Ghanaian legendary highlife singer and songwriter, Abrantie Amakye Dede has revealed that his music is so good that it has a healing power more than some so-called men of God in the country. Amakye indicated how a lame woman was healed in Europe through his music according to reports.

He said specifically that his music healed the old woman in London some years back while he performed at one of his many concerts.

According to Amakye, the old woman came to his concert in London with the help of her grandsons because she couldn’t walk but while he was performing, she shockingly just stood up and walked straight to him.

Speaking on a local radio in Kumasi,  Amakye Dede revealed that the old woman personally confessed to him that she had not been able to walk for some years but she miraculously walked after watching him perform his songs which loves so much at his concert.

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