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“#LagosNawa Made Under 48 hours”… Why Olamide’s New Album Might Disappoint You

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It is ironic that Olamide’s Instagram post announcing the release of his forthcoming “Lagos Nawa” album would rile up his millions of fans in excitement while in a smaller circle of music critics, the post bears both good and ominous signs.

The fans on the streets are only excited that Olamide is performing his annual rite of releasing an album but for people like me, who pay attention to detail; hmm I’m scared.

First of, I’m scared that after managing to find a facelift in Wo! Olamide still sees annual album releases as a MUST. Then, my fear is heightened by the fact that the Lagos Nawa album would be relatively a one producer album (except one or two self-produced tracks on the album). I’m even more scared that Olamide “made the album in 48 hours.”

In the business of album compilation, I’d like to think that there is an under wraps difference between quality and quantity. An artiste can be prolific with album releases but to be prominent for the quality of your albums as an artiste; the standard is quite different. Asa is known to make classic albums, M.I specializes in compiling first grade Naija rap albums but Olamide is known for album numbers (and I fear that it would remain so even after the release of his forthcoming album).

‘Lagos Nawa’ would be Olamide’s  7th album and 8th music project in seven years. Yes! He has released a shitload of tracks but the quality of his albums have been questioned a lot, especially when Olamide wants us to believe his projects are “hip-hop albums.” Clearly, music comes easy for baddo, and I heard that a call from Alaba is all the motivation Olamide needs to release an album, but an artiste mindful of the fact that the inspiration to create a great album is never always there, such artiste would consider the fact that artistes don’t just subscribe yearly for great creative processes for albums, and if the longterm impact of an album means anything to such artiste; then he/she would resist the temptation from the middle-men, record as many records as the wobe spirit leads and concentrate the best products into filling up great albums.

No ID, the one producer who manned Jay-Z’s seismic impacting ‘4:44’ album, opened up the creative process to the album and he revealed that the album is what it is because he, particularly, was working on “getting better,” while Jay-Z was looking to explore new music concepts. No ID said he worked on 500 (music production) ideas, which he played to J.Cole, before meeting Jay-Z to add his midas touch to the joint effort which produced such a huge album. Another artiste renowned for the quality of her album, Adele, takes two-four years to record her albums, but baddo and Young John needed just “48 hours” to record “Lagos Nawa” *rolls-eye.* It better be “hype” or that months had been put into forming the ideas of tracks on the album and Olamide only went on a 48-hour recording-spree, else the “Lagos Nawa” album would end up eliciting a disappointing  “nawa o” expression from fans who would listen to the album without sentiment.

Written by Oluwatobi Ibironke

““#LagosNawa Made Under 48 hours”… Why Olamide’s New Album Might Disappoint You”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    Thunder fire you . Idiot. You dat u wrote this rubbish you are a fool go to sleep bitch

    • Avatar

      who vex u lol…..why so pained…she no lie na…..wobey sounds na thrash of the year, wait why una think say olamide wan do hin OLIC4 for open venue, cuz hin ticket no go sell, nobody see am dis year, hin level done drop enta ice, even ice done dey on fire now….Tell him, he’s too old for all d rubbish he’s doing, he cn’t even be compared to david or wiz that u both started off…..smh.

  2. Avatar

    If olamide is just about numbers, christiano ronaldo is also about numbers, number of goals scored, number of trophies won etc… He is the best in the world right now above mess…. So who cares?

    • Avatar

      forgive me… u re so not wise lolll

    • Avatar

      Bros you haven’t said anything intelligent…

  3. Avatar

    Olamide is used to delivering warck songs, so I will not be suprise cos I knw de album will be full of trash

    • Avatar

      @MUMULICIOUS VALENTINO….Use ya brain once 4 God’s sake..Haba person wey do you don die i 4 help u beg am…

    • Avatar


    • Avatar

      expect too many wack songs from the album. Baddo is too much in a hurry.

      • Avatar

        Fuvk you bro

    • Avatar

      Ogun kill you, any time you talk any bad thing about snei, baddo, baddest guy ever liveth again , omo ale jatijati, won ni lo gbe ijoko wa , ohun na fe joko akutuku baba e ati iya e, lo orun

    • Avatar

      y don’t you step forward and sing your own

      • Avatar

        Tell dem oo

    • Avatar

      u kno well walai

    • Avatar

      If what u call trash is making money I bet u will introduce the trash to ur first son an family as d best business

    • Avatar

      U no well… kip hating u would still die

  4. Avatar

    I guess you are Drunk typing
    No be by force to like Baddo
    His fuckin good, and stop comparing.
    no.1 king_baddo

  5. Avatar

    Mumu Oluwatobi Ibironke Can u song u think music is for everybody come drop blogging ND fix up your life mtchewwwwww

  6. Avatar

    my thought exactly….I’m scared for Olamide and the album.

