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Wizkid ‘Manya’ Vs Davido ‘Fia’ . . Choose Your #1 Song

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This is the top 5 music countdown for week 50 in the calendar year 2017.

Baba nla, Wizzy finally makes it to the number one spot on the charts this week with his song Manya, a move that displaced OBO, Davido‘s Fia down to the second position. However, David is the only artiste with 2 songs in this season of countdowns for 2 weeks consecutively. His other song, Like Dat is featured alongside Kiss Daniel’s Yeba, and Tiwa Savage’s Malo.

Watch video below for the rundown!


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  1. Avatar

    Manya for real ??

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Put all my möney put ham 4 ur head for ur waist

  4. Avatar

    Manya na hit

  5. Avatar

    Manya m

  6. Avatar

    U av started again must u always ‘compare

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    FIA by OBO mehn ………. and fia go burn una for choosing manya

    • Avatar

      Fai burn u 4 choosing FIA pple av diff opinion so no curses . Manya all d way

      • Avatar

        manya all d way

      • Avatar

        which one be manya maself , fia na best

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  10. Avatar

    FIA baddest.

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  12. Avatar

    U for dey for me when the boy dey hunger o….Fia all d way

  13. Avatar

    U for dey for me when the boy dey hunger o…Fia all d way

  14. Avatar

    Manya na burial song na… FIA IS HOT

  15. Avatar

    manyaaa oooo

  16. Avatar

    Fia anything.
    hope wizkid bought mama G a wine before copying her.

    • Avatar

      hope David bought house for small doctor bfor coppying him. Ode

  17. Avatar

    FIA any time.
    hope wizkid bought wine for mama G before stealing her song

    • Avatar

      Hope frog paid Runtown, small Dr and his writer for fia

      • Avatar

        Must u lie to gain fame

  18. Avatar

    Fia Fia!!!

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  19. Avatar

    FIA burn em haters

  20. Avatar

    FIA burn em haters

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    OBO all d way……
    FIA is a HiT

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Manya na severe copyright………Fia is good music

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    Fia fia

  29. Avatar

    How can u compare manya with FIA manya is totally rubbish

    • Avatar

      Then what is FIA ooo…does it make any sense

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  31. Avatar

    Manta for life

    • Avatar

      See your life!!

      OBO FIA

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  35. Avatar

    Manya all the way

  36. Avatar

    Baba nla

  37. Avatar

    Fia fia

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  39. Avatar

    Manya o

  40. Avatar

    Follow me manya o

  41. Avatar

    Manya manya ooo elelele

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  45. Avatar

    Manya manya

  46. Avatar

    if u no get money hide your face

  47. Avatar

    Manya na fiafia

  48. Avatar

    Am not a fan of Wizkid, but i prefer “Manya” to “Fia”

  49. Avatar

    Many rocks all de way

  50. Avatar


  51. Avatar

    Biko my money put am for ur head o, wizzy lion…
    Manya na bomb……
    I like fia too sha

  52. Avatar

    Baby girl follow me Manya Manya

  53. Avatar

    Manyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fire?

  54. Avatar

    Manya all d way

  55. Avatar

    Fia burn tooxclusive for comparing

  56. Avatar

    FIA all the way

  57. Avatar

    fia all d way

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  62. Avatar

    Manya, why davido fans always aggressive tho. Lol, juts like Dia mentor damn!

  63. Avatar

    manya beat is good and fia lyrics is good too I love both songs jst wish both of them will come up with colabo. one love

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  64. Avatar

    Manya ooo

  65. Avatar

    Manya manya

  66. Avatar


  67. Avatar

    Manya all the way

  68. Avatar


  69. Avatar

    fia all d way,,,,davido winz it dis year ova wizkid,,,,,to b continued next year

  70. Avatar

    Manya & isi ewu all d way

  71. Avatar

    Manya & isi ewu all the way!!!

  72. Avatar


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  74. Avatar

    so Davido doesn’t know d correct spelling of Fire again….. what’s Fia?… Manya anyday anytime jor

  75. Avatar


  76. Avatar


  77. Avatar

    Manya all d way na baba nla

  78. Avatar

    fia all the way

  79. Avatar

    Bby we gonna do this tonight eh….. Manya till 2018

  80. Avatar

    Manya all the way fuck fia
    Is fia song or a poem

    • Avatar

      its a song

  81. Avatar

    I love the song and Wizkid is my number one artist in the whole world

  82. Avatar

    manya ko panya ni,FIA biko

  83. Avatar

    manya manya

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  85. Avatar

    The person dat posted this shit needs 2 be flogged…is manya a song???…pls look for a better song nd compare with Fia

    • Avatar

      Fia na call wetin

  86. Avatar


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  89. Avatar

    Hey guy I like ur music

  90. Avatar

    fia for real

  91. Avatar

    many a love u wizzy

  92. Avatar

    bob i have nothing to say but make obo stop music for 6 months then forthe six months make he listen to wetin he day sing

  93. Avatar

    manya ……ooo

  94. Avatar

    Fia iz da best.kip hittin more jams OBO

  95. Avatar

    manya is jst d regular 3 month song, it wil fade us in due tym bt fia is a clasic song it wil stand out in generation to come, God bles davido

  96. Avatar

    fia oooooo….hit song dope lyrics

  97. Avatar

    Manya all the way. Fia is that one song we will start to value you if you start singing your own music and stop buying pples music. Wizking all the way

  98. Avatar

    Wetin be manya ogun kill manya song, abeg come to think of reality that guy deserve it FIA baba,you for dey for me wen the boi dey hunger hmmmmm….

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  100. Avatar

    Manya rock Africa and world wide I now I love that hit so cool

  101. Avatar

    shukura ki lo ko si o, shukusheka aya shoe maker, caroline save ur drama i dont need it to dey pls complete it

  102. Avatar

    The best

  103. Avatar

    Starboy for life so davido can fuck himself #MANYA

  104. Avatar

    Fair na d best manya na mumu song

    • Avatar

      no bi fair but na fia. dump skull

  105. Avatar

    Baby Girl Follow Me Maya ” Na Maya Oti Yie

    • Avatar

      I am davido, I accept that Wizkid I d baddest so stop comparing
      Manya is definitely the number hit song
      Wizkid is the best in the world

    • Avatar

      I am davido, I accept that Wizkid Is d baddest so stop comparing
      Manya is definitely the number hit song
      Wizkid is the best in the world

  106. Avatar

    manya is a bang,can som1 plz tell davido 2 stp shoutin in is music,corz is voiz is gettin worst day by day.s?a boy team??

    • Avatar

      fuck boy

  107. Avatar


  108. Avatar


    • Avatar

      manyia is real album every were

  109. Avatar

    Its wizkids Manya ooo

  110. Avatar


  111. Avatar

    manya is good buh fia lights up the party.. even the the Old and young when they hear fia they lipsynch

    • Avatar

      so dont you know they also lipsync to manya?

  112. Avatar

    MANYA…the rest na rubbish

  113. Avatar

    Watin be manya,manya nah copyrite

  114. Avatar


  115. Avatar

    LOL 2 WizKid.. manya

  116. Avatar

    Obo fia

  117. Avatar

    guys we don’t need to get aggressive or abusive here, the answer is manya and fia ain’t bad either but manya beats it

  118. Avatar

    Manya kill them Mama

  119. Avatar

    “FIA” all the way

  120. Avatar

    See see na fia bt i stil lke manya beat

  121. Avatar

    Fia fia wakes my soul

  122. Avatar

    fia fia born dem

  123. Avatar

    Your song is nice

  124. Avatar


  125. Avatar

    Manya starboy for life

  126. Avatar

    Manya fi life

  127. Avatar

    FIA is the best not the sound but lyrics though the both are hit but I give it all to Davido Fia. Those that are saying if he can not spell fire check the music industry there are alot of words they use that is not correct not that they don’t know the correct spelling but just how it please them thanks

  128. Avatar

    Who be wizkid abeg na davido fia ooo una block

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