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Teni – “Power Rangers”

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Teni "Power Rangers"

Teni released her second official single of 2019; “Power Rangers” on the 13th day of July after the disappointing “Sugar Mummy” which a lot of people disregarded.

The ultimately-talented singer on “Power Rangers” did a fantastic work as she made sure it was a piece that would be seen as a magnificent upgrade to the disappointing, “Sugar Mummy.” Teni infused in “Power Rangers” a lot of melodies while she tells us about positive jealousy she has while protecting her lover from intruders. Teni undoubtedly reiterated the fact that her vocal quality is top-notch and that is exactly why the song in a short time became favorite of a lot of music followers. Nigerian radio stations, TV stations and channels on paid cable platforms made sure listeners and viewers never missed the song for a long period as it was always played and shown frequently.

“Power Rangers” has a very narrative video that is quality, Teni put some of the lyrics in the song to action in the video as she made sure her lover was very well protected from ‘destroyers.’ The Toka McBaror directed video has already amassed over 3 million views on YouTube and that is proof that the audio and video are hits.


“Teni – “Power Rangers””, 4 out of 5 based on 290 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    Teni is super talented

  2. Avatar

    Boss teni is a talented idiot

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    keep winning dear

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    I love this girl called teni

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    carry go teni i dey ur back

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    That girl has killed me. Chai

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    teni kill Dem Sha

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    All I wanna say is the name of the graphic designer that made her artwork is artsbyjaxen on Instagram ..

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    I so much love teni…. Ur blessed? ? ? ?

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    Dope shit

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    am an artist coming out

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    i love this song like mad teni music is in the blood

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    the video na superb

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    teni you are the best .. I love you so much

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    Teni keep it up your shall be great

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    teni makanaki this your song dey kill me die

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    nice music

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    over dope

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    Fuck u nice one

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    sharp one dear

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    D-GOD is waving keep it up dear

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    Teni u are the best

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    I love her

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    Teni i they enjoy you

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    teni dey deliver like kilode

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    I love dis song teni keep on killin it

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    Teni makanaki I love this one

  29. Avatar

    I love all her songs…

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    My sis loves her like kilode. Wishes to sing with her someday

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    Forever my best

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    teni my daily crush

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    Teni is superb

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    I love u girl ?u too much??

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    I’m madly in in love with this song

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    Dis song z dope

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    u are the best ?

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    How I love her.
    she is so contagious,
    I don’t know if you get me ??

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    She is awesome
    doing sing in song

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    This is the best song again….

  42. Avatar

    Teni all the way

  43. Avatar

    put more/some african lang in ur jams

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    I love you teni

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    This song is bloody sweet
    Teni bravo
    Keep it up

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    teni is the best

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    Mad jam!!!!

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    Nice one,l luv it

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    Exclusive teni

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    You good dear, keep rolling

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    Teni I love u, u Dey burst my vibes

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    Keep it up,you are great

  54. Avatar

    Teniola ooh..
    David Beckham no love you like me ooh…
    I love u ooh

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    You burst my brains with this music

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    I lv u teni pls drop new music

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    You’re the blast teni, keep exploring babe.

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    Please help my family in oron

  59. Avatar

    Please help my family in oron ephraim amanam edet

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    See better beat

  61. Avatar

    No the video wet sweet me pass

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    I so much love dis song

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    the song is nice

  64. Avatar

    keep it up?

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    Teni. Killing them..

  66. Avatar

    teni great one

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    sooo much luv d song

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    nice girl

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    loveeeeee u die

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    I love u

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    Super hero teniiiiiiii

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    Nice One babe

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    I love the music

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    Teni u just too amazing

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    You got it omo y’emi

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    Teni you are simply incredibly amazing..I love you n your [email protected]

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    Teni you are simply incredibly amazing..I love you n your [email protected]

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    Dope song

  80. Avatar

    I believe teni is the next big?

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    Nice one teni

  82. Avatar

    Good I Love This Song Teni

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    Tennis with the grooves ?

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    ??? teni boss lady …

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    Your voice is super teni keep it up

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    Teni you are great, if I can marry a wonderful woman like you I will like it keep it up with your sweet voice ???

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    Love u teniola u as d best

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    Sweet girl teni

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    I love this song

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    my sweetheart i love you teni

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    Teni na living legend…#overmaturity!

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    Teni you are d best
    Dat your voice dey kill person
    ? keep it up

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    ?????in love with this song

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    I love teni

  96. Avatar

    Helpme out teni please I want to be a musician

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    teni I luv u so deeply

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    i dy hate ur songs since but…. Dis song is dope u ar d best

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    i believe teni ???????

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    Dope jam

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    i love this song like die

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    Dey hitz it’s blast den i love u teni

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    Dey hitz it’s blast i love u too much teni go joor

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    Teni this hit is superb, you made me start loving you from Pray you sang with Phyno, keep basking.

