Ghanaian musical artist, Livingstone Etse Satekla popularly known as Stonebwoy has shown he has a softer side alien to the cameras as he admitted to being a ‘compassionate’ person and one who is always ready to assist people irrespective of their background.

He made this revelation during a visit to the Ampem Refugee Camp in the Western Region, as part of his duties as a High-Level Influencer (H.L.I) for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and expressed great concern at the living conditions of the refugees.

“I am one compassionate human being, I support people even if I know them or I do not. Because I believe that, the best you can do for somebody is to put smiles on their faces and to do the best of you,” he said.

He added “My experience in Ampem camp has been a very exciting one and an eye opener to a lot of things that go on in the refugee camps that I have never known about. They have certain issues that they face amid the language barrier, amid shelter issues, amid clothing and all the other necessities that one needs to live.”

The ‘Baafira’ hit singer said he is ready to commit his time and resources to help the less fortunate especially those in refugee camps and in the process create the necessary awareness to sensitize several others on the struggles some go through in such conditions.

“So I am actually sincerely attracted to an initiative like this and I ready to add my voice to it to create awareness because this will go a long way to help myself and to help people. It is a good thing to be here to witness the fact that we need to make this thing loud so that the outside world will know that we have brothers and sisters who are equally in need of stuff that we also are in need of,” he mentioned.

The UNHCR earlier this month launched a campaign labelled ‘LuQuLuQu’ to inspire Africans to take control of their local refugee stations and related problems through donations and charitable actions.

The UNHCR named Stonebwoy amongst the likes of CEO of Abrantie Fashion, Oheneba Yaw Boamah, actress Nikki Samonas and CEO of Biishville Kwame Amfo- Akonnor to use their influence to aid the campaign and facilitate its progress by broadcasting the predicament of refugees in the various camps in Ghana and help raise enough capital to support their projects.

Stonebwoy solicited for assistance from the general public to help spread the word and asked for collective efforts to aid refugees as they face difficulties anyone could face at a point in time.

“I know that some of us are in the position to support and help, awareness is everything. If we do not know, then we can start to solve the problems that go on in the refugee camps and we can’t leave all to the UNHCR alone. We as the mouthpiece of the people are willing to also as humans that go through these same things support and make it loud to the outside world to know that this is what is going on in the refugee camps,” he noted.

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