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Women on Top

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Women on Top; are they guilty as accused?

When you walk into a big establishment and you are introduced to the Managing director, and the person happens to be a woman, or in a social gathering you are opportuned to meet a Minister, Professor, and it also happens to be a Woman. The first thought that comes to our mind is” I am sure she slept with this or that person for her to be in this position”, I actually heard she’s dating him or I guess she must have slept with all the men in her cabinet.

The mass media is also not left out in the trend, going through the pages  of a newspaper, we  see how female musicians, actresses, or any popular feminine gender are always accused of sleeping with one producer or the other all because she’s successful and popular!!.The ones that are not so successful are hardly accused of such things.

Too often I’ve heard people diminish a woman’s career success by attributing it to sexual favours she bestows upon, male, bosses. When a woman sleeps with her boss, she is called a whore. When a man sleeps around, he is called a careerist.

Does this mean that every woman making waves in her career got there on her back? I’m not denying that certain women do exchange favours with their bosses, by  yielding to any of their demands be it sex or anything, but it will be quite ignorant of us to think all women slept  their way to the top, in other words , if women sleep their way to the top, then nothing will be left for men. Moreover, if sleeping with men is the only criterion for women to be on top, then every woman would be on top.[this means there will not be female cleaners, traders, tailors……..,but we have all them in the society]

I for one like and admire women that work so hard and thrive to be best in their fields, and I think  such women should be encouraged ,instead of criticizing and pulling them down, that way we kill dreams, promises and talents.

So, when next you are about to accuse a woman of messing  around all because she’s successful ,ask yourself  this,……If she actually slept her way to the top, is she still sleeping around to remain on top? for her to remain on top or relevant in her  field, something else has to be keeping her in that position, it could be  intelligence,  charisma,  discipline, working  hard or working smart; all perfectly acceptable strategies.

Readers, share your opinions… you think all successful women slept their way to the top?!!!!



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