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Tekno’s “Pana” VS Burna Boy’s “Ye” – Which Is A Bigger Song?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

“Pana” till today remains Tekno’s biggest song, he released the song in 2016 and was in no doubt the biggest song of that year. “Pana” after its release, became a major song not only in Nigeria but Africa and won Tekno a lot of awards. “Pana” will definitely be up there as one of the biggest afrobeats songs ever produced.

However, just two years after, Burna Boy came with the biggest song of 2018, “Ye.” This song was off Burna Boy’s “Outside” album but became a monster jam like it was released as a single. “Ye” like “Pana” did to Tekno, won Burna Boy loads of awards and established the singer as an “African Giant,” the song travelled far & wide and became an anthem for almost everyone.

We understand that both songs are great in their own way, but an argument has erupted over here as to which is the bigger song.

Some think it is “Pana” while others feel “Ye” is bigger and this is not making us arrive at a dead end. So in order to put the argument to bed, we have decided to seek you guys’ opinion on the topic; “Pana” VS “Ye,” – Which is a bigger song?

“Tekno’s “Pana” VS Burna Boy’s “Ye” – Which Is A Bigger Song?”, 2 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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    pana is de best bczz de artist too is de best artist in africa

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    i dont no wat u guyz wat to hear ooo but not ever do dis again ………
    Bruna boy all the way (ye)

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    Who is tekno and what is pana
    Everybody say Ye ye ye ye!

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    Pana by farr is bigger , go check the views on YouTube

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    ye is dope but Pana is bigger, check YouTube views, check number of streams

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    pana is the best

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    Which kind madness be this one who want campare Burna boy to tekno and ye Vs Pana ye no be pana mate any day and burna no be tekno mate.

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    Tekno Pana

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    People self.
    I don’t want to condemn anybody’s song cuz am an artist too and know how it feels…buy people should not be making mistakes of putting artists on pressure. Pana is a song we know took over our airwave in 2016, and has spent some years before "ye" even all the promo company and advertisers never give up on this one vibe…sincerely speaking I don’t understand Ye ye" oo…seriously I have never sang it before or had it in my phone…or even feel its vibe…
    I don’t see ye ye ‘s ability to be compared to Pana.

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    Oboi if u ask me,i go tell u ‘ye’ Burna still dey on top

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    This Na the reason you never blow how would an artist like you not have ye on your phone

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    Funny u know,ye was a very good song u known but pana is de best,tekno sang and give a very cool break dancing step,if u wanna compare burna boy song to pana,make use of on the low.

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    Dont compare pana wit ye ok,pana is de best uptil nw

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    Lol pana, pana hit line is "them say u like casava, I get big casava"Ye’s hit line "but my people dem know sey I no won pai, I no won die, I no won peme, I won enjoy, I won chop life, I won buy motor, I won build house, I still one turn up" please who is the best architect?. Don’t crack ur brain itz oluwa burna

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    my best is tekno

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    Lynah ug belle Sings pana arnd kampala

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    pana all the way

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    Who ever started dis comparison go die very brutal death, burna boy ye is no match for tekno Pana ye is to me anoda great song dat will neva fade data y burna boy called it d NATIONAL ANTHEM

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    pana is the best

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    In my opinion I say Pana is better

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    100 percent PaNaby my sweet tekno

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    Y Y is the best song all the way buna boy well done the song is 2 much oooo

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    Well it’s good to argue but come to think of it,, pana came out, it took every body’s eye, both old and new, girls, boys, women, men and otherwise,, a good song is what speak,, go to occasion today,play the two. every body will sing to “PANA” and just few will even know “YE”,,it’s not comparable anywhere, the fact that youth have love for burna does not mean u should compare, what ever burna sings now is liked by boys even rubbish…in other words

    “”PANA”” is the song

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    Am a DJ and I can stand anywhere to say pana is the hit till date, it’s only youth that knows “YE”,

    PANA is the hit

    Till date, PANa is still a hit once u play it in a party, both abroad….

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    tekno is the best no matter anything he is ranking high

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    i rep pana oo

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    Geez baz on logistics, Pana is Hot

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    Nice song i like it

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    Good n nice song i saport tekno mailes

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    Iwent download demusic

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    Tekno pana far bigger than ye, although I’m not his but but I gat to realistic and dont judge with sentiments

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    Burna boy YE is far better than pana
    ye ye ye

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    tekno na boss

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    Pana was mad, everyone knew it, prolly but young and old sef, dere was no doubt of its impact nd how big it was as a song. Remember d pic of tekno and drake??
    A great vibe anytime, havin more than a 100M youtube views.

    But burna ye although may be more popular among the youth, was a song in an album that become such an “anthem” it had to become a single. And arguably lead to his atlantic records deal nd boosted his international carrier, simply put “ye” is burna’s “ojuelegba”.

    Pana i think was a bigger song in nigeria nd prolly africa BUT i think ye was bigger internationally nd as to the effect on an artist carrier or should i say after effect, i think its prolly a bigger song overall.

    Mind u kanye released an album named ye but people seemed to hv preferred burna’s single. And fia prolly has more youtube views than ojuelegba, does that make it a bigger song??.

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    Pana is all and all u can not compere burna boy with tekno coz tekno is biggest artist

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    I love d both artist but teckno finish work in dat particular pana????

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    Pans is the biggest to me

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    calling a rat to stand a fight with the cat, say pana

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    Tekno is the best

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    Boss tekno

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    The problem we Nigerians are having is that: we don’t know how to answer questions.
    Here we are talking about Pana and ye, not burna or tekno.
    Pana is far bigger than ye in all sort of views go check am. MUMU NIGERIANS ???

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    Pana by alhaji tekno is d best

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    Pans is highest

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    Amma big fan of burna but Pana is the biggest

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    Where is tekno now?
    I believe in lyrics
    Lyrics last forever

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    Rehana, Kanye West, many other Seleb vibes to ye
    Burna can deliver back to back. Gbona, ye, on the low, Anybody amongst many others. His now bringing Grammy home, which Nigerian artist has ever done that?

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    pana is better than burna boy

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