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This is not Music

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Dear Reader it’s a pleasure meeting you, I’m Ms. Writer, and you are? <Insert your name here>. Now that we’re done with all the formal wahala, I’d like to welcome you to “THE SEARCH FOR THAT PERFECT SONG”. Yes that song that will transform “Mr. Random musician” into “Mr. A list Celebrity”. Where fame, fortune and of course the most important of them all ‘groupies’ reside.
At the start of this article I was certain I was going to bombard you with a proper definition of the Term “music”, but really who cares? Oh you do. Well my apologies, my cousin Mr. Oxford dictionary would be thrilled to oblige you. Besides if a dictionary definition held the key to making great music Tunde, Chidinma and Ibrahim would be platinum selling artistes. On that note I introduce to you, the most asked question on the Nigerian music scene “what do the people want?”
Recently rap superstar Eminem teamed up with an entourage of fellow musicians on a joint he calls Syllables.  Their consensus is, the people want a “catchy hook and a hot beat”. Sounds simple enough right? So why isn’t your album selling? Why are you still a member of the okada union? Why is your only claim to fame a feature on that song no one really remembers? Mr. Upcoming Artiste wake up jor, stop dulling!
Step into that studio booth sing a hook (chorus) everyone can sing along to, the words are not important. Get Mr. Hotshot Producer to sell you his hottest beat. Mumble a few words and call them verses. He’ll fiddle with his sound software and walahi you’ve got your Chart toping, Platinum selling Hit Single. Yet here you are still trekking down Ajose Adeogun. Why?  So many questions, despair not I have the answer. I promise when I tell it to you, that Mercedes is yours for the buying.
Here it goes; what you need is …………….. I hope you got all that? No it is not a typo, look closely. Alright I’m really sorry I know you’re not here for my comedy but the truth is no one, least of all me, has the answers you want. If I really knew what the people wanted don’t you think I would have dropped my album? Therein lays the problem with the Nigerian music industry. The People are yet to reach a consensus.
Music depends on the listeners’ mood. When I’m in a club I certainly don’t want to hear a soulful song. I want fast paced dance tracks. However I’m not a wall plant so I do not spend my entire day in a club. Therefore i love listening to a soulful joint during my downtime. So Mr. Musician we’re at an impasse. Now you’re thinking what was the point of all this? I’m sort of disappointed that you would even think that, but I know you’re not perfect. Let me ease your confusion.
When you make music the only thing on your mind should be the quality of your work. There is no other rule. It doesn’t matter if its club music, home music or even car music. Different strokes for different folks. Trust me if you’re good, “the people” will buy your work and support your music. After all several years ago very few people were willing to listen to ASA. Now she’s one of Nigeria’s brightest exports, with a video on Trace TV. So Dear Mr. Upcoming Artiste my advice is; Stay true to the Art of Music. Quality is your watch word.
Leave the rest to us.
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A graduate of Mech Engr from UNILORIN. Works and lives in Lagos.

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