Ghanaian Artiste, Kidi in an interview has revealed why he kept the identity of his 3 year old son out of social media.

According Kidi, he fathered the boy when he was 23 years old before he became famous but was scared to make it known to the public for fear of being ridiculed.

In an interview with MzGee on 3FM, Kidi explained that he decided to keep it away from the media because he knows how judgemental Ghanaians can be when it comes to measuring people with the moral rod.

“It was way before the fame and everything. So I decided that this is something I am not ready to share with anybody yet. See I was actually scared to share it earlier cause of how I know my fellow Ghanaians are. You know Africa, in general, we are very judgmental” he said.

Speaking about the woman he had the child with, KiDi said she doesn’t stay in Ghana and added that they aren’t even together but are co-parenting clearly indicating the boy’s mother is not a Ghanaian.

Kidi however made it clear that he is  mentally ready now to share his son to the world.

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