Musician Akothee on Sunday responded to claims that she has lost custody of her two sons with whom she got with her European baby daddy. 

This is after an Instagram fan under the user name ‘domamj‘ raised concern over the matter through the comment section of the singer’s Instagram post.

The fan expressed sympathy towards the mother of five citing that it was sad and painful that she could not be with her sons yet she was financially capable of taking care of them.

“You should have the right to be with your children, u know. This breaks my heart as a mom. Why begging, why being worried? By the way u have a lot of money, luxery houses, company, means u can retire and live happly wherever u want. Why not near your children? Are u banned to live in Swiss? Asking with love and empathy (sic),” the fan commented on Akothee’s Instagram video in which she was face timing with her two sons.

In the video, the controversial singer tells her sons that she had booked tickets for them to fly to Kenya for the Christmas holiday

Akothee responded to the comment citing that she does not sympathize with herself and therefore the fan should not be worried about her.

“You cannot know the bedbugs of a bed which you do not sleep on (kitanda usicho kilalia haujui kunguni waliomo), I dont sympathise with my self so dont worry we are fine(sic),” she replied.

About a year ago, Akothee was involved in a court case over the custody of one of her sons, a case she won.

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