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Kizz Daniel Pulled Out Of Davido’s Concert And Unfollowed Him After He Slapped His Manager

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It was reported that Davido slapped Kizz Daniel‘s manager yesterday at the backstage and this got a negative effect on Flyboi Inc boss, Kizz Daniel.

While fans were busy enjoying the “City Of Davido” concert at the main show something else went down at the backstage. Kizz Daniel’s manager took to his twitter account today to call out Davido for his fake love which got Kizz Daniel replying to beg him. A twitter user with the name Peter came out to throw more lights to the situation that apparently Davido slapped Kizz Daniel’s manager at the backstage of his concert when he wanted to go change into another outfit.

When Kizz Daniel heard of this he stood up and left Davido’s concert without appearing on stage. At the show when Davido came back after changing he went on stage to continue his performance and did their hit song “One Ticket” alone without Kizz Daniel coming out.

For now Kizz Daniel has un-followed Davido on Instagram and also deleted some of his post about him

Well we still await to get the full details, See post below

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  1. This got me laughing. I dunno how true this is but maybe the Flyboy Inc disrespected the DMW. Small thing kizz daniel vex, Kizz Daniel order uber.

  2. I swear Lanre na wetin dey sing come to pass ohh.. bad market..

  3. All this rumour, no true story.. blasphemy everywhere..

  4. OBo shine on.. fuck haters and rumours

  5. Kizz manager is so humble cos he didn’t slap u back. i stand with kizz daniel he did the right thing by unfollowing you.

  6. No be lie i 4 slap u back. all of you saying vado too dey vex, okay him 4 clap hand 4 davido as e slap him manager.

  7. Davido u don fuck up no be kizz daniel wey u 4 do dat kind tin. Apologize 2 dem,wat u did 2 kizz manager no pure at all.

  8. Davido just crossed his limit. He owe Flyboy inc an apology how dare him slap kizz manager am glad kizz unfollowed him.

  9. Obo u ain’t right on this one go and apologize to kizz daniel and his manager.

  10. Why are we so desperate to ruin solid relationship between OBO X VADO I don’t believe in this rumour of a thing. God bless OBO God bless VADO

  11. Davido why na?? of all people kizz daniel i swear you no try at all just go and apologize to kizz manager.

  12. No wonder i didn’t see kizz daniel performed yesterday. oh mehn davido u no try at all go apologize to kizz manager.

  13. Haba davido no be u for do kizz manager dat kind thing even i ur fans am very dissapointed in you.

  14. Davido U Know Say We Dey Close Together When I Hear Am For Radio I Shock, U Don Fuck Up, Kizz Daniel Manager For Dat Mata No Worry We Go See!! U Need To Beg Dem

  15. Lol…one ticket + one slap = what?

  16. Davido no do make i vex 4 u sharpaly go and apologize to vado and him manager why u no loyal.

  17. can this thing be true

  18. OBO slap anybody slapable, them flyboy father!!!! Them get “MONEY”!!!!!!!!
    OBO baba ??
    Na man with high status for society slap you bro.
    Take it as a blessing

  19. @Anonymous u are very stupid infact u are useless wetin davido fit buy with money wey Kizz daniel no fit buy.

  20. @Anonymous u beta shut up if u don knw wat 2 comment wat can davido buy dat kizz can’t buy.oh u tink kizz is broke lyk u

  21. Make una leave dis idiot(Anonymous) he always bring his problem to the comment box na poverty dey kill am.

  22. @Anonymous i can see you are mad and u need to go to a psychiatric hospital God punish you na ur papa wey no get money.

  23. Anonymous, poverty has eaten d better part of u. If davido slap ur father u wil be happy?

  24. @Anonymous u must b mad. kizz daniel doesn’t ve money nd he owns a record label u r talking lyk a fool u go skul sef.

  25. Anonymous am a doctor and we treat patient like you in my hospital.

  26. Davido just crossed his limit who does he think he is, kizz daniel is more matured than him dats why he left quietly.

  27. gud though,vedo konws de way

  28. Davido doesn’t have home training he should learn from kizz daniel.

  29. Davido go dey cari him big head dey waka mtcheew. Frogy

  30. All of una just de talk rubbish I swr

  31. @Anonymous i swear you are also talking rubbish too idiots, jobless fool.

