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“Reason With Me” – Is Rudeboy’s New Song An Evidence That He Is A Better Singer Than His Brother; Mr P?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Just only few hours ago, Rudeboy delivered a new hot -banging track which has been getting lots of positive reviews from music fans and industry colleagues as well.

The song is titled “Reason With Me” which was released alongside a crisp, narrative and very entertaining video. The song is all about Rudeboy having to fight the challenges that poverty brings his way which majorly has to be the fact that his wife constantly complains over his lack of money until she eventually decides to dump him for another man.

He begs her so much not to leave, letting her understand if he doesn’t get riches as at the time she wants him to get it, he would eventually get it at a later time but all the pleas and explanation went into deaf ears as she leaves him. However, after she left, things turned around for good and she wants to get back but it was already too late. The song is produced by popular Instagram comic sound producer and shuffler, Lord Sky.

The pon pon vibe sounds really interesting and there are beginning to be remarks flying in from all over about Rudeboy being the truly talented singer of his former group which had his twin brother; Mr P.

As expected there are going to be counter-reactions from other people and there truly have been… as some feel Rudeboy is near nowhere a better artiste than Mr P.

So with the reactions and counter-reactions over who is a better artiste between Rudeboy and Mr P, we have brought you a platform where you can air your opinion.  Do you think with Rudeboy’s new song, he is a better artiste than Mr P?

Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Dia Neva in a competition of wuz beta n wuz not…all man dey hustle for dia selves now…

  2. Avatar

    Rudeboy is 100% better than Mr P. Mr P is not a singer he’s dancer! period. gepex4real say so

  3. Avatar

    they are all talented that was makes them the best due singers

  4. Avatar

    They are both enjoying their solo career so no comparison. Both are doing well and cashing out to feed family and pay bills. God bless them both. Am team Mr P but RudeBoy is very good and i love all his songs too.

  5. Avatar

    Rudeboy is the bomb.

  6. Avatar

    Una sabi compare, one day una go compare "who had pass between satan and devil"

  7. Avatar

    Stupid questions, mumu site.

  8. Avatar

    Rudeboy is king of music I love all his music and I love Mr P too

  9. Avatar

    Stupid Question! Pls Leave the two brothers alone …. They are both doing fine musically …. Na so una do wey make dem seperate! Bad Belle People. SMH

  10. Avatar

    U people should shut up stop comparing them,abeg. Make una let people hear word. Na una still make dem neva settled bcus dem dey try wan let una knw say dem fit make am wtout d oda one.

  11. Avatar

    na rudeboy 60% mr p 40% d two are good wen dey are 2gether

  12. Avatar

    Bro u sabi.

  13. Avatar

    ladies and gentlemen gossip dey for town

  14. Avatar

    Mr P is better than Rudeboy, Mr P is de bomb of music

  15. Avatar

    Rude Boy is Better

  16. Avatar

    Who does that how can u compare Rude boy with Mr P…. Come on rude boy is song himself i swear his good in blues n party jams…very emotionally..Reason with me and this is Reality…the two songs are so touching n good lyrics

  17. Avatar

    Rude Boy is more and more better than Mr P

  18. Avatar

    Rude boy is 200% but Mr P is 250%

  19. Avatar

    Of course rudeboy is far better than mr p but coming together will be d best for them.

  20. Avatar

    Rudeboy is 100% Bette than Mr p no agument about it

    But we love them together

  21. Avatar

    #TeamRudeboi….. The best

  22. Avatar

    there both good please no comparition your boy Richboy say so. am team Mr P

  23. Avatar

    Rudeboy is really good

  24. Avatar

    pls stop comparing dem.Both mr.p and rubeboy are good and kudos to dem.

  25. Avatar

    Rude boy. Is just a singer. He said it him sef that if not for Peter he would have been an ordinary singer.. .. Mr p is a complete package

  26. Avatar

    Mr p and rudeboy are good in their all part
    No comparison,I pray God bless you guys the the more and bring u guys back
    I love u guys??

  27. Avatar

    RUDE BOI all the way, JAH bless you for this new jam video, "REASON WITH ME" The Only problem with this jam is,  it’s too good, too dope and hot. That I keep listening to the music over and over again. RUDE BOI BARVO TO YOU

  28. Avatar

    Rubbish blog

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    rude boy is my number one artist in Nigeria

  31. Avatar

    This is good

  32. Avatar

    For me, Rudeboy has no comparison.The only thing i think you should ask is whether we have now seen that rudeboy was the song writer,singer and composer of Psquare songs.For me,if you want to judge by distance,Mr.p no fit see Rudeboy back.The distance wey Rudeboy take beat Mr.p go be like from here to America.But,that not withstanding Mr.p is good,he has a pass mark though.But Rudeboy is too much for him…

  33. Avatar

    rude boy if I must say cos he gat with it takes to mk him rhyme nd gives a good leylics

  34. Avatar

    Sometimes we get into the matter that we don’t even know when and where it started,rudeboy&Mr p if you ask me am gonna tell you that both of them are doing great because they are both musicians,I love Mr p and I love rudeboy also,but I prefer the old name #Psquare

    I salut You all…..

