Ghanaian New Act, Yaw Berk has disclosed in a new interview with News-One that some top Ghanaian musicians are “hypocrites” who only pretend to care about the growth of the music industry.

In the interview on Wednesday, he allegedly said that not all the top artistes who have been preaching “support your own” really practice what they preach.

According to him, they only show their support when it is beneficial to them, revealing they hardly support young artistes.

He categorically said; “The established acts don’t want the young ones to grow because they think that we the young ones are coming to take over their shows and more. Even if you want a verse from one of them, it is very difficult because they know the young artiste will come to take over.”

I have been turned down by couple of people. I can’t mention names, though but that’s how it is. Until they feel like you on the some level with them, they won’t mind you,” he revealed.

“Some of them are hypocrites; they will come out publicly to talk about support your own but behind closed doors, they don’t support like they run to media to brag about”.

“I think that if we put our differences aside and push each other like the things Kwame Nkrumah couldn’t do, someone can do it. So, in the long run, Ghana is winning,” he advised top artistes.

Yaw Berk began to be known in the music industry after taking part in the MTN Hitmaker Season 7 then dropped a hit song ‘Independent Lady’ after his emergence into the music world.



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