Ghanaian Rapper and Radio Presenter, Pope Skinny has finally revealed what caused his diconnection from Shatta Wale and his Shatta Movement

In a recent interview with Kofi Adomah of Kofi TV, Pope Skinny said that it was a comment he made during a Facebook live with Shatta Wale himself, during the live video,he made a comment which Shatta Wale found displeasing, leading to their fallout.

According to Pope Skinny, the real owner of the Party Bus is called Skillio and he is based in the USA. He (Pope Skinny) convinced the guy to bring it to Ghana for business.

He said it was about the ‘party Bus’ Shatta Movement family allegedly bought prior to the Reign Album launch.

But he advised him to hand it over to Shatta Movement to cruise with it for hype which he agreed. They even went as far as agreeing to pretend Shatta Wale has bought it.

When everything was set, he called Shatta Wale on Facebook Live from the USA and told Shatta Wale he has been able to buy the Party Bus he gave him money to buy. But Shatta Wale was unhappy about his wording, he believes that he should have said, “The car you bought is ready so I am bringing it” Instead of “I have bought the Party Bus”.

Pope Skinny claims Shatta Wale got angry about his comment which he says sent the message that he (Pope Skinny) has bought the bus.

The pair used to be great friends and hang out often until unknown reasons disintegrated them which was characterized by a one-sided insult from Pope Skinny on social media and a subsequent diss song.

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