Shatta wale is not taking it easy on bloggers and journalists as he feels they are not in support of his success towards the Grammy Awards nomination.

It was said that Ghanaian Blogger and Presenter, NYDJ said he personally sent an email to the organizers of Grammy Awards for clarification on what Shatta Wale tweeted towards Grammy Awards and reply was sent to him to that effect.

“According to a mail received from the Grammy Awards, only Artists who have worked on over 51% playing time of the pop vocal album would be nominees.

“Any featured artist with less than 51% would not be a nominee. That settles it. Shatta Wale is not a Grammy Nominee.”

Apparently, this issue has caused alot of debate on social media and Shatta Wale himself is not happy with Ghanaian bloggers and journalists.

He took to his Snapchat handle to pour out his anger and said; “So Shatta Wale doesn’t deserve the best erh? your mother waa!!

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