  35. Avatar

    How?????? Mr p 99% , stubborn boy 40%… fuck rudeboy..

  36. Avatar

    One More Night bit Reason with me by far.. Talk of lyrics and presentation…. The truth is Both are doing well apart love king Rudy for reason with me

  37. Avatar

    i get u Simi ft.Falz 4 u .
    title .mind ur business

  38. Avatar

    This poster has issues, what do you know, why do you care? you are evil, please leave them alone!!

  39. Avatar

    Even mr p said that he respect his brother Paul wn it comes to song writing and sibging

  40. Avatar

    Rude boy is the BEST wn it come to writing songs and voicing them out…. Mr p is jst a break dancer and I love him for dt too

  41. Avatar

    Rude boy is killing dem with this music ??

  42. Avatar

    go and listen to one more night by Mr p and niniola then compare it to that boring song let him go and sing gospel that suit him

  43. Avatar

    sorry to ask, is Mr p an artist?

  44. Avatar

    God pls brink them back together again, give them peace of heart for them to come to love each other, they are my man, respect.

  45. Avatar

    You won’t compare your stupid site to be here comparing 2 made men . Fools

  46. Avatar

    He is a bigger fool of himself. U can’t compare yourself with others, to know if u are better, or worst than them. You are just too desperate to see your blood brother downfall.

  47. Avatar

    Mr p

  48. Avatar

    When it comes to music, rudeboy all the way. Am not here for comparison purposes but the truth is Rudeboy is musically rude. My no 1.

  49. Avatar

    Trust me ..both are good.."One more night" by Mr p and " Reason with me " by Ruseboy are both up my playlist right now…both act are so good .if they come BK together hmmmm…no other group can stand them till dey separate again..

  50. Avatar

    Rude boy ( RESPECT ) We are every time feeling U. In short u ar the king. TUALE.

  51. Avatar

    rudeboy feat Mr. p will let you know the most talented artist between them. that’s what makes wizkid them for me than every other one in the world. the best challenge is a collabo.

  52. Avatar

    Mr p making more money

  53. Avatar

    We don’t know for sure if there are in any competition, but to be sincere Rudeboy is excellent. I love his song to my bone. Mr P is doing good too but I think Rudeboy is better.

  54. Avatar

    they just have to get back together please

  55. Avatar

    Rudeboy all d way bcoz his songs has been lyrically meaningful

  56. Avatar

    You guys are just busy displaying your stupidity on your own site

  57. Avatar


  58. Avatar

    2 of them are good i love their song all

  59. Avatar

    They Are All Good In Their Fields
    They Have Different Fields You Knw….

  60. Avatar

    They are both great individually but p square is better

  61. Avatar

    i love both of them

  62. Avatar

    Rude boy is better than Mr p

  63. Avatar

    I don’t see the reasons of comparing them, there are in a competition with no one….Geez leave them alone

  64. Avatar

    I so much believe that, with this kind of debating over d talented brother is d reason why they May not reunit. leave d two brother alone for crying out loud! they are both talented period!

  65. Avatar

    If I must say oo, I think rudeboy is the overall. Bless up ? boss you are bringing a good music with nice lyrics. Mr p dey try Sha but rudeboy is the son while Mr p is the moon.

  66. Avatar

    King Rudy has no comparison in music. For now, he’s the best in Nigeria

  67. Avatar

    Nice one

  68. Avatar

    amazing one

  69. Avatar

    king will remain a king,reason with me if you understand my language

  70. Avatar

    They were created to compliment each other that is why they have another talent. Truth is unity in any family bring prosperity so no matter the differences they should have iron it out.
    It was their unity and talent that earn them fans, nowadays you dont even hear people talk about them because of their separation.

  71. Avatar

    Mr rude boy is the best

  72. Avatar

    Best song ever
    I love it

  73. Avatar

    I love them as p_square but wen it comes to comparison Rudy has no 2nd he is too much. Calm and reserved but very talented
    . I love you people Bros but I will love you better as my heart breaking P_square

  74. Avatar

    This site is very stupid…. Asking rubbish questions

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