Africa in recent times has been a new stop for some of the major entertainment happenings worldwide, with the success recorded on the recently released movie “The Lion King”.  American Actor Samuel Jackson  who recently traced his origin to Gabon in the Eastern part of Africa has decided alongside his team to shoot a documentary on Slavery and interestingly he chose Ghana.

He flew into the country within the week together with his team.They are fully prepared to kick start the shoot for the documentary titled “Enslaved” and it has been reported that the documentary will be a six-part series.

This year marks exactly 400 years after the first enslaved Africans reached Virginia. Journalist, Simcha Jacobovici, is in charge of the series and the series is expected to retrace the path taken in transporting the very first set of Africans enslaved.

Lets take out time to celebrate our continents as we’ve come through alot in getting to this point.



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