    • Avatar

      Some pple dont understand music nd keep thinking most nigerian artist are putting out hiphop album……..theres no point arguing with lame folks…..baddoo is good in putting out hit songs his a very good business man bt dont let that lior u into thinking that is all to it when it comes to music folks truth be told. I enjoy some of his songs thou but I advice we shld not be sentimental

      • Avatar

        Brother anonymous, I agree say my mentor dey realise wack songs, OK let go to reality, which of ur family Don realise comonm track not to talk of album, so no be ur fault they still they feed u bro, Na why.

  7. Avatar

    Its none of your business, his day 1 lovers will accept and anything that comes from Baddo na 100%… Keep your thoughts to ya self

  8. Avatar

    Badoo i just dey gbadun your music style, ‘o gbodo jo’kuta to ba n gbele oni glass, inu rere to ba nse loma help eeh’ carry go OLAMIDE!!! U’re mouthed all d time…

  9. Avatar

    bad mouthing, why don’t you try and do your own song and let hear it. you are just an enemy of progress. leave baddo alone he is getting more money into his acct while you are there talking rubbish about him, just keep all your jam talk to yourself… bad bella

  10. Avatar

    So It’s all about years or month of making an album that makes an album the best,yes?…all of una wey dey criticize Baddo plus ibironke oo bring una hear mek i tell una sth….MUMU disease dey una brain and e no get cure AM SORRY!

  11. Avatar

    The problem with majority of olamide fans….they are illiterates,daft and always argue blindly…how can a creative process for an album last for just 48 hours like even Michael Jackson never did that….of all the albums to buy its olamide album….taa!!

    • Avatar

      @Mal aka Malicious shit(virus)…..So bcos Michael Jackson didn’t make an album in 48hrs makes him the best in the world?…What is dis foolish man/woman saying and who fucking beg you to buy his album?! Mek i tell you sth, If you download the album or dance to any of the songs on LAGOS NA WA….The kine VIRUS wey go catch u ehn e no go get cure… BASTARD!

    • Avatar

      This generations of music fans have been hook on fast food music all they lives, don’t know what a home cooked meal tastes like…u cant cook a balanced and healthy meal under 20 mins….

  12. Avatar

    When Wizzy com… drop average tracks btw how many days whr dis foolish ibironke dey?….Thunder fire that ya hand wey u take type this shit!

  13. Avatar

    olamide should go and sit down we don’t know if baddoo sings,Rap or dance sef
    everything the guy dey do #YouRappersFixUpYourLife in M.I voice
    to me Reminince is better than olamide. Reminince Album are always topnotch it even made it to Africa billboards 100 in the world but baddoo as never one best album not to talk of best rap album and the guy has drop 6album.I laugh in Swahili

    • Avatar

      @anonymous…. Reminisce album na number 14 e reach 4 billboard ooo and the THE GLORY enter top 10 yet you com here dey yarn bullshit abt sth wey you no knw… am sure you b wizkid fan!

    • Avatar

      am sure you are dead when olamide’s last album made number 39 in top 100 billboard thunder fall on u haters

    • Avatar

      stop hating this guy. Go and listen to Radio Lagos

  14. Avatar

    haters sha, na olamide mata go kill u na..continue shining king baddo

    • Avatar

      mumu, reminisce album was number 14 on billboard while ‘the glory’ album was no 5 on d billboard, and numbers dont lie bro

  15. Avatar

    listen to the album first, be4 commenting

  16. Avatar

    Its nothing when the inspiration is there.and i stil trust him that badoo wont disappoint

  17. Avatar

    It is what we know of him.. Anything he release be it good or not.. We are ready to listen to his voice.. So if he decide to release three albums in 30 minutes….just… Peem!!!!…

    • Avatar


    • Avatar

      Aswear ehn, we ready listen to am! Lol

  18. Avatar

    @ Buddy…own G you so have a point there. leave them let them be writing editorials and album reviews and whatever, Baddo releases his albums, makes his money, middle finger to all his haters and criticizers. All they know is to write…mo na go sing una own na. olori oburuku jati jati…na dia head be nawa!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    He is capable of delivering two album self, baddo is our man, we love you.

  20. Avatar

    The guy is good but he doesn’t care about standard,poor lyrical contents.Apart from the sounds music should make sense.

  21. Avatar

    You guys will never understand the idea of that “Lagos nawa made under 48hrs”…. all i’ll just tell you is to put your dancing shoes on. Love above hate.

    • Avatar

      that is to tell you that wen u hear youngjohn u know is lamba

  22. Avatar

    You guys will never understand the idea of that “Lagos nawa made under 48hrs”…. All i’ll just tell you is to put on your dancing shoes and ready to vibe…Love above hate.

