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Password – “Amaghimo”

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Patrick Mathias, popular known as Password is a Nigerian producer, song writer and singer. He has been active in the music industry for years and has decided it is time to bless the world with his own music.

His first official offering “Amaghimo” speaks of gratitude and Praise to God through situations. The song is Produced and Written my Password.

Password is working his EP which will be announced in January 2016.

DOWNLOAD Password – “Amaghimo”

“Password – “Amaghimo””, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


"Some people have lives; some people have music" - John Green

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  1. Avatar

    Dope Gospel mehn

  2. Avatar

    dis gospel song made me go crazy I had to look for it like a crazy person it’s worth it kudos bro God bless

  3. Avatar

    My goodness! My goodness!!………… My goodness!!!!!!!!!!! I am shattered beyond words!!.. This song is got me all messed up in a good way!.. You can just feel it raw!

  4. Avatar

    I felt it d first time I heard it… am blessed by this song oooooh. Thank God for Password

  5. Avatar

    This song got Me thinking ohhh

  6. Avatar

    Really gr8 song…….OMG….. Pure gospel…. God bless Password

  7. Avatar

    Goosebumps…. I love this Song??…..

  8. Avatar

    This song has been on repeat for 5 hours now. Non stop.. This is dope men. Choi.. Keep it up at this level bro.

  9. Avatar

    This song got to me the very first time I heard it, I have been searching for it….Its so pure and genuine. Thanks n God bless.

  10. Avatar

    first heard this song on a funny video,searched for it a lot I had to download Shazam to get it…mehn so dope and this song…

  11. Avatar

    I’m not a Gospel freak but I am drooling cause of this song

  12. Avatar

    I heard this song and my heart stopped! I might not understand what you saying but the message is so loud and clear God bless u

  13. Avatar

    this song…makes me want to serve God more and more with all my heart….I love this song

  14. Avatar

    this song makes me want to serve God more and More… with my whole heart…I love this song…so much from the 1st time I heard it….God bless you

  15. Avatar

    heard this song on a funny video, I passed around my contact to get the full song. wonderful song.

  16. Avatar

    Anytime I listen to the song I get excited,filled with joy.I love it

  17. Avatar

    This song made me cry as in the first tym I listen to it I was blessed

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    I heard the song through a whatsapp funny video…. the next thing dah came to my mind was to download it. though, I didn’t know the artiste or the name of the song Buh I had to search for Amaghimo.
    the song makes you stand on your feet and dance.
    keep it up bro.
    may grease to your elbow.

  20. Avatar

    Password…… You’re blessed. I fell in love with the song. I hope people listen to good music that will open their heart of gratitude to God

  21. Avatar

    I loooovvvveee this song

  22. Avatar

    This song is one of d best songs I hv heard since I was born…Kudos Password…can’t wait for ur next song

  23. Avatar

    This song blessed me.. thsnk you

  24. Avatar

    Honestly Speaking, I loved the song the first time I heard it.
    keep it up brother.

  25. Avatar

    Thank you for this…

  26. Avatar

    I can’t stop dancing to the song nice one password

  27. Avatar

    I love it love it love it love it….. Oooh.. God bless you

  28. Avatar

    Was looking for a song to use for my wedding video,Got it!

  29. Avatar

    This is just pure Gospel.. I love it!

  30. Avatar

    this is epic

  31. Avatar

    The song is like WoW .I mean Wow

  32. Avatar

    This is my best gospel track so far. Lesten to it countless times. It’s just another dimension. Every time I play it, it sounds like the very first time I heard it.

  33. Avatar

    I know we are all being spiritual and all, but na to just marry this dude oh. I looooove the sincerely behind the song, it takes me to another dimension…….God will bless u and the mama that born(ed) u. I basically worshipped, and danced carefreely(as in anyhow) when I heard it.

  34. Avatar

    I know we are all being spiritual and all, but na to just marry this dude oh. I looooove the sincerely behind the song, it takes me to another dimension…….God will bless u and the mama that born(ed) u. I basically worshipped, and danced carefreely(as in anyhow) when I heard it.

  35. Avatar

    I’m using this song for my wedding oo. This song got me like wow. Just watched it in a video. I had to use Shazam to get the name of the song n the artiste. Remain blessed GOD’S SERVANT.

  36. Avatar

    I’ve searched like a crazy person for this song. I love eeeeet!

  37. Avatar

    This dude is really blessed

  38. Avatar

    So I finally got this Tune… Hot tune Man

  39. Avatar

    Wow… D song is so fantastic dat I was filled with the Holy Spirit…. Kudos bro password

  40. Avatar

    I saw this song in a very funny cartoon display…really got me… more inspiration to the singer..

