Nasty C VS M.I : Who Is The Best Rapper In Africa?

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The African sound is a beautiful one which is why we have many talented artistes in continent.

Nasty C is no doubt the hottest-young rapper in Africa. He has released a couple of songs which have been hits. Though he is a South African, he has been able to break into the Nigerian music market with his big collaborations.

There is no way we would talk about rap in the Nigerian music industry without mentioning icons like M.I Abaga. He is considered as a role model to all other hip hop artistes in the Nigerian industry.

However, since M.I is the biggest in Nigeria and Nasty C is the hottest in South Africa, we would like to know which of them is the bigger rapper in Africa.

“Nasty C VS M.I : Who Is The Best Rapper In Africa?”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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    Is the best Rapper

  2. Avatar

    m.I abaga he is best especially freestyle in coke studio

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    Jesse Jagz is the best rapper in Africa. Fullstop

  4. Avatar

    The comparism is a joke

  5. Avatar

    Mi abaga is the best rapper in Africa #Respect

  6. Avatar

    current form. nasty c beat him hands down. the guy is the hottest in africe right now.

  7. Avatar

    King M. I ????

  8. Avatar

    M.I is a rap icon but presently, Nasty C is in his best form. So, I’d say Nasty C. Mr Incredible can’t keep being the best in Africa

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    Nasty C is way better than all Nigerian rappers

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    Nasty C….

  11. Avatar

    WTF!!!…….. M.I??
    Nah… You must be kidding me

  12. Avatar

    Are you kidding me???

    I love both, but never compare Nasty C with Africa Rappers General…

    Nasty C is a cool kid and have great success ahead of him. M.I is just incredible…

  13. Avatar

    M.I is never a rapper……please can someone remind me of any hit song dropped by M.I during his time

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      Big Fool!!!

  14. Avatar

    you are a fool

  15. Avatar

    Nasty c all the wat

  16. Avatar

    Useless comparison

  17. Avatar

    Mr Incredible Abaga all the way

  18. Avatar

    Nasty C all the way…

  19. Avatar

    M. I abaga mr incredible iz d best

  20. Avatar

    As much as I love MI…No one can be compared to Nasty C in Africa at the moment…Young King all the way

  21. Avatar

    Nasty C is the fucking best

  22. Avatar

    MI is a Legend..
    Nasty is a Rookie
    Not yet a Legend
    Is Like Comparing France against Bafana Bafana

  23. Avatar

    MI Abaga is the the best. He’s a legend. Nasty C is cool and in his best form right now but he ain’t the best.

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    M.l is the best rapper

  25. Avatar

    Can’t relate how would u compare MI wit nasty C 2 me nasty C is on the same level wit EFe

  26. Avatar

    Well if u want to compare u can compare Nasty C wit Viktor of YBNL or EFE bet MI and vector are on another planet

  27. Avatar

    They are both Kings
    Nasty C is the king with the flow
    M.I is the king with the lyrics and punchlines and word play but Nasty is riding the way. MI is a legend nasty is just trying to be an immortal

  28. Avatar

    Well,what i can say about m.i and nasty.c is that nasty kill the flow, but m.i hit the punch lines

  29. Avatar

    Nasty C got nothing on M

  30. Avatar

    wat happened after you people compared King M wit Olamide, Ice prince n d rest….. z just nastys time bet me by this time next two years we’ll search for him… M.I planet Incredible

  31. Avatar

    Can you compare Pele and Ronaldo?
    If no den don’t compare M.i to Nasty C
    Bcuz we all know who the best is right now nd more yrs to come

  32. Avatar

    b. o. c madaki is the best

  33. Avatar

    Vector tha viper

  34. Avatar

    For me, i would go for nasty C. The guy is fucking Good. The good thing abt nasty c is that wen the flows, u hardly know if if he’s aN American or African cos the tune is fucking raw hardcore

  35. Avatar

    Nasty is the bomb

  36. Avatar

    Come on haba…M.I all the way

  37. Avatar

    Have listened to m.i’s yung Denzel?d guy z an immortal

  38. Avatar

    Zambia says m I is the best ??