  32. Who is this Anonymous sef always commenting shit and insulting people anyhow who does he think he is his sef.

  33. Davido should go and apologize to kizz manager. Davido think his God to be looking down on people.

  34. Kizz Daniel is so matured he even made davido look like a fool by not fighting back. Kizz shouldn’t mingle with davido.

  35. Davido thinks slapping kizz manager means his rugged instead it means his mentally unstable 4 laying hands on his senior

  36. Davido will beg kizz manager 4 forgiveness, Kizz daniel is very matured i swear he left quietly without casuing trouble.

  37. David is big as at today . In this industry u will be at ur peak sometimes at that time anything u do makes sense. But it doesn’t last forever. All these incoherent lyrics then won’t work again. Dbanj,was once there,am sure in years to come kizz will be bigger than Davido life na turn by turn David should calm down

  38. Flyboy inc are so matured dey left quietly without causing trouble at d event davido thinks dats d end its not over yet

  39. Am just trying to like this Davido but he’s always stupid and does stupid things. Mr money miss road

  40. Davido feeding bottle
    My babe dey wear d supergheti
    Orisha ti o ba gbemi
    Dakun mapada leyin mi ( instead of pada leyin mi)
    We still love u with the rubish lyrics but pls respect ur sef
    VADO sings far better

  41. Dis egede wey u be Don De give u moral
    When men go gun u down e go be like film.

  42. Davido doesn’t know the plans Flyboy has 4 him cos it will come to him as a surprise.

  43. Lol..dat serves d manager ryt,shey he b mumu wey no get hand…well,he suppose pardon him as he has done cuz d person wey slap him na OBO..lolxx

  44. @Anonymous no wonder dey say u r mad cos all ur comments proves it, wat are u even saying sef.

  45. @petra..oga,am d female anonymous..we ar two not d one commenting rubbish since so make una watch ur words so u too wont receive dirty slap from me

  46. @Anonymous u’re very stupid is ur fada u will slap. nobody is begging u 2 comment don’t cum 2 dis comment box & say shit

  47. @Petra stop wasting time to talk to dis mad man (Anonymous)

  48. @Anonymous is mentally unstable

  49. ok am sori…but we ar two here i swear…am only trying to explain to u not to mix us d female

  50. Happy New Year to all Kizz Daniel fans

  51. Who come loose? You vex comot, still he perform your latest hit track in your absence. Some people mumu Sha. ????

  52. @Youngskid ur stupidity needs treatment all dis stupid davido fans don’t cum 2 dis comment box nd showcase ur stupidity

  53. @youngskid na ur father be mumu jobless, useless human being.

  54. @youngskid must u comment hmmmmmmmm anyways i dnt blame u i blame the person that posted ur comments.

  55. @youngskid what are you saying sef. please just shut up if you don’t know what to comments.

  56. @youngskid u are mentally unstable, what is this one saying sef.

  57. Hahaaa!…must u all insult people..look at d way u guys ar insulting youngskid cuz he said d truth,he is Davido’s fans nd must u all kill urself over dat!!..what he jxt said makes sense for goodness’s sake,its only a numbskull dat wont reason wit wot he said…u guys ar here bliving d rumours they ar talking abt OBO slaping someone..nawa for all of u o,did u made any research bfor concluding?

  58. Anonymous&youngskid i can c u guys still nid sum treatment both of u r talking lyk an illiterate wat r u guys saying sef

  59. Youngskid & Anonymous both of u r stupid,so vado shud b thankful dat is obo dat slap his manager who is obo is he God.

  60. You guys shud leave those two fools alone dey don’t even knw wat d r saying congrats Anonymous u ve a new mad partner.

  61. point of correction,my name is Mary not anonymous…am not ready to exchange word with u all,all i knw is dat i dont bliv in all dis rumours nd trash they ar saying abt davido…and am not surpporting any either davido or kizz

  62. Anonymous or mary all i can say 2 u is dat d rumour is true nd stop commenting nonsense if u don’t want 2 be insulted.

  63. Thank God u knw u can’t exchange words with anyone here, whether your name is Anonymous or mary who cares.

  64. @Anonymous Its a rumour & kizz daniel unfollowed him & deleted all deir pics & video 2gether, don’t u knw how 2 read.

  65. Kizz did d right thing davido isn’t matured at all, he shud learn 4rm kizz daniel cos kizz is so matured humble & quiet.

