ROC DA MIC 2011: All You Need to Know !!

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Over the past ten years there has been a steady reawakening of general interest in music. Many young people in Nigeria on a daily basis take advantage of even the most meager facilities to produce music in a bid to fulfill their dream of independence, fame and stardom.

Also several music talent hunt shows and competitions have emerged. Sadly most of them or at least the most popular ones are somewhat partial in their acceptance of the several music genres that exist in Nigeria. In most cases singers are the preferred performers. This situation leaves out a large number of equally talented young people who in the open market are just as likely to blossom into successful artistes much the same way singers may.

Roc Da Mic is a break from the norm. This ingenious project by Zara Productions seeks to bring the much anticipated change to the face of music reality television in Nigeria.
Roc Da Mic is a hip-hop/alternative genre music reality show. It was borne out of the need to create a platform for the thousands of Nigerian youth who have the talent and passion for hip-hop and Nigerian music but who have been denied the opportunity to showcase their talent in other competitions.
Hip-hop has played a strong role in the growth of Nigerian music and some of the biggest stars in the country are hip-hop artists. These creative young people have successfully combined American hip-hop with a distinguishably Nigerian pulse, creating the phenomenon known as Nigerian hip-hop. This new genre has gained popularity and is loved by millions of Nigerian youth who have embraced the movement.
The evolution of the Nigerian music industry is an evident process. Lately most hip-hop artistes have taken to fusing local content (music, language and such) with foreign sound. The result is a fusion that possesses local appeal but still is appreciated by non-Nigerians. This unique sound has been given a lot of names at various times and by various people but generally it is referred to as alternative Nigerian music.

Against the backdrop of winners from regular contests not making headway in the Nigerian music industry, Roc Da Mic is set to identify and expose individuals with outstanding talent that can appeal immediately to the Nigerian music market and consumer community, artistes who with a blend of originality will provide an infusion of fresh sound to the Nigerian music scene.

The driving force of this project is primarily a desire to power an alternative music and entertainment market for Nigeria, one that will encourage the growth of the music industry especially in the area of hip-hop.
The contest is open to artistes aged 13-35. A two month publicity campaign for this project is already under way. This campaign kicked off on the 22nd of July 2011 and will run till the 22nd of September 2011. Auditions for the show will be held in major cities across Nigeria starting at the end of the Auditions.

Successful participants at the auditions will be invited to appear on Roc Da Mic. A total of 14 Contestants will be hosted on the show for 10 weeks.
Following several different tests, tasks and scheduled performances, Contestants will be critiqued by a panel of Judges based on competence, content and marketability. Eventually viewers of the show will be allowed to vote to keep their favorite artistes on the show.

At the end of every week the Contestant with the least votes is eliminated from the show. This process will continue till the final week when the top three Contestants will emerge.
The winner of Roc Da Mic shall receive 4million Naira, a Brand New Car plus an International Recording Contract worth Millions of Naira and have Abuja as base camp for all activities for the period of 1year during which he/she will be engaged in several activities, the first and most important being the production of a studio album.

The runners up will be award 2nd and 3rd place prizes. The 2nd prize winner will get 2million Naira, plus a Local Recording Contract worth Millions of Naira while the 3rd place winner will get 1million Naira. There will be loads of consolation prizes to other participants.
Roc Da Mic promises to establish several music stars with unique identities, young people who will forge a new path in the music and entertainment industry, defying odds and causing positive upsets that will attract attention to hip-hop/alternative genre music in Nigeria.

Roc Da Mic is produced by a team of young talented Nigerians who have in their various fields proven themselves as forces to be reckoned with.
This project is expected to further increase the awareness of the still untapped human resource capacity of the Nigerian market and provide a boost to the ever increasing investment potential of music in Nigeria.


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