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TX Review: 2face Idibia – Nfana Ibaga Remix + Olamide – Up In The Club ft. Viktoh

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2face Idibia – Nfana Ibaga Remix


Jim Donnett’s Verdict

Undoubtedly, I’ll pick the original over this remix every other time. Still, I don’t think the rationale behind doing a remix was for us to compare or make preferences. Clearly you can hear how much 2face has evolved over the past years; as a person generally and in his vocal talent too. I especially couldn’t miss his attempts at vocal frying which wasn’t any bit bad and then the lyrics had been tweaked tad bits to reference the present.

Summarily, the remix retains that classic chill nature of the original song only that it has tendencies to bore you in teeny pieces. The good part being you, choosing to let it bore you or not… in my opinion.

Rating: 3


Funke’s Verdict

Congratulations Tuface on a decade of churning out what I’ll call ‘game changing’ music.

That said, I’d like to ask, where do you come up with such great stuff? (No famzing intended ooo!) I mean, after the original version and the remix of Nfana Ibaga with Beenie man, I didn’t really see the point of another remix….till i heard this that is. This remix is basically the same as the original version except for subtle tweaks here and there and an absolutely fantastic beat. 2baba took an old tune and made it sound fresh and appealing.

Cool stuff!

Rating: 3.8

2Face is always on point and for him doing a remix for his old song Nfana Ibaga and still was able to make it sound new and classic to our listening pleasure. I give him a plus for that, because not every artiste can do that.

From the beginning of the song I was expecting the same beat but OJB proved that he still gat that magic touch he used to have in the times of African Queen. 2Face brought a new twist to the song and I even became confuse if it was actually a remix or a brand new song. There was a bit addition and subtraction from the song and it still sounded classic like the original version. Great job from two legends in our music industry 2Face and OJB.

Rating: 3.5/5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

The legend takes his bath this time around before stepping into the studio.

After 10 years, there seem to be a lot of changes. Though the changes in the lyrics are few, but there seem to be a great difference in the delivery of the song.

2face showcases his vocal prowess on this remix. OJB also does a nice job on the beat. Permit me to say, bad meets evil.

This version surpasses the first version in the vocal dexterity but I still prefer the first.

Rating: 3.5


Olamide – Up In The Club ft. Viktoh


Jim Donnett’s Verdict

I was really feeling the beat. I’ll keep saying it, Olamide will thrive in contemporary hip-hop/rap as much as he has in the indigenous section. Who knows, he might even do better… and it’s not because I thought he was beginning to sound like M.I at some point.

Also, I hope Viktoh realizes his talent is more of a child-vocal Olamide and that really doesn’t set him apart to be reckoned for “something” but regardless, I never saw the Esan dialect thang coming at all… it was fresh, we haven’t heard such AT ALL! #Genius.

The rest is just plain bant as has become typical of the present Olamide. Speaking of which, “Alhaja please don’t do it…” do what biko?

Rating: 3


Funke’s Verdict

I’m not quite sure where I stand on this one. Its the typical Olamide kinda flows laced with an unsurprising lack of noteworthy punchlines which I’m willing to overlook simply because what he lacks in punchlines, he makes up for in witty lyrics.

I do like the beat tho. Its totally hip. You can easily twerk, two-step or even nae nae to it. Viktoh’s part was a bit confusing, mostly because I didn’t quite get what he was saying. He sounded an awful lot like Olamide (style-wise I mean) or is it Lil Kesh?

In all, It’s a feel good song which might find its way to the playlists of the street-hop loving crowd.

Rating: 2.5


JimmyKing’s Verdict

First of all this song should have just been left in the album instead of releasing it as a single off the album. Olamide is a brilliant artiste and I always commend him each time he releases a good song which he has being doing for some time now but this song is a no no for me.

The song is not passing any meaningful message. It lacks rhythmic pattern and it’s not just there for me. Overall this song is below average and I am bothered because it’s coming from a very talented artiste. Anyway let’s hope for better songs from the album.

Rating: 2/5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

Olamide and Viktoh’s originality is deeply felt in this song. The hip- hop beat, the Yoruba language, the Esan language (I suppose),the pidgin English and the Queen’s English all fused together is indeed applaudeble.

To me, the song doesn’t pass any distinct meaning but the creativity in it is okay.

Rating: 3


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