  66. Davido he’s a drunk, drugs addict, tauts, asshole how i wish vado deal with him in a rough way.

  67. NONSENSE!!

  68. @Anonymous you are fool infact you are helpless #teamvado#

  69. Anonymous don kolo abeg make kizz daniel dash Anonymous one ticket 2 obodoyibo 4 treatment cos he has brain malfunction.

  70. @Anonymous sense fall on u cos ur stupidity is 2 much,wether kizz daniel is our fada or not we’re concern as his fans.

  71. well its up to u all…u people can insult me d way u lyk..but come to think of dis,davido might b bad in some ways but dis guy gives people thousands of naira even millions..he spends his money on d poor…now tell me how many people kizz gave his money?

  72. Thank God u knw u will b insulted,dis is hw pple lyk u fail exams wat has money gotten 2 do wit dis issue anoda madness

  73. princess mary or wateva wat has giving money 2 d poor ve 2 do wit obo slapping kizz manager,am sure u failed english.

  74. @Princess mary do u think vado is proud lyk obo lol must vado announce 2 d world dat he has given money 2 d poor.

  75. Lolxx…but wait o,did u guys all know Davido has said sometin abt dis allegations,he said he neva did such nd dat d manager was only lying against him,he even said he want d manager to pls say d truth befor sometin worse happens…

  76. Princess mary wat a pity money can buy u,bcos davido gives money 2 d poor we shud side wit him wen he does sumtin bad.

  77. wat will kizz manager gain 4rm lying against obo will he b given a private jet or u mean vado sent him pple mentality.

  78. We all know davido is a big liar,he lied 2 defend himself even an eye witness said he even poured drink on d manager.

  79. well its enough…i knw d truth would b known to everyone as soon as possible..dats all,thank u all for d insults

  80. @Mary if its a lie why is kizz not defending obo & why did kizz daniel leave d concert & why did he unfollowed davido.

  81. @Mary no oh come back & defend ur immatured davido idiots who invited u 2 d comment box u’ve gotten d insult u wanted.

  82. @Mary is nt enough no matter wat u say we won’t side wit davido & wat i lyk most is hw kizz is ignoring dis matter VDG.

  83. @anonymous,hey common am not running away,y would i??..i can see its bcuz u all hate davido bfor d incident,dat y u arent seeing d truth abt it all…but whether d trash news is true or not,he still remains my best musician…

  84. Who is this one sef

  85. Davido is a coward am so glad kizz daniel left quietly without fighting back to show how matured he is.

  86. @cletus,ask google…

  87. I will surely ask google cos u ve brain malfunction wether kizz daniel gives money 2 d poor or not wats ur business.

  88. I will surely ask google cos u ve brain malfunction. Amebo wats ur business if kizz daniel gives money 2 d poor or nt.

  89. Am sure obo was high dats y he did dat,bt why is obo lying sef he will neva change his always lying 2 defend himself.

  90. Emma..its seems u are more matured dan others here dat doesnt knw anytin dan to insult ..can i ask u a question pls??

  91. @mary pls are we doing interview??

  92. @Mary no oh we shud praise davido lyk ‘wow davido u did a great job slapping him’ idiots,davido lacks manners.

  93. Kiera or wats ur name,am i talking to u here..or did i mentioned ur name? who is idiot? ar u insane?is it bcuz u guys av been insulting me nd i kept quiet?…av left u all alone so u shuld neva mention my name to any of ur comment anymr..av left u since i knw davido is ur number one enemy

  94. so Emma jare…shuld i go on wit my question?

  95. so Emma jare..should i go on wit my question?

  96. @mary go on

  97. did u know wot d manager did dat made davido slap him??

  98. Yes,he went and ask davido manager wat time kizz will b performing after d waited 4 2 hours and he didn’t answer him.

  99. d manager was abt 2 leave obo came in & saw him d told him he was kizz manager maybe obo was high,he slapped him.

  100. poured drink on him & told him ‘dnt f**k wit me’ i took my time 2 explain all dis 2 u @mary wat davido did is very bad.

  101. @mary am a huge fans of obo,i knw wat obo is capable of doing dats y am wondering y obo is lying instead of apologizing.

  102. @emma…hmmm,am also a great fan of davido,am sure he has regretted his actions

  103. that is not really good about davido

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