  39. Avatar

    Nasty c

  40. Avatar

    why compare nasty c with m’i abaga that’s shit”m’i legendary nasty c fuck

  41. Avatar

    MI is a legend of HIP-HOP in Africa.

  42. Avatar

    Nasty c is the best, listen to mad over you freestyle, it was a naija beat,a freestyle and he killed it…since then it’s him all the way

  43. Avatar

    Nasty C of when… Abeggi stop the idiotic comparison… M.I should be a mentor for nasty c…. Baba na always baba

  44. Avatar

    Nasty C is way better. MI has never been close.

  45. Avatar

    NC is good but MI to me is a living legend,just because SALLAH was in great form last season doesn’t make him better than MESSI or RONALDO

  46. Avatar

    MI nor reach nasty atall…. D kid spits fire

  47. Avatar

    MI hemslef has already proverb it on his interview, at this moment nasty c is the best

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    who is MI, Nasty C is best rap in Africa

  50. Avatar

    Tooxclusive #smh
    M.I and Nasty C.
    Make una try get sense before 2018 end pls!
    This topic is childish!!!

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    It seems most people just started listening to hip hop. How can u compare these 2? Nasty C is the new fresh kid on da block. M been doing this for a while now and still relevant. Don’t get me wrong, Nasty C is dope but M is his father when it comes to rap.
    My verdict Nasty C is the best now, M.I is one of d greatest to ever do it.

  52. Avatar

    How can u compare Mi to nasty c…. Lol…
    Mi should compared to d likes of eminem… Check out his yung denzel album

  53. Avatar

    Y ask such questions
    nasty is good but m is better

  54. Avatar

    nas mah mentor

  55. Avatar

    #ajebo nasty c is de best in africa

  56. Avatar

    well, even nasty c says MI is best in Africa….. Check on YouTube…. M’s the best and greatest of all times…. Cassper Nyovest also said that… gather proof s before comparing a kid with the greatest of all legends

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  58. Avatar

    nasty c is the best

  59. Avatar

    m.i is dat best

  60. Avatar

    Abi MI dey mad ni.

  61. Avatar

    Only Fool That Can Compien Nasty C With M I,m I Is A God In Rapping Game

  62. Avatar

    M.I is the best in African,how can someone will be comparing nasty c with m.I abaga the king of real originated hiphop rap,no no no!!! u people must be joking,not even comparing nasty c with is Junior rap college like jazy jag,or ice prince
    ,pls pls pls!!! even a deaf man in Nigerian and foreign country knowns DAT m.I is the best…m.I abaga the rap icon.

  63. Avatar

    Only a fool will be comparing m.I the legend, with a small kid call nasty c.

  64. Avatar

    Is ur boy wizy….is really cool abt mi…but for now nasty c is the hottest fuck all haters….

  65. Avatar

    Hw pssble would you compare d legend with a kid that hasn’t known anythng in the rap industry. We only considered about the most active rapper of all time. While Nasty c is not, in d past years why was he absent? So a kid will always remain as a kid and must bow down when ever he comes to his master. MI all d way

  66. Avatar

    Martino elcasino all the way

  67. Avatar

    m I is d best u shld av compare nasty an Areece

  68. Avatar

    M.I rocks

  69. Avatar

    M.I’s generation will never be lyk nasty c.. listen to switched up…. M.I is a way too local and he’s a long way behind nasty C level of rap

  70. Avatar

    M.I, jay,z nas, Eminem,Kendrick, those kind of rappers I see M among, not nasty

  71. Avatar

    if y’all think M.I is the dopest then go listen to S.A rappers.. Stogie T, Areece, Nasty C etc
    To me Nasty C is more creative than M.I
    check the songs lyrics and punchlines
    fuck it i listen to couple songs by M.I but most of them are wack lyrics, M.I he’s a Gimmick he tryna use grammars to over shadow the fact that he ain’t the rap king… if y’all angry bout wat I’m saying then fuck your feelings hit me up on [email protected] viczy
    #Fuck it Nigeria rappers ain’t close to S.A in any level those guys are killing the game sending wack Nigerian rappers back to their momma’s house…

  72. Avatar

    Coolest kid is the best

  73. Avatar

    nasty c

  74. Avatar

    Man come one Nasty C is the best presently but M.I is always a legend

  75. Avatar

    Nasty c

  76. Avatar

    m i is de best rapper in africa…. a king is a king no matter de weather. all of u wey de talk anyhow go and lestin to mi tracks befor u talk ur mind

  77. Avatar

    Nasty c is the best but M I is the legend

  78. Avatar

    Mi is the be…..go an play am hot?????

  79. Avatar

    nasty c is the greatest rapper in africa

  80. Avatar

    I am the best

  81. Avatar

    I love da both

  82. Avatar

    Both of them good

  83. Avatar

    Nasty C is good no doubt but bro he’s got flows king MI hits punchlines…only kids who didn’t grow up hearing MI would say nasty is better or those that don’t know rap Reason this kid is getting all the attention is because of his young age and small look, the same reason y people picked interest in Wizkid when he started, after 3years we’ll see if he can stand the test of time…. Mind u Nasty is doing d foreign style does not make him better than even Emtee of South Africa at least they are age mates not to talk of Cassper before u compare him to Africa rapper Number King MI… Jay z that is considered the best rapper in the world does not rap fast he uses his art for poetry just like king MI, his type of rap is beyond the fame and big cars, he ain’t looking for the spotlight…. I be yoruba boy but I love MI die

  84. Avatar

    Is just like comparing Wizkid and 2 baba asking that which would u consider a legend… Bros Igi Imu Jina sori the difference is Clear. Same way you will say 2baba Is a legend in Africa is the same way u will Regard MI Abaga

  85. Avatar

    Nasty c is the coolest kids he chops every bits he gat but the fact about it is dat MI abaga is a murderer he murder every bits he gat too & his incredible,,, go and listen 2 his song soup ft cassper nyovest

  86. Avatar

    Nasty c is the best rapper in africa

  87. Avatar

    nasty c his the best rapper in Africa so forget the case bro…….

  88. Avatar

    Both Of Them Are Doing Well, Mi Is A Legend….. Nasty C Is Gifted Still On His Way

  89. Avatar

    hw can u compare a lion and mosquito u already know M.I is th king if u want to knw listern to you rappers should fix up yo life or DJ naptune ft m.I blood and fire

  90. Avatar

    m I abaga is the best legend of all Africa

  91. Avatar

    Young king legendary in Africa nasty c

  92. Avatar

    Young king legendary in Africa nasty c

  93. Avatar

    Young ?

  94. Avatar

    Nasty c Is the best rapper I have seen in this world

  95. Avatar

    Nasty c his the best rapper in Africa now which m I, mi way don do his time This time his nasty c time

  96. Avatar

    Mi is a father

  97. Avatar

    since i was in primary school, once i cry, the will play me m i abaga> who is neast c?

  98. Avatar

    m.i abaga
    de best of all

  99. Avatar

    Nasty c is the best rapper

  100. Avatar

    Nasty c all day

  101. Avatar

    Both are fascinating rapers with distinct style. MI is a great rapper with lots of metaphors. Nasty C style is based on his ascent and his flows. But based on matured lyrics MI is the best in Africa. The likes of Sarkodie from Gh, AKA from SA, Kaligraph jones from kenya, Casper Nyvoest and many more all testify to the fact. MI is an inspiration to about 90% of African rappers. Remember rap is not about twisting but lyrics and rhymes.

  102. Avatar

    Easy gaiz

  103. Avatar

    M.i for where , Nasty I dey ur back

  104. Avatar

    4 me Nasty C is the best young rapper but M.I is must king. just now for me all is legend both side i love them all

  105. Avatar

    nasty c is da best rapper

  106. Avatar

    I am pmg nasty c for me

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