  23. Avatar

    airticle writer y can’t u apply for a job at 1 of 9ja newspaper house.c olamide na boss if like adele do her album 4 6yrs non of my business,olamide na boss

  24. Avatar

    leav trash for lawman abeg..we dey xpect the album

  25. Avatar

    One of the best commentaries I’ve read here. This ryt here is TRUTH. The articles says so much about olamide’s music and most Nigerian musics. God bless you for this post.

  26. Avatar

    from her shitload of articles on olamide , it shows Ronke dislikes Olamide, stop d selective criticism and leave olamide alone, I am sure if its wizkid, d mumu go dey shout say hit dey come

    • Avatar

      They only writes good things about Wizkid

  27. Avatar

    As for me I respect the fact that he is hard working and a humble person … But for this album I can’t imagine @YoungJohn producing the album am sorry for this is #LAMBA and a ma Jo ku ni but wen u hear MR producer u will know itz classic songs …. but we Nigerians is not ready for that classic song wat we need is wat will take away our sorrow … Respect you KING BADDO

  28. Avatar

    I don’t just know why you will be criticizing olamide and Davido. All i know is that this blog only loves Wizkid, but you called yourselves blogger and you side with an artiste, which is not suppose to be so. You’re are to write just articles about not minding who you love. I can’t be looking for information about any artist and i will come to your blog, because i know you will not write truthful things about the artist apart from Wizkid. Tooxclusive you need to fix up your way.

  29. Avatar

    Baddo is declining

  30. Avatar

    The most stupid post I’ve ever read in my life. Kai!!!!! You no get brain at all!!!!!!!

  31. Avatar

    A goat for sale. Oluwatobi Ibironke on the list of goats for sale.

  32. Avatar

    i found sense in wat he said keepit up guybt dont jst give a saying to.someone song like dat

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    Just shut d fuck up and wait..till d bomb is drop by u gonna dance to the tune and u gonna feel d vibe

  35. Avatar

    I have a strong belief the album is going to be a bomb.. .because badoo never fail.. .hit to ? hit… Watch out! !?

  36. Avatar

    I have a strong belief the album is going to be a bomb.. .because badoo never fail.. .hit to ? hit… Watch out! !?

  37. Avatar

    Olamide is good no doubt buh 48 hours 4 an album?? Haba. Even a music track shouldnt take such a short time. Olamide should try 2 b more creative dats all d blogger is trying 2 say. Nd so numskuls dat call theirselves olamide fan ar making unnecessary noise

  38. Avatar

    A lot of you folks should learn to read articles with open minds. You are the reason y our entertainment industry is still where it is. Sieve the sense out of what you’ve read

  39. Avatar

    I so much believe in baddosneh, so I am very sure that I gonna like the album even if the world generally dislike the album, even if nah one sentence him dey repeat, I like him personally, please if you don’t like him it’s better for you to keep quiet and stop criticising him, because you are hurting some of us by saying some abusive words, thank! YBNL TILL I DIE

  40. Avatar

    but why dis ‘ibironke’ nd one ‘tope delaku’ love to criticize olamide..i remember vividly d last time dat ‘tope delaku’ analyse one of phyno’s song,he kip praising him as if he understand wah phyno was sayin in his songs…but u cant appreciate a guy who’s of d same tribe as u bastard..i bliv if we dig deep into ur background,ur forefathers would be d cause of yoruba problem,imagine wat u’ve inherited…omo ale jati jati

  41. Avatar

    He understands this naija music more than anyone else. He did wavy level which was cool didn’t get him wat he wanted, love no go die still didn’t get that monster hit. Then he went back to his street box and brought out WO! as his last joker and it works. from 2010 up till date there is no year Olamide did not have at least one monster hit . Pls put some respect on his name he is a fighter

    • Avatar

      And all the monster hits na always “Young John D WICKED PRODUCER” dey behind all….

  42. Avatar

    Ibironke! It’s the nature of Afro pop, just mixed words with the beat, Adele and Jay Z doesn’t do the same kind of music.

  43. Avatar

    2010 =Eniduro / omotoshan
    2011 = first of all, stupid love
    2012 = voice of the street
    2013 = durosoke, turn up
    2014 = Eleda mi,
    2015 = Lagos boys, melomelo, Bobo
    2016 = who u epp
    2017 = wo!
    All these are not just regular hit songs ooo they are monster hit tracks
    Respect this guy abeg sentiment apart

    • Avatar

      dont mind dem haters will forever b haters

    • Avatar

      Respect to baddo

      Irunmole nla

  44. Avatar

    So majority of olamide’s fans are touts and illitrates…hmmm smh

    • Avatar

      U are a bastard

  45. Avatar

    as far I’m concerned olamide has only one dope album. which is ybnl. d rest have been rubbish.

  46. Avatar

    Wiz recorded 10 songs in a night, drop 4 songs, una cheer, olamide recorded album in 48hrs,yall started bitchin.. Do u knw most olamides hit dnt even take 5min to record, from Bobo to wo, he records and drops them with an open mind, that’s what’s someone who understands the music does, 2kings was recorded in less than a week and it did well in the market, it delivered hit tracks, no be by how far or how well, those pple that spent years in the studio and still flops, what do u call that?

    • Avatar

      well……..said. this site dont like olamide… dont know.

  47. Avatar

    If olamide keep repeating one word for the whole 4 min of a track.. And Jay-z use all his life to sing for the whole 4 min, I will ever choose BADDO song aheard of jay-z.. If the whole album is wrack. Leave am like that I personally love it… Ogun kill you for even thinking of written this stupid speech.. Why u no turn artist and come up on stage to sing if den no go stone you to death.. Thunder fire your generation…

  48. Avatar

    Album numbers and his getting awards from them ??

  49. Avatar

    Yes we are illiterate but u can stand a chance in knowledge with us.
    I rep my mentor,YBNL BOSS,iing of rap. We ur fans are here, we support you we love you, Maà jó lò â wò eyiìn.

  50. Avatar

    what trash is this report saying. The blood keep making wave in the industry and you are here clarifying wrong doubts about the album thats not out yet.

  51. Avatar

    Fuck that sheet. Baba iya eyan. Any fucking album was a hit back to back. Wetin person go even use satisfy people for this life, when olamide just blown then you guys complained that he is dropping too much tracks with out much Intervals. Davido dropped just one album then you complained that he is not serious that he is still on one while olamide is counting fourth album, the olamide you proud of then is now the one receiving blast and nonsense tweets, o ga ooooooooo . Baddo the better wey you do them them no remember all respect you show them them no remember, if you messed up once won a ni tie ba them they talk you matter from January to December. Story for the gods ni yen jorr

  52. Avatar

    I just hope you will get to read my comments miss writer……i wish you same thing you wish your fellow human……imagine you re the one that want to bring out a project and you are wish bad luck before even dropping it….just know what goes around comes around

  53. Avatar

    Make the album drop first naw, Tx why una be like this.

  54. Avatar

    This man who tell u badoo work on the album under 48hrs? He only announce it when the album is set to drop.
    But the announcement came as a shock to his fans because de lamba remain 2 days to drop.

    To be sincere “Lagos nawa” is gone be light.

  55. Avatar

    King of music baddo….stupid bloggers dat is always over rating Wizk
    id fr singing rubbish…if it’s wizkid nw dey will praising him up nd down wat he sings I dnt knw

  56. Avatar

    Can’t wait

  57. Avatar

    Olamide cares less about delivering a project with quality content. He’s orientation by default when making a project is the ‘hope say you dey make money’ one

  58. Avatar

    Which quality are u all talking about here sef? Apart from 2baba, Asa, Dare and the likes. Wats the sense in wizkid’s song, or davido song abi small doctor sef, and u keep saying he is not making sense do they tell u they are singing Gospel songs cus I don’t understand what some people are saying here. If it is not making money then is not making sense.

  59. Avatar

    olamide u are d best don’t look at what enemies are saying enemies are not God jeun lo jare mogbadun e baje eniti koba telorun koloku danu I can wait

  60. Avatar

    Sweet piece. Tobi does not disappoint. Tell them

  61. Avatar

    Wo!!! baloo look here, u collect wire?? Hu u hire?? U were write ds shit na hu u epp eh?? Na ur money I carry d buy d CD or na ur data I use d download am?? Olamide baddoo snei snei u no fit drop 2 albums in that 48hrs mk nigga feel u jare my man..carry go

  62. Avatar

    who vex u lol…..why so pained…she no lie na…..wobey sounds na thrash of the year, wait why una think say olamide wan do hin OLIC4 for open venue, cuz hin ticket no go sell, nobody see am dis year, hin level done drop enta ice, even ice done dey on fire now….Tell him, he’s too old for all d rubbish he’s doing, he cn’t even be compared to david or wiz that u both started off…..smh.

  63. Avatar


  64. Avatar

    Nigerian bloggers, in God’s name stop writin foolish speeches becos u will u get from ur posts being read and like by people. If a man is risin dey will try to kill him
    I have listen to album not so bad as u tag it,listen more before commentin on album.
    About adele ad jay z, the no. Of yrs of records over there is not as the same here, if talkin abt it almost all nig. Artists are singing rubbish, Olamide is only makin a name for himself, so if u keep commentin abt him, he becomes more popular, get it?

  65. Avatar

    I like it

  66. Avatar

    eyanbaddo,fuck haters

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