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Yaa Pono – “Weni Awu” (Your Eye Die) ft. Shuga Kwame


Yaa Pono – “Weni Awu” (Your Eye Die) ft. Shuga Kwame

The song ‘Weni Ewu’ which means “You are put to shame” or “Your Eye Die” in the pijin language, saw Yaa Pono and Shuga Kwame sending a message to “someone”. According to the song, the person wants to block their success but did not succeed.

I guess it’s better you get the rest of the lyrics in there and share your comments with us since we don’t want to translate everything in the song.Catchy hook and hilarious verses! Download free music below!

Yaa Pono – Weni Awu (Your Eye Die) Ft. Shuga Kwame

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