows it all,you use your stupid brain to write dis…mtcheww

  5. Avatar

    Think be for u talk naira marley

  6. Avatar

    If you talk bad about naira Marley fuck u

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    yeah Naira Marley and Zlatan are young legend

  9. Avatar

    Na Moto go jam all Yahoo Yahoo boys + Naira Marley.

  10. Avatar

    Naira Marley is a Legend
    Fuck You

  11. Avatar

    naira marley is a legend, fuck all naira marley hatters

  12. Avatar

    Tooxclusive your father make those fucking people that calls them self EFCC leave Naira Marley alone if not them go hear from us

  13. Avatar

    See alaye Naira Marley is not guilty you fucking EFCC go and hold politicians una own na only back una for they get power Naira Marley na money them want nothing else

  14. Avatar

    naira marly you get mouth

  15. Avatar

    Na God go help us

  16. Avatar

    Fals don tuk say evry body na criminal. #freenairamarley

  17. Avatar

    Delete this post . You are stupid

  18. Avatar

    It is from online fraud tooxclusive is financing his blog and as a backup . Get out asshole

  19. Avatar

    he is very right

  20. Avatar

    He is a LEGEND??

  21. Avatar

    You don’t have sense at all. Na you get your mouth. Yahoo or no yahoo Naira Marley has made it already. I wonder what he even came to do in Nigeria cos dude been making waves in the UK. Nobody is perfect, so stop saying rubbish about people especially when it has to do with cases like this. How many of those politicians that stole money you’ve posted here. Please if you don’t have anything reasonable to post shit up.

  22. Avatar

    Abeg i nor understand oh. How yahoo take be bad thing??? Answer me tooxclusive.

  23. Avatar

    Fuck you, fuckbyour post, mad writers

  24. Avatar

    Why you guys no dey politicians wey dey thief billions of Nigerian naira lol,,, Na only yahoo una get time dey discuss…..mtcheew!!!!!

  25. Avatar

    Shey Efcc wey dey reason naira Marley matter see anything do madueke despite “over whelming evidence again her”…. Las Las naija na scam

  26. Avatar

    Naira Merley Will Come Out Alive And As A Hero, He Will Not End Up In Prison, If He Do, There Will Be Another Prison Break Dia

  27. Avatar

    I get pissed off when I see Nigerian youth see the real. Path and not follow it. What has that Idiot naira maley Don to be a legend? Some pple. Will just know they have got Internet enabled phone feel free to send shiits on social. Media. Fine the country isn’t good but reason before you damage it again we will be left with it later on. Naira maley has got his money, so also zlatan.. Give me just a reason why naira shld be called a legend? E wants to fight for yahoo abi… Awon ode oponu.

  28. Avatar

    leave niara maley I really like the guy

  29. Avatar

    Niara maley and zlatan the are doing the best to nigerian all rady nigeria is a corrupt country thenk’s niara maley and zlatan for doing to nigerian

  30. Avatar

    niara maley

  31. Avatar

    naira marley

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