“King Of Stolen Songs“ – Rapper Calls Out Phyno For Stealing His Song

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Buzzing Eastern rapper, Phyno is once again in the news for allegedly stealing another rapper’s song. A random fast rising rapper who goes by the handle @bugzydvinci on Instagram has accused Phyno of copying his style and stealing his song. Bugzy claims that Phyno stole his recordand then went ahead to change the name from “Fuo” to “Fuwa”.

Phyno released the song “Fuwa Sewa” few hours back before Bugzy decided to call him out on Instagram. As at the time of this report, Phyno is yet to respond to the alleged song theft.

Trust us to keep you updated.


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  1. Avatar

    Mumu no go find work

  2. Avatar

    guy @bugzydvinci,hustle,pray and get sense,anyway you instant fame will jux last for one minute,phyno is king of d east,take it or leave it

  3. Avatar

    Bloggers keep giving these attention seekers unnecessary free publicity. SMH

  4. Avatar

    Nonsensical Nonsense, Phyno stilll remains King of Igbo Rap Music. He is not in race with any body.

  5. Avatar

    Pray none of you find your hard work stolen by someone. It’s easy to believe these small guys are trying to get some clout from the big guys but we should also look at it from another angle. Dunno if it’s true and don’t care but shouldn’t rush to condemn.

  6. Avatar

    That guy must be more than stupid for saying that.
    Anyways iberibe n’enye onye ara moral.
    Love this song fuwa sewa.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    iberibe na enye Oñye ara moral

  9. Avatar

    who knows u
    u better concentrate on ur hustle

  10. Avatar

    Phyno is king No doubt Bt I’ve lived in experience long Enuff to know and understand that there ain’t never gonna be a smoke without a fire source. How many of u have even tried to maybe atleast try to consider what point this guy is trying to make or even listen to his own old song. Am just saying we shouldn’t always be quick to judge.

  11. Avatar

    I will never believe such story

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    so u wana tell me that the word fuo or fuwa is meant for only you to use???? You are a dunce….

  14. Avatar

    fuo mean lost in igbo language…..are you now tellinq me that nobody else can use d word fuo….besyd fuo and fuwa are not dsame spellinq…..guy u are a fool,,,,attention seeker…..idiot

  15. Avatar

    pls if you cant cop with phyno biko SEWA

  16. Avatar

    Nwannem Sewaaaaa

  17. Avatar

    Guy fuwaaaa

  18. Avatar

    Guy fuwaaa

  19. Avatar

    Nwanne.., infant sewaaaaaa. If that one no do you oya fuwaaaaaa

  20. Avatar

    baba Igbo
    I from Cameroon go gaga for dat king wen king take something from its better u kneel and plead for blessings not trying to carry shoulders mehn…fuwaaaa

  21. Avatar

    These two guys are fool’s,but phyno is wacky in his rylics,so he must be a song hacker.

  22. Avatar

    fuwa sewa is good song

  23. Avatar

    Phynofino ezege one

  24. Avatar

    my name na kingboy and na my number be this 08080324307.

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Phyno move on de king of igbo rapper

  27. Avatar

    If true nt gud……phyno stil rule.
    Make una fuwaa sewaaaa

  28. Avatar

    this bwoy must be An Idiot by saying dah phyno onye Nkuzi ndi nkuzi stole his Track,, not considering dat phyno has many unreleased songs yet to come,,, guy ekwezinamu peanut adim ere afia groundnut emechigom shop mana icho afia nwete key Shop

  29. Avatar

    Phyon Hold The One You Hold Make Them Swaaaa

  30. Avatar

    Phyno my mentor…”RESPECT”

  31. Avatar

    Ok d rap nko e still dat one too

  32. Avatar

    Stop fooling ur self guy??
    Besides, who knows you…, I advise you to focus on ur hustle ooo


  33. Avatar

    Ara enyego gi moraa stupid man if you disturb him again I will be the one to cut off your head foolish animal

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