Ghanaian Singer and Songwriter, Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong better known as Becca has finally responded to long-standing claim and rumours that she dated her former boss Nana Appiah Mensah A.K.A NAM1.

Becca is been accused of dating NAM1 and eventually been infested with a sexually transmitted disease. According to the reports which went viral, Becca’s husband, Sanni, then her boyfriend, had forced NAM1 to get Becca out of Ghana to treat that STD. The two, the reports stated further, ended up taking a large sum from NAM1 for that treatment abroad.

More reports also had it that NAM1 and Becca had several affairs together whenever they traveled outside together on official meetings.

Responsing to the rumours, Becca seems not not be happy with the clam as she revealed that she finds it totally disrespectful to have been accused of dating NAM1.

Unfortunately for rumour mongers, Becca had debuked all these allegations saying they are not true, what is more, she finds it very disrespectful when she hears them time and over again.

She said “That is not true. When you say something like that; that is so disrespectful”.

Meanwhile, Becca is married to a Nigerian, and from all that they show on social media, they are really enjoying a happy marriage.

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