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    Who b ifeoma? I love teni. I need teni in MA laf. I need this voice to bless me every morning

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    deola hu b deola oo ee deola no love u like me .there pspa their mama oyoyo teni show me where dem dey .I can go on and and on

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    o my God teni u re amazing i love u bae

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    i love teni music so much

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    Nice one

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    Teni I have to admit your my best Nigeria female artist

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    Teni you bad

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    Teni you too Good abeg carry go

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    Teni is seriously a power ranger in human form

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    Teni voice dey mad

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    I can’t stop singing this song

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    One of the best songs of 2019. Ride on.

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    Nice one teni please keep it up

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    I love u like crazy ?

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    I luv dis song lyk crazy teni I luv u

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    I love teni she just keeps killing it

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    Nice one to teni.

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    Ahhh…my rolest role model…d luv x deep Teni

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    Teni Tini carry go

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    Teni I love your voice, your dress codes all your songs are so interested am ready to listen to them over and over again. I love you so much. Collect kiss!

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    Teni you have made me realize that no matter who you are there is always something best in you… keep it up

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    Awesome keep it up

  127. Avatar

    keep it up and trust in God

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    Nice one teni!!????

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    God I’m in love with this song

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    Teni if to say I get super power I for come meet you wer u dey

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    Fresh sugar mummy

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    Teni u are great, love you

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    Good vibes…. I love you girl

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    I so much love this power rangers

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    U just Dey bee, I goh ya bak, Teniiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

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    role model mi
    l luv u
    kip killing it

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    I love to see sweet teni

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    I love this girl and her song so much

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    U aspire me alot teni I believe in ur music, the strength and hardwork u put in. Ride on teni

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    Aspiring teni??

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    I sure these music na the best music wet I don hear,abeg tell you try,the reason why I like these music like this na be say I just dey think about my boyfriend

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    dad a great one

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    what a wonderful song

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    keep it up teniola omo apata

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    So lovely

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    Teni I love this song keep on grinding

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    Nice one teni I love

  150. Avatar

    you are good teni love

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    She to talented

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    This song make sense

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    To dawnlod

  155. Avatar

    She killed it here I love this song

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    Teni’s music makes me happy

  157. Avatar

    Teni wagbayi

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    teni love you killed it joor i love ur way carry go dear

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    Am crashing on you dear

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    Am crashing on you dear i want you to be my super woman

  161. Avatar

    Teni, be giving them
    This hit is the bomb!

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    teni u re incredible

  163. Avatar

    Keep it up

  164. Avatar

    Love you teni

  165. Avatar

    Teni I like ur body

  166. Avatar

    Unique gorgeous brilliant song .yo vice is exllent bbie keep on we need extra ordinay

  167. Avatar

    Teni I am in love with this your song

  168. Avatar

    teni u too much, you are so talented baby

  169. Avatar

    Nice groove

  170. Avatar

    I love your music die, I can’t do with out listing to your music everyday, I pray I will see you one day by God’s grace

  171. Avatar

    Much love Teni from the North. #aboki

  172. Avatar

    eres increible

  173. Avatar


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    teni dey kill me like mad I love u all the way love God is by ur side, love u love ur music and everything about u. sweet keep it up

  175. Avatar

    i like ur stly teni more grace keeps follow u in d name of d god’s.frm Mr-g.(A.K.A) @G2B 1 of the arewa hiphop guy bauchi.

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    she is adorable

  177. Avatar

    Good stuff

  178. Avatar

    U do all

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    i luv her songs like mad

  180. Avatar

    Keep it ?

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    nice one dear

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    Lv it mal

  183. Avatar

    Luv u gal?

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    Number one song on my playlist right now

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    good song

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    Teni!!! xo..xo awesome!!!

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    gud 1

  188. Avatar

    Teni is 2 gd.

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    teni u ar great to the destiny

  190. Avatar

    Teni this is nice keep it up may God continue to bless you

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    fuckin love this song

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    Baby?? mama i love dis ur song rof

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    Nice song you are too good

  194. Avatar

    Love you scatter keep aiming higher

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    What a lovely hit

  196. Avatar

    Cool and relatable…nice work

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    Am short of words for her

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    Sweet u

  199. Avatar

    U are de best i love that

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    the song is interesting

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    More grace to produce more sweet music

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    Teni you are blessed keep on winning

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    I love all Teni songs. She is good

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    Love ur songs

  205. Avatar

    She is great

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    makanaki ride o

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    I’m dying for ur music go girl

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    I fuck love it.
    Keep soaring higher

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    I love to feature teni on my new release!
    She is good .

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    Love u teni

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    I love aunty teni so much?

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    too much

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    Her songs are top notch

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    One love

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    Teni dis ur music bam
    I dey tell u

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    She’s really good??

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    Anytime I listen to power ranger, I fall in love the more… I rate u ***** Teni

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    Xponent a Nigerian singer and rapper hails you teni.

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    teni kill them
    there must confirm?

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    You are good to go

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