Although Hiplife group, 4×4, has not been active in the last two to three years, leader of the group, Captain Planet says splitting up is not an option for them.

The group has fuelled break up rumours for some time now because they have not released any new material in a while yet Captain Planet, Coded and Fresh Prince seem to be pursuing solo careers and have released a number of singles.

However, in an interview with Showbiz last Friday, Captain Planet was emphatic that they will never go their separate ways. “I admit that the group has not been active in about four years and despite the challenges the group is going through, breakup is the last option,” he said.

“I am not happy myself hearing and reading comments from social media that we have broken up. I know that our fans expect us to be everywhere like we used to be but in life when you keep doing the same things over and over again, people become fed-up with you,” he added.

He added that 4X4 can never break up because they have been through worse situations but have stuck together.

Captain Planet said he understands the public concerns about the group’s long silence but assured that they are going through a revamp and hope to come back better.

“The group is stronger than what anyone thinks. There comes a time when you need to take a break, restructure things and come back big and that is what the group is doing.

“ We have been in the game for 14 years and we don’t want to keep giving Ghanaians the same old things we were doing before,” he explained.

He continued that the group’s members were keeping the brand alive by embarking on their solo projects.

“Fresh Prince has singles out there and Coded is also coming out with amazing Ragga works. The group is however planning to come out with a banger soon,” he added.

Captain Planet is currently promoting his latest single, Obi Agye Obi Girl, featuring Kofi Kinaata. The song, which is already receiving considerable airplay, is expected to be a Christmas favourite.


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