Da Hammer has released a touching and intense piece he called ‘Remember Ebony’ featuring Poetress Alpha, Worlasi, Obrafour, Shatta Wale, Abeiku Santana and more.
Ghana still mourns Ebony Reigns and Da Hammer of the Last 2 pays his last respect with this touching and emotional piece titled ‘Remember Ebony’ and it features Worlasi, Poetress Alpha, Obrafour, Shatta Wale, Abeiku Sanatana and more. What you are about to experience in this touching piece simply demonstrates the saddened and broken hearts pouring out pain in their speeches.Most of the voices you’ll hear are from Ebony’s “One Week Celebration” after she passed away and these are words coming deep within the hearts of those who have love for the young music star. Most of those speeches had mixed emotions… Anger, sorrow and disappointments all in one. These are moments the people of Ghana will never forget!

For the first time, the controversial dancehall king cried in public and made us realize how judging people isn’t always the right thing to do. Obrafour had his voice trembling and Abeiku Santana was lost with words. As emotional as I am, listening to this gets my eyes wet.
Worlasi ushered us into the song, followed by the “Unforgettable” speeches and closed by a beautiful poem by Poetress Alpha. I think this is one of the best tributes ever and echoes Ebony Reigns absence in our midst. We will always Remember Ebony!

Listen below

Da Hammer Ft Worlasi x Poetress x Alpha x Obrafour x Shatta Wale x Abeiku Santana – Remember Ebony (Prod by Da Hammer)

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