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Tiwa Savage || Simi || Yemi Alade : Who Is A Better Singer?

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Arguably, these are the 3 biggest divas in the Nigerian music industry, irrespective of the position each of them appear. More recently, there has a been a debate on the internet about who is the best singer between Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage.

With many others of the opinion that alternative songstress, Simi is even a better option than the aforementioned, we would like to know your thoughts.

Between these 3, who is a better singer?

“Tiwa Savage || Simi || Yemi Alade : Who Is A Better Singer?”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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    Tiwa then Simi then Yemi

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    1. Simi
    2. Tiwa Savage
    3. Yemi Alade

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    simi sings better and armed with better lyrics yemi alade is the worst of them tiwa is manageable.

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    Truth be told Simi is d best 4get commercials now

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    Simi then

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    Each of them have the different kind of music they make and they are all good at it. Stop your silly comparison. No be who sabi pass be king or queen for the industry, na who get fans pass. Wizkid & Davido are not the best singers but na dem be the top acts.

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    similar of cause….

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    dont bring simi into this nonsence argument abeg

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    Simi, fuck all others

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    Simisola all the wayyyyyy
    anywhere anyway anytime

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    Truth be told Yemi Alade wins in this. Remember she emerged winner in a TV show? Because she could sing! So she won!! The texture of her voice is quite different from similar and tiwa, it’s bolder and that’s why people don’t think she can. Watch her life performances and watch her give You chillss…. Singing wise? Yemi wins!!

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    Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi Simi…

    Tiwa does nice drops too

    Yemi has never impressed me with a single song and I don’t think she will.

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    Tiwa all the way
    we die here.

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    trueth b trueth siimi is the beest

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    siimi the best of amongst

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    Most people have not heard simi’s full album. Simi can sing and she’s got very interesting lyrics with deep meaning. Simi all the way.

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    Simi first then we talk of others later

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    simi is the best

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    simi na di best

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    Yemi has a good voice no doubt but simi and tiwa sings and drops better songs

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    Like simi but tiwa wth fans dan others simi seems to hav gud voice than others to me yemi may God also lift ha too

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    Like simi but tiwa wth fans dan others simi seems to hav gud voice than others to me yemi may God also lift ha too

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    all of dem are talented bt tiwa has turned her talent 2 sumtin else

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    yemi alade is de best come rain co.e shine..
    the only mama of Africa..
    king of all queens.
    pop queen..
    she is de best..
    she pulls a lot of crowd Dan tiwa nor simisola
    I support her to de very end..
    ride on dear..
    anyone who doesn’t like u shud go n die..
    period end of story..

  30. Avatar

    Yemi all d way

  31. Avatar

    Simi ,tito ….
    she’s d best among d bests
    nwa bby

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    Yemi then…

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    all three of them are good singers but I appreciate Simi song more so here is my rating

    1: Simi
    2: Yemi
    3 Tiwa

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    Yemi alade

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    Yemi alade is the best among them
    follow by tiwa savage
    lastly simi

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    Yemi Alade is the best of all.She is a gift to humanity!Fashion Killer,Mama Africa.Shine on!

  37. Avatar

    All are the best but Yemi alade she my best queen singer she sing well yemi you deep my mind

  38. Avatar

    All are the best pliz pliz stop insult yemi i like yemi alade she always sing nice songs every year yemi voice is sweet she deep my mind

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    yemi alade she is the best singer

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    tiwa d best

  41. Avatar

    simi simi simi simi

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    I am very sure you people commenting don’t even know anything about vocals. Simil has a sweet calm voice, Yemi has a good vocal range. But Tiwa is Beyonce and Brandy put together (Meaning she has it all; dynamics, dexterity, vocal control and right riffs and runs plus notes placements) and I hope you know what that means go listen to the song GET LOW by Tiwa again.

  43. Avatar

    1 tiwa
    2 yemi
    3 simi

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    una de stipud o hw una go de tiwa for here
    this is nonsense… tiwa kil it all na her voice is uncomparable na y al this stupid comparison mtchw
    tiwa is the queen both singing o dancing o dresing o and rest of them so dnt compare her again u cn compare simi and yemi n nt wit tiwa

  46. Avatar

    l agree to that

  47. Avatar

    Simi Gold my mentor is d best of d three

  48. Avatar

    1. Tiwa Savage 98%
    2. Simi 96%
    3. Yemi Alade 93%

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    Is this a question that deserves and answer?
    TIWA SAVAGE no dey drag am with anyone. They no reach.
    Think about the accent, intonation and other things.
    Tina is more exposed and talented.
    Think about how many international artists he has collaborated with.
    Simi is good too. But she has this Yoruba accent with Falz that passes me off.
    Yemi is all about pidgin.

    A singer, actor and actress. Local and international breed.

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    The question is a not about the person you like or the person you’re crushing on.

  51. Avatar

    Simi is the best amongs all,tiara is good but most of her songs has no meaning,temp already is more of a free style singer,,,,,But Simi has the best vocal her songs are more meaningful and touches your impression. SiíiiiiiMiíiiiiii all d way

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    Simi is the best amongs all,tiwa is good but most of her songs has no meaning,yemi is more of a free style singer,,,,,But Simi has the best vocal her songs are more meaningful and touches your soul SiíiiiiiMiíiiiiii all d way

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    Simi is the best

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    simi I love you

  56. Avatar

    I love simi

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    Simi and Tiwa Savage are the best singer

  58. Avatar

    Simi all d way
    She gat a beautiful voice& her song got me anytime l listen to it
    She’s good in everything called music
    Simi is d best

  59. Avatar

    Simi is the best 1 i love ?? simi

  60. Avatar

    oluwa basit – tiwa savage

  61. Avatar

    Yemi Alade or nothing

  62. Avatar

    YEMI all the way ???

  63. Avatar

    Tiwa,simi,yemi alade

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    Simi voice is just magical and soul healing

  65. Avatar

    How can you be comparing mothers with a child simil is still a baby and head wise yemi I hail you she is the best she sings reality dances all her songs produces all her dresses yemi has not only the talent but she is a well and successful blessing to the world

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