  41. Avatar

    wawu…. just glad I got this song today, been wanting it sooooo bad for long.. it’s really inspiring and cool. God bless you bro

  42. Avatar

    I don’t know where to start to thank my Lord
    This is a must have song

  43. Avatar

    I have been dancing on my seat all morning. This will definitely make today’s work smooth. Thank you for this great praise worship song. It is awesome.

  44. Avatar

    Thanks to God almighty for the life of the testifier and the password u guys just made it easy

  45. Avatar

    this song and excess love are on repeat ..this is good music

  46. Avatar

    Password what did you do to me,always playing this song.Can’t get enough of it, I even use it for my early morning workout.

  47. Avatar

    I heard this song from an animated video I couldn’t help but search for it.. U’re higly blessed password.. More gra ce.

  48. Avatar

    Dis song is xtremely cool..really kant stp playing it

  49. Avatar

    Finally I’ve got it…thanks alot

  50. Avatar

    Nice one

  51. Avatar

    Wow. i ? this song

  52. Avatar

    Bro I just heard this song and Mehn you are blessed…my skin crawled. I celebrate you greatly bro

  53. Avatar

    blast MA mehnnnn
    I’ve been playing dis song from Wednesday to Thursday mehnnnn
    I’ve not slept even though I’m so damned sleepy

  54. Avatar

    n d end of d song na FINAL

  55. Avatar

    phenomenal sound

  56. Avatar

    Ohhh Jesus !!!!! God bless u *password*

  57. Avatar

    Oh my God. This song has been non stop playing in my house since morning. Like. Where has this song been!!!

  58. Avatar

    This song is just something else ? God bless you password!!

  59. Avatar

    WOW!!!! Have been playing the clip of this song all day and had to look for it. This is dope, sonorous and heart robing…… Piercing to the soul

  60. Avatar

    Am just in tears listening to this song…… Ure blessed bro…..

  61. Avatar

    More of this please ?…
    The Lord is wonderful and has really touched me through this song… #onrepeat

  62. Avatar

    Bro this song issa bomb,lol I collected my friends phone to send videos ,then I saw that funny video ,it was so sweet,the song made me happy I still don’t know how to explain that, but all I have to say I God bless you,lol I have listened to d song more than 10times today it is really awesome

  63. Avatar

    heyo……this song……got me jeeeeez i love this song mehn….bless God for inspiring him

  64. Avatar

    This song z dope.. So amazing

  65. Avatar

    I’ve been searching for this song like Kilode! ever since I heard it on a short clip that had a bunny dancing to it
    It’s still downloading but I know it’s gon be lit!
    God bless you password and cause his glory to shine through this jam. Okay.. Downloaded

  66. Avatar

    Thanks for this wonderful piece PASSword

  67. Avatar

    Since wa.. God is good tho!.. Mad gospel jam.. Aswear!

  68. Avatar

    Excellent spirit is real. nice job dear “Password “

  69. Avatar

    Excellent spirit is real. nice job dear “Password ”
    keep it up

  70. Avatar

    Awwwn I love this song.I saw dis song on a skits and I fell in love with it and I made sure I downloaded it.keep it up password and keep more coming

  71. Avatar

    I just found this song after months of searching. God bless you Password for this masterpiece. This is my new praise anthem

  72. Avatar

    This song has been my ringtone ever since I heard it….nice one bro

  73. Avatar

    Heard this song from a funny but lovely video.. Had to stay up at might just to download… God hasn’t forgotten u.. Keep it up as u bless more life..

  74. Avatar

    this song is so powered by grace ,love and anointing, I cant understand the local language but I can feel it my my soul ,it has power…am loving it

  75. Avatar

    Well-done bro…I just get lifted everyday by this song

  76. Avatar

    After searching for this song with a lot of wrong lyrics i finally found it. This is officially going to be my wedding song in the future

  77. Avatar

    So emotional, I felt like crying when I first heard the song. God bless you bro

  78. Avatar

    Madt Song ??
    Blessings Password

  79. Avatar

    oh my God!!!and I’ve been tripping for Samsung thinking it is his music…I never believed this Almighty song can be coming from someone else…wow this my best song I swear..I love you password keep the fire burning

  80. Avatar

    I’m so glad I finally found this song?. Since the first time I heard it at a crusade (over 6 months ago), I never forgot the song.
    This is just beautiful

  81. Avatar

    Wow, God is great well done brother, more grace for me and you

  82. Avatar

    Beautiful song, i love it, am blessed
    God bless u password

  83. Avatar

    All I have to say is heaven feel is in the song. This is what i call a song…

  84. Avatar

    This song is dope… I feel so much passion for God when listening to this song. He has done so much for me and my family already.

