Ghanaian female musician, Francine Nyanko Koffi, popularly known as Fantana has disclosed that she has never really been in love with any guy.

In a one-on-one conversation with guest host, Eddy Blay on the special birthday edition of the Late Nite Celebrity Show, Falana said ‘’I thought I was in love once but I don’t think it was love. When I broke up with the person, I moved on too quickly and that’s when I knew it wasn’t love’’

The Atlanta-born artiste added that she has no control over whoever she may fall in love with so she doesn’t really mind dating a poor guy so long as he’s not sitting lazy but is pushing or making effort to get a better life. She established that she is not much of an expensive girlfriend and does not expect much to make a perfect date.

giving a distinctive idea of a perfect date, she said; “I don’t really drink so it’s all just food. My favorite food is french fries, which are cheap. I like mashed potatoes too, which are also cheap and I like chicken wings and barbecue’’.

Basically, a perfect date with Fantana is just French fries with chicken wings or barbecue.

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