Lara George


Lara George is a Nigeria Gospel singer/ artiste. She is a multitalented singer, Producer, music director. She has a spell binding captivating voice. She was a a memeber of the formal TUSH group, which was one of the earliest Gospel musical group in Nigeria. She released her first solo album in 2007 which was ‘ ijoba orun”, the single was a hit which enjoyed massive airplay on radio, churches and homes. She studied LAW at the University of Lagos  and shes also a legal practisional.

Lara George started her music caeer in 1997. But the relese of her first single ” Ijoba Orun” in 2007. Her professional career started in 2007 when she joined the rock solid group which belong to a campus fellowship called ”Rock Foundation Mission”. In 2008, Lara George album – Forever In My Heart won several awards e.g 2008 voice of the year at the Nigeria Music Award and female gospel of the year at the 2009 Nigerian Gospel Music Award etc.

In 2012, while pregnant with her second child, Lara George went on to release her 3rd solo album titled ‘HIGHER- THE DANSAKI ALBUM.’ Although this album was released without any fanfare, the song ‘Dansaki’ became an instant hit, closely followed by other tracks like ‘Higher’ , ‘A Yin O’, ‘A New Day’ and ‘We Praise You.’

List Of Songs Released

You Alone Oluwa


More Than Anything


We Praise You

Ti Eru

More And More

More Than You

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