  85. Avatar

    My life hasn’t been the same listening to this song…there is so much I want to say to this Amazing God but I don’t know where to start. Thank you Password for expressing how I feel through this powerful song. I bless you Lord

  86. Avatar

    I had loved this song before oo, but the love went another dimension where I watched it at the 31st night cross over service. Wow, the dance steps and the colourful costume of everyone on stage amazing simply out of this world.

  87. Avatar

    Password, this is your year of light. Just the way you have shone in our hearts with this beautiful, goosebumps giving song, so shall everything you lay your hands to do shine. You were born for such a time as this, therefore shine…….

  88. Avatar

    I first heard the song at ippc ,I heard it for the 2nd time at the 31st service ,I dont understand the lyrics , but ooooh boy my spirit understands the song.khaaaai???

    Well done Br Password

    Sister Tsholofelo
    SA Zone 2

  89. Avatar

    I love this song so much God is great in all things thank God for his blessings

  90. Avatar

    Lovely song. God bless you bro

  91. Avatar

    This song gives me goosebumps ????. one of my favourite songs. ???????

  92. Avatar

    Keep changx lives for our lord and master Jesus.
    I love you sir!!

  93. Avatar

    This song is mad love it die thumbs up password

  94. Avatar

    God bless you for this song…the first day I heard this song, I was looking for it everywhere. I finally heard it again today and downloaded…. You have blessed my heart ….. God bless you.

  95. Avatar

    Password just killed this gospel song, Much love bro…. ???

  96. Avatar

    I heard this song on the radio recently and I honestly couldn’t control my praise. I had to search for it on the internet with the lyrics because I didn’t know the title or artiste.
    May God bless the singer exceedingly to continue doing what God has called him for. Amen.

  97. Avatar

    This song is indeed, an inspiration from the most high. Bigger u i pray password

  98. Avatar

    I have been looking for this song it really a blessing

  99. Avatar

    I finally found this song. I felt in love with this song the first time I listen to the snippet.God bless you password.

  100. Avatar

    Dear Password, this song has been a blessing to me since I first heard it. I really don’t have words. More grace sir.

  101. Avatar

    Am just speechless…. Lost the song before.. Praise God I found it again.. More wisdom to do more beautiful songs?

  102. Avatar

    Password, you will go places. Your song is fire ?. God will increase you on every area of life. Keep up the good work

  103. Avatar


  104. Avatar

    God bless u password for this track. Heard the song on a video on WhatsApp I had to look for it as if na something else..
    Kudo brov

  105. Avatar

    Dunno the meaning, wish I did but I just know that something clicks spiritually when I listen to it.God bless u Brother

  106. Avatar

    I heard this song from a funny video and it caught my attention. Started searching for it and finally found it. Really heart felt and uplifting. God bless you Password. Kip it coming

  107. Avatar

    This gospel at it’s truest form, Password may God bless you…even if I don’t understand but I get the message. Thank you

  108. Avatar

    O boy, I heard the song on my Lil sisters whatsapp status and I immediately was blown away. 10/10 song

  109. Avatar

    Great song it is moving all the way in Africa.

  110. Avatar

    So lovely

  111. Avatar

    I Love this from my heart… Good bless you, more Grace and greater Glory

  112. Avatar

    This song has been blessing me for the past one week now..I don’t really understand what you are saying but I feel grateful to God almighty for eveything..more Grace sir

  113. Avatar

    I’m so touched by this song. I heard it once and I’ve been searching for the name. God bless u bro,we’re proud of u,keep it up

  114. Avatar

    This song I listing to it 5am before going to work 10pm when I got back home before sleeping. It’s a blessing to my soul.. God bless you password.

  115. Avatar

    Damn!!! I love this song

  116. Avatar

    I love this song

  117. Avatar

    I finally downloaded it!! I love it. God bless you more bro password.

  118. Avatar

    greatest gospel songs of all time thanks bro

  119. Avatar


  120. Avatar

    This song took me about a year to find
    I loved it right from the day I heard from a funny video of a bunny dancing

  121. Avatar

    I finally got this …it was after d ippc with pastor Chris I listen to this music I was lifted ….loveworld best international act

  122. Avatar

    Finally am able to get this song….took me so long to find it

  123. Avatar

    Song of the Spirit

  124. Avatar

    Chief I know your are a blessing to our generation

  125. Avatar

    I saw someone use it as sound track on her makeup video on IG I just typed in the lyrics i could grab… And boom!!

  126. Avatar

    I have been listening to this song since 2016. Indeed, I don’t know where to start from in praising God. This song will forever remain a blessing to me. Thanks Password.

  127. Avatar

    My late best friend made me love this song…
    And up till now this song still gets me every time
    God truly speaks!
    Thank you for allowing him use you

  128. Avatar

    The song is powerful so good son of pastor Chris

  129. Avatar

    The song is so adorable it connects me to God immediately God be praised

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