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While I Live, I live to be Me

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One thing I find amazing in the universe is the difference the creator has endowed in all species, ranging from the animals that crawl, the ones that fly and even down to the human race.All he made different

As humans, our characters, like, taste and temperament varies from one person to the other .Even the most identical set of twins will definitely have one or two traits that distinguishes them from each other .I have always thought that if God had made all humans the same, there is probably nothing that is going to make the world different and exciting

As each day comes, there are a lot of times you look in the mirror and you don’t like who or what you see, you don’t like the image starring back at you, you rather wish to be someone else. This is a common trend in the world, Mr. A wants to be Mr. C, Mr. C wants to be Mr. D .We are all wishing for the impossible, that’s why there are so many unhappy and frustrated people in the world today.

In as much as it’s not bad to admire people or emulate someone or some traits you like in them, but its self -destructive ,when you are totally against yourself and you really want to be someone else, one of the worst things you could do is to go through life against yourself.

As earlier stated its good to admire people, but NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF with anybody, because when you do, you will always find someone better than you in one thing or the other, someone that is fatter than you, someone a lot more beautiful than you are, someone capable of a lot than you.

Learn to accept YOURSELF, Focus on your strength and stick to that which you are good at. Stop worrying about something you can’t change about yourself; remember you can’t have it all. Forget about your mistakes (there is no man on earth without mistakes, Perfection only exist with God)

Remember, you are just you and there is never going to another you. This fact alone should make you know how unique you are. When next you look at the mirror be proud and love the image staring back at you.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have learned one or two things from the article .Please leave a comment




A graduate of Mech Engr from UNILORIN. Works and lives in Lagos.

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