Ghanaian King Of Rap, Sarkodie has made a clear statement that music is a universal language which made him recognized incredibly worldwide as he raps in his native language.

Sarkodie, who recently was awarded Best International Flow at the BET HipHop Awards 2019 said he has no intention of changing his language just because people are underestimating his ability to speak or rap in English.

In an interview with Okay Africa, he said;

“That was like a stamp. I just knew that I had to work on my flow and my delivery. Since I’m not ready to rap in English or any other language for anybody to understand, I need to know that I have to strengthen something else that will make people attracted to the music. So I definitely work on my flow.“

Sarkodie added that his traditional style has taken him beyond his imagination and has given him an extra motivation.

I was able to take over Africa, and now finally I think we are moving to the world and a lot of people are open to the music. That night just gave me a reason to set goals for myself and believe in something—and stand by it for as long as it may take to accomplish. That night just gave me that thought: that whatever I think about, is actually possible to achieve. I was definitely proud of myself.”

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