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TX Review: 2face – Ghetto Life ft. Rocksteady & Blackface + Di’Ja – Awww

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2face – Ghetto Life ft. Rocksteady & Blackface


Jim Donnett’s Verdict

First, it was the remix to Nfana Ibaga and now Ghetto Life, off his soon-to-be-released anniversary album. With tracks like these, the awe on what to expect when Rewind-Select-Update finally drops has become quite riveting. 2face never backs down and with every new track released, he proves his readiness to do even more. Typical of his M.O, Ghetto Life dissects issues that pertains to general living.

2face’s musical disposition can be likened with that of old wine; getting finer and sweeter with the passing of time. Rocksteady’s feature, though short (lasted exactly 20-secs) was delivered with acuity. Guy has a way of making himself unforgettable with his lines. Blackface *sighs* can he see why he’s still where he is? I think I’ve said enough.

Rating: 3.8


JimmyKing’s Verdict
2Face is at it again with yet another heart touching song. It’s not every day we get to listen to music that actually talks about social injustices and the problems of the common man. 2face was able to pour his heart out on this one.

He talked about politicians, greed and poverty. He didn’t just decide to do it all alone he featured two artiste that do preach about all these negative vices in their songs. Rocksteady and Blackface where the perfect duo to feature on this song. They brought their own different unique style to it and blended fully well to the song.

The message and beat of the song where perfect, the reggae beat did justice to the song. Blackface was on point with his flows. The song was able pass the true message of a Ghetto Life. Overall it is good song.



aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

Recently, we have consumed lots of songs with poor lyrical content but this Ghetto tune by 2face surely passes concise message as we approach yet another season of selection election.

The lyrics of the song could stir one into a sober reflective mood and the beat with its touch of reggae would still make one nod out of that reflective mood. 2face & Rocksteady deliver their quota well. It’s not like I’m hating but I did not get a feel of Blackface. The whole rap thing has evolved but his rap hasn’t evolved with the current course. Or was his verse just lifted from the 10 year old version?

Whatever it may be, 2face and Rocksteady salvaged the song.

Rating: 3.8


Di’Ja – Awww


Jim Donnett’s Verdict

This light-skinned Mavin sweetness that is called Di’Ja actually has a persona that will make you go ‘awww…’ so believe me when I say it’s utterly fitting that her newest single was aptly titled. Although you don’t hear her making the cheesy mushy sound on the track, the plot upon which the lyrics were spun does the title candid justice. Maybe more vocal effort could have been put in but the much she’d already given was in moderate appropriation. The benign nature of her voice very well complemented the cultural dub-step rhythm. There wasn’t excessive vocal marathons or embellishments like a Waje would have done. Simply put, Di’Ja and Jazzy played modest on their brilliance here.

And yes! I spotted Don Jazzy vocals on the background giving it his midas effect but then the vocal enhancers aka auto-tune though… nah!

Rating: 3.5


JimmyKing’s Verdict

Ok I had to really listen to this song twice before I could make my judgement on it. First of all the entire beat sounded very different from the usual Don Jazzy beat. It’s a mixture of both afro beat and soft rock which is nice.

Di’ja was impressive on this song; it sounded more like her type of music. I have always known she has the talent and she prove just that with this song. I didn’t really buy the Yaro thing but thank God she was able to come up with something more suitable for her.

The song Awww is a very nice song and it sounded more like a sound track to a block buster Hollywood movie. Awww is a love song which has this mild and soft tempo, it can be played anywhere because it is a feel good music. Rating 3.5/5



aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

The title of this song got me suspense struck. Awww! I really wanted to know what was inside of the song as I had already started reading meanings like mild protest or dismay but when I listened to the song, the Awww literally meant to express affection even though there was no verbal Awww. The title of the song is indeed catchy. Nice! Di’ja does an interesting love song here on the Don Jazzy produced beat. The beat is nice, the strings and drums complement it. The lyrics are okay, definitely above a C. But the excess use of auto tune does no justice to the vocals of Di’ja as the auto tune concealed the originality in her voice and diminished her vocal prowess. But since it’s the season of love Di’ja has virtually sent a message across.

Rating: 3.56


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