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TX Review: P-Square – “Collabo” ft. Don Jazzy + Asa – “Satan Be Gone” [VIDEO]

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P-Square – “Collabo” ft. Don Jazzy

Jim Donnett’s Verdict

This is a total bring away from the usual choreographed video treatment we been getting from the Okoye brothers. Perhaps it is not unconnected with the simple fact that they had the comic relieving influence of the Doroboss, Don Jazzy.

It’s a very classy picture with beautiful ambiance and the lush looks of a captivating enchantress. The story plot is minutely funny, you’ll almost never have believed that the twin brothers had such theatrics in their alpha male nature. And then watch out for Don Jazzy’s dancing, there’s something very laughable about it, I’m just not sure what. Oh, I also realized there was no Shoki dancing the whole time. Like finally!

Clarence and Jude did real good on this one.

Rating: 4


JimmyKing’s Verdict

P Square and Don Jazzy did a fantastic job in the video for Collabo. I like the fact that they brought a comic relief to a song that would have gone several ways but instead they made it fun and enjoyable.

If you familiar with love fantasy videos where the guy gets to fantasize over a lady whom he can’t get then this video captures just that. Three guys fantasizing over their boss they eventually ended up with them not getting to have the lady of their dream. The office location and the props contributed to making the video a classic that it is. Great job from the duo of Clarence Peter and Jude Okoye for coming up with this fantastic concept.


Rating: 3.8/5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

The “Collabo” video is quite entertaining, the comical piece introduced into the clip induces some kind of laughter or smile on ones face. The colours, locations and sceneries are quite catchy.

The vixen is indeed black and pretty, so fans can keep some backlash to themselves. The plot of the video is good, but at some point I felt some recycled incidents as the trio fell in love with one woman. The end has a feel of the Okoye’s “Chop My Money” video where nobody eventually ends up with the damsel.

All in all, Clarence Peters and Jude Okoye did an amazing job.


Rating: 3.7


Asa – “Satan Be Gone”

Jim Donnett’s Verdict

I saw this video the second time and then I understood why Asa has remained the standard and definition of art. The Meji Alabi-directed picture is quite very minimalist in it’s concept and theme but it speaks loud volumes. I mistook Asa’s rhythmic movement for dancing and totally frowned at it (because she really can’t dance).

Upon closer and more careful speculation, I figured she wasn’t dancing, she was performing some sort of exorcising ritual, and she didn’t have to do it with a legion of spell-binding and demon-casting clergies, which is perhaps one of the video’s misses. Her movements were locally styled adding a feeling of her roots and then she rocked that black ensemble effortlessly. Although Asa’s dramatic movement gave an intriguing effect as did the scene with red and blue lighting, the video could have used a tad bit more.

Rating: 3.2


JimmyKing’s Verdict

Asa looks stunning in her simple but illustrative video in “Satan Be Gone”. Good songs deserves a good video, I’m glad that Asa  made the video as simple as possible without using too much eye catchy effect.

The video was shot in a church which symbolizes a lot in portraying the theme of the song. The video was only lacking theatrical effect but Asa being the only character in the video was impressive with her body movement and the ambiance of the location. The red scene background in the video and Asa black cloak gave the video a special effect and kudos goes to Meji Alabi.

Rating: 3/5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

Without probing deep, one might just pass this Asa’s SBG video to be just an absurd one. But the choice and colour of costumes says otherwise. Asa is dressed like a wizard and the black signifies doom, the movements could be related to some kind of wizardry, or sorcery. The empty hall, red lights, candles and bells all have significances to me.

I would say, this video is a true definition of arts without glitz and glamour as it really defines what the song is about.

Meji Alabi should be applauded too.

Rating: 4


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