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Shatta Wale Stop Discrediting Other Artist, Fuck Off You Nor Bad Man, You Don’t Own Ghana – Angry Stonebwoy


Shatta Wale Stop Discrediting Other Artist, Fuck Off You Nor Bad Man, You Don’t Own Ghana – Angry Stonebwoy

Ghanaian Dancehall and Reggae artiste, Livingstone Etse Satekla popularly known as Stonebwoy was on Hitz 103FM for an interview session with King Lagazee which was published on their Youtube on the 9th of September, 2018.

During the interview, Stonebwoy was asked If he does free shows and how much he charges for his performance based on a conversation on ground that some Ghanaian artists does free show and performance and those that get paid don’t collect up to standard for their performance but Stonebwoy replied that he doesn’t do free show/performance that instead of flying up and down without any pay he rather sit and stay. Also for his service charge it varies and depends (40 – 50,000 upwards).

This led to the presenter informing him that Inshinaba Kojo had stated that any artiste that charges more than 50,000 has to give Shatta Wale a cut since he’s the one that raised the bar. Responding to this statement, Stonebwoy asked; ‘Which bar? (laffing) Beer bar or chop bar or skye bar?’ he later said ‘the statement is loose i raised the Bar like i said which Bar? For me, Sarkodie, Kwakesi, Samini or for himself? because as far as I’m concerned, the time people dey charge 50,000 for this industry, wey we dey see, wey we been blessed to witness, e no be today. So which Bar be that?.

Furthermore the interviewer revealed to Stonebwoy that on Tuesday Shatta Wale had earlier said that the awards given to Stonebwoy that belongs to him (Shatta Wale), to this revelation Stonebwoy responded; ‘I think we are condoning and pampering our brother, you know, to keep on discrediting other artistes which is not right, because after working so hard to achieve everything in this career it is not nice, it is not mature for another artiste to sit and be blabbering and be discrediting that this is mine and that is mine, and Ghanaian media also, you know say you people be the mouthpiece, so when you go into the media to say these things, it goes out there to the majority who are loose fans, because I get my die-hard fans and every other artiste have their die-hard fans but the loose fans are the majority and they’re the ones who consume information the most. So when you keep knocking it, saying it is mine, this is this, this is that, and we know he is loud, it gets into their head and that is what the international world even sees because that’s what the media writes, that what goes out there, and then when they don’t hear the other sides of the story, it becomes the truth – you know what i mean. So I go beg him to stop discrediting other artistes. if he’s the same one that is preaching peace, saying let’s come together… which artiste in Ghana has another artiste’s name in their mouth pass am? …My case be make him stop dey discredit people because people dey work very hard for themselves and people are not putting things out there; what they have, what they know and what they don’t know but if that is your strategy, that is your brand, continue, I don’t have any problem with it, but the discrediting for stop because what we no dey see be say e dey spoil many things, e dey mash up too many things’

Stonebwoy then acclamied that ‘Everything that I have won or gained or achieved in this industry, is by the most mighty God in heaven who gives talent and gives life for us to work hard and they are mine, I deserve them and I won them’.

But Stonebwoy got angry along the session when it got to Shatta Wale Dissing his mother and coming back to play cool and texting him to come over let them work together but Stonebwoy shouted Shatta Wale should Fuck Off, he doesn’t owe Ghana, If he was in Jamaica he would have been Dead by now…. Watch the video below to see how angry Stonebwoy got ranting

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