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Burna Boy Released My Song Against My Will – A.I


Burna Boy Released My Song Against My Will – A.I

Ghanaian Singer A.I. claims he warned Nigerian artiste Burna Boy against releasing a remix of street anthem ‘Grind.’

He disclosed that himself and his team were approached about the remix but a decision was not made before the Nigerian act released his remixed version of the song.

“They approached us that they will want to do the remix of Grind. So went ahead to do the remix and mastered ready for release, we were just getting business in order …… the next day we found out that he is releasing grind re-up (Chilling chilling)…….

We went behind to tell them not to release the song and they went ahead to do it.” explained A.I to Joel Orleans on DryveOnY.

He also spoke about his reaction to the Nigerian star blocking him: “There was no reason why he blocked me, I still don